Season 3 Quick Tips: Shard of True Ice



Thu 6th Dec 2012 - 12:58pm

With the emergence of the new Preseason, I was messing around last night with Zyra support, and stumbled onto an interesting synergy between her plants and the new item Shard of True Ice: You can place the aoe slow on her plants, allowing for an easy, and reliable aoe slow in teamfights, that doesn't require a champion to be in the middle of the enemy team.

shard thumbnail

Shard is fairly cheap at the price of a Kage's Lucky Pick (765 g), a Mana manipulator (400 g), and a combine cost of 535 g

Looking more into the item, it is a cheap new item that I initially didn't really care for, but after playing Zyra support, I feel the item is almost essential for her, at least. The item is great on champions that need mana regen but also benefit from flat AP, and since it keeps it's passive gold gain, why NOT upgrade your Kage's into it?

Try out the new item and let me know what you think. I have yet to test whether it works on wards, or other things like Jarvan's pole, but I can already see all the interesting possibilities for use of this item!