The forgotten Tenacity items



Thu 8th Nov 2012 - 4:41pm

Greetings Summoners!

This article will be taking a closer look into our long forgotten friends, the 3 tenacity items: Cloak and Dagger, Eleisa's Miracle and Moonflair Spellblade. According to LoLking, each of these items has a poor 0.03% usage in total games and even in those games they manage to have a very negative win ratio or at least an unstable average value. Everyone pretty much understands that the 3 tenacity items are not cost-worthy.

They seem to bring too little for their prize and seem to lose their quality even faster once bought. In other words these items bring a brief bonus to your game and lose it within several minutes. Is it worth it then to risk buying them? When could you buy them? Who should buy them? Or against who should we consider getting them? Or is there really no way to make any use of them? Let us try to give these items a chance for now.

The overall thought behind these items is – they should try to snowball you or give you an early edge over certain matchups. Even though they don't grant the best possible abilities or stats, they do grant a certain playstyle.

Assume you get an early gank that ends up in a kill. You have the advantage over your opponent who will now struggle to build the right item choice, depending mostly on you – or in other words depending whether or not you will keep dominating him. Now lets assume that the enemy has a special kind of CC that can get troubling with time and make you lose the gained advantage. In this case tenacity and those few special stats can perhaps ensure your victory in battles. It's somewhat the same reason why Irelia manages to suddenly become a beast once she reaches a certain level and becomes an unstoppable force.


Or maybe you have a nasty botlane with hard CC where both farming and laning seems to be a burden. Maybe getting the early tenacity can make life easier. Think about it – you are trading a few early bonus damage for a better lane phase and perhaps with the right botlane champion combo you can use this to your own advantage and start zoning the enemy since you can ignore their CC.

Or perhaps your ganks don't work out well since every lane you gank can somehow disable you and disengage? Getting early tenacity might get kills.


Well, this is of course me trying to make use of the 3 tenacity items. However, we all know that we probably won't build them. Why? Cause they waste an item slot. You will mostly build items that can be upgraded to something more useful, or build certain item builds that will grow into the late game.

The current meta does not seem to support our 3 items – or you should have a really crazy item set strategy around them. Sometimes they may seem like a skilled maneuver – however, most of the time they become a failure. There are so many other items that you will probably be building rather than the 3 tenacity items.

And if you really need tenacity you can always build Mercury's Treads - the cheapest version of tenacity while getting your first item upgraded. The problem with our 3 items is that their basic components cost too much and don't bring any gamebreaking stats once fully bought - well, perhaps on certain champs they can be put to good use. But that "perhaps" is always a dealbreaker. As said, if you can get snowballed, and continue to do so with one of the tenacity items and know how to outplay your opponent with it - go for it. Otherwise its too risky.

However, I'm gonna try to explain how to make these items useful. It would involve a new ability for the items – Charged. They become charged once they reach 225 points. Cloack and Dagger and Moonflair Spellblade gain one point for each minion and monster kill, 10 points for each champion kill and 5 points for each assist. Eleisa's Miracle gains one point for each minion and monster kill, 5 points for each assist and 5 points for each ward planted or destroyed. All items gain 15 points for a Baron kill and 10 points for a Drake kill.


Once Charged an item can't lose this ability – in other words it remains on 225/225 points till the end. Charged items gain new stats – and make our tenacity items sound a little bit more rewarding. This way the early risk can be somewhat balanced out by getting additional stats without losing any more gold. Of course, this is just a crazy idea, however the item ability and its gained statistics sound reasonable and tweaking with it might even lead to something.

Well Summoners, this is it – we can see that there really is no true hope for these items in their current state. You should really only consider them when being on a snowball party or when you just cant lane with the fear of getting hit by that one nasty ability. Reality is however, if you are really getting snowballed you will rather rush a real item and if you are really afraid of making that one bad crucial positioning that could lead to your death – you will be highly passive anyways.