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Wed 21st Nov 2012 - 5:46pm

After the Season 2 Finals I was able to interview CLG's Peter 'Yellowpete' Wüppen. We talked about recent tournaments, general stuff about League of Legends and also about the different Meta on other servers.

Yellowpete, 23 years old, is a pro Gamer from Germany and the AD Carry of Counter Logic Gaming EU. He used to study Computer Science in Hamburg before he dropped out of university to pursue his professional League of Legends career. Since then he has been travelling with his team non-stop to compete in League of Legends tournaments all around the globe.


Why did you name yourself "Yellowpete"?

Yellowpete: It's a reference to another game I was playing at the time when I created my account, and obviously to my first name.


Who is your favourite Champion and why?

Yellowpete: I enjoy playing Kog'Maw and Ezreal a lot. Both have a pretty high skill cap and can pull off amazing moves if you use them to their full potential.

kog ez

And which Champion do you dislike the most?

Yellowpete: For obvious reasons I am not a fan of assassins that have the potential to 100-0 a squishy champ in less than a second. ;)


Are Ashe, Miss Fortune, Varus, Tristana & all the other unplayed AD Champions viable in important competitions? Why else aren't they being picked?

Yellowpete: I feel like for all these champions, there exist times at which it is at least a decent choice to pick them. However, it often involves more risk than playing with the commonly chosen ones, because they're mostly easier to counter in one way or another.


What do you think of Draven? Do you like the League of Draven?

Yellowpete: Draven has incredible damage output if used correctly, also strong laning. Another plus is that for an AD carry without a real escape (jump), he is relatively dodgy and hard to catch. However, he still suffers from the fact that he is completely reliant on autoattacks while having relatively short range, and that his movement can sometimes be very predictable due to him having to catch his axes.


Is there any good advice you can give to other AD Carries to improve their gameplay?

Yellowpete: Mechanics are a huge part of playing AD, since farming and kiting play such important roles. There's no really good training for either of those besides of playing the game though, or none that I can think of at least.


Do you sometimes play trollgames? If yes, who is your favourite troll Champion you play as ADC?

Yellowpete: When I play normal games, I am hardly ever only playing to win the game. ;) My favorite unconventional AD-Carry champion is Lulu.


Is there any support Champion that you prefer to be picked up for your team? Or does it depend on your own pick?

Yellowpete: It always depends on my own pick as well as what combo I will be up against in the lane.

lol supports 

In the finals you could see a lot of lane switching, especially regarding top and bot lane. What do you think of a lane switch? When do you usually decide to do it?

Yellowpete: You usually want to switch lanes when you think that your duo lane will be able to pressure the enemy solo laner harder than their duo lane will pressure yours. In the big picture, it also depends on the choice of champions - while CS might be equal in a match where Jax and Malphite lane 1 vs 2 respectively, the team with Malphite might still be better off by mid- and lategame since he is not as farm-dependent of a champion as Jax is.

Sometimes 2 vs 1 strategies are also solely chosen around a bigger plan to have more jungle pressure on that side of the map and pull succcessful invades off, or to get early towers and snowball the game from there.


How high is the pressure on an AD Carry during the game, since he is the main damage dealer in teamfights?

Yellowpete: As you are already suggesting, the tolerance level for mistakes when playing as AD-Carry is extremely low, a single step in the wrong direction or things such as using a summoner spell slightly too late can completely cost your team an entire fight. This does indeed create high pressure on the player.


What are your thoughts when the opponent AD Carry has more farm and kills than you? Do you try to catch up and get some help from your jungler or do you keep going on as before and hope for some kills in the teamfights?

Yellowpete: It really depends on the state of the lane; If you are still able to farm at least somewhat equally to your opponent it is often adviseable to just do so while trying to get advantages with your jungler on other parts of the map. If you are too far behind to lane without getting killed or completely denied, your team has to take action by roaming / ganking or forcing objectives to create a 5 vs 5 scenario.


What are you doing when the enemy jungler is camping botlane and destroying your wards the whole time, to deny vision to you just to shut you down?

Yellowpete: That is about the most annoying situation you can be in, on bottom lane (or actually on any lane), especially if the jungler in question is also a very potent ganker such as Skarner or Maokai. Unless you are getting pushed up to your tower the entire time, you will end up having to take risks to get farm and experience or get your jungler there too and forcefully establish vision again.


Who was the hardest opponent you've faced in all of your games?

Yellowpete: Every player has good and bad games so it is really hard to tell overall, but out of all professional League players I have probably laned against Doublelift the most and it has been a good practice for me. ;) In the end it still comes down to a team performance though, and as such I think Taipei Assassins has most consistently given us the hardest time.


What were your actual expectations for the Season 2 Finals? Did anything surprise you, did anything really unexpected happen?

Yellowpete: Apart from us playing a bo3 over the course of 4 days? Not really! If anything, I was a bit surprised that the NA teams didn't do that well, I expected them to have a stronger performance overall. Then again, with all the group stage matches being only bo1 their strength might not have been really accurately represented.


You, and your team have trained a lot on other Riot Servers as well. As I know on NA and the Korean Server, and you've even participated in Korean competitions successfully. Did it help you a lot to improve your own gameplay and to be prepared for other Metas?

Yellowpete: It is interesting to see how the game evolves on different servers that have little interaction between one another. Especially in Korea, I've learned quite a few things that playing on the european server never told me. However, with all the international competitions nowadays and the amount of streams from all over the world, I believe that in terms of playstyle, the regions are shifting closer together by now.


What was the biggest difference in the Korean Meta that you've experienced, compared to what other LoL players are used to, on NA and EU Server?

Yellowpete: Laneswapping was far more common than what I was used to. Also their play was usually far more aggressive than in Europe, and more centered around bottom lane than around top.


What are your goals now, for upcoming Season 3?

Yellowpete: I want us to stay successful and happy as a team, to improve and to perform well in the Season 3 League Championship Series and to reach the World Championship once again!

clg team

Are there any plans with your team to move together into a gaming house, like CLG-NA and a couple of other Teams already did?

Yellowpete: Yes, we are almost certainly moving to a gaming house in Germany.


What was the most important moment in your E-Sports career?

Yellowpete: Getting picked up for at the beginning of this year is how it all started for me, so I guess it's that.


Will you stay and continue doing something in the Esports scene when you're not playing LoL anymore?

Yellowpete: From my current standpoint I would like to, but I have to see what opportunities will actually arise. I am confident that I can stay a player for quite a while, so there is no hurry for a the final decision yet. If things won't work out that way, I can always just finish my studies and take another career path.


Any last shoutouts, words to the readers and your fans?

Yellowpete: Thanks to everyone that has been supporting and cheering for the team and me and I hope we will be able to entertain you just as well in Season 3 as we have done in the past! Also, shoutout to our sponsors Razer,, XMG and Elobuff.

Thank you for your time and good luck & success with your future gaming career! =)

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