Lautemortis Tells You How to Build Junglers in Season 3



Thu 10th Jan 2013 - 7:43pm

Tyler 'Lautemortis' Nicholls and his team, The Brunch Club, have been busy preparing for the Season 3 qualifiers this weekend, but Lautemortis kindly took time out of his practice schedule to discuss the recent jungle changes with me.  He was previously the jungler for Team Legion before creating his own team in She Said She Was Level 18, which recently changed names to The Brunch Club.

Lautemortis discusses very specific impacts that the recent patch has had on the jungle, including the viability of items and champions, strategy, and more.


With many recent changes to items, how do you feel the general outlook or strategy for junglers has changed?:

Lautemortis: Junglers for the most part continue to fulfill a support-esque role, as well as act as primary engagers in most team compositions. Therefore when itemizing junglers with the new items in season 3 it is important to get items that help your team and provide defensive stats, such as aegis/bulwark and locket of the iron solari.


Which core items can we expect to see almost every game in competitive play, and which of the new items are more situational?


Core Items: The new warmogs is extremely strong to get early game, sightstones will be seen on every support and some junglers, and there will be a bulwark in every game.

Situational Items: The nerfs to shurelyas make it a more situational pickup in season 3, it’s a little harder to itemize randuins because the giants belt is hard to save up for, so its picked up slightly less often. Twin shadows can be good on some junglers if you are looking to catch, but very situational.


Do you think any of the new or adjusted items need reworks or buffs before they can be really viable?

Lautemortis: There are a few new items that could use adjustments. Bulwark seems a little too strong against magic damage, to the point where buying a different MR item is just dumb for junglers. Ohmwrecker is a pretty bad item, hard to justify buying this item ever. Really needs to cost less to upgrade.


What do you think of the multitude of build options for the now popular early game item, Hunter's Machete? Do you think that fully upgrading it into Wriggle's Lantern or one of the three Spirit Stone items is worth it compared to other alternatives? If not, which are stronger?

Lautemortis: When choosing which to upgrade a machete into I look at how much aoe damage the champion has. If it has good aoe I choose spirit stone, if not I go madred's. For the most part upgrading into wriggle's is something I avoid, since you're spending 900 gold for AD, lifesteal and a ward. I would much rather have 400 health from a giants belt, or start building towards a bulwark. I normally don't fully upgrade my spirit stone until my 3rd or 4th item. All the upgrades are cost efficient, so it just depends which one best fits the champion you are using.


Do you think a lot of junglers are somewhat forced into building Aegis of the Legion and Runic Bulwark due to the abundance of strong new support items?

Lautemortis: Yes, a majority of junglers are just tanky supports. Aegis and Bulwark are extremely cost efficient, and not purchasing them would be detrimental to your team, and it just so happens junglers are the perfect choice to hold these items. Sometimes building warmogs or sunfire cape early can be a viable alternative if you lack a tanky front line and need to be tankier, or your support would prefer to pick up the bulwark.


Have these changes largely affected popular champion picks in the jungle?

Lautemortis: For the most part all the junglers that were effective before are still effective. Some junglers are more effective and some less, but the core junglers in competitive play stayed the same.


Do you think that AP junglers have become any more or less viable? Which AP junglers are the strongest at the moment, and do they compete with AD junglers?

Lautemortis: AP junglers got stronger with season 3 jungle changes. But for the most part are outclassed by tanky junglers or AD junglers. Fiddle is now much more viable this season, because the main jungle creep got more importance and the side creeps got weakened, and so it happened to make Fiddle's drain kill camps faster.  The strongest AP jungler is Amumu.


Similarly, we saw a huge surge of popularity in tanky junglers like Maokai, Shen, and Amumu in Season 2. Do you think the new items have made it any more or less difficult to play champions like this?

Lautemortis: I think all these junglers stayed roughly the same - Amumu benefitted the most from the changes. Shen is probably hurt the most because of his speed, but his usefulness shouldn't be defined entirely by his jungle clear speed.


On the opposite side of the issue, have the changes heavily impacted more carry-type junglers such as Xin Zhao, Olaf, or Nocturne?

Lautemortis: Xin farms slowly so he was probably hit the hardest, while Olaf and Nocturne can farm the jungle very effectively, definitely making them more viable. Olaf/Noct have the ability to carry games from the jungle.


Since you have been known for your Alistar play in the past, how do you think the jungle and/or item changes have impacted his clear times and gank potential?

Lautemortis: Alistar was basically abandoned after his headbutt range and damage were nerfed, and for good reason. With the new season 3 jungle alistar has been left in the dust. His clear is bad, and his ganks are not so much better than other junglers that he is worth the risk running. Hopefully they buff his headbutt back to before, but even with that he will likely remain a gimped jungler.


How did your team, The Brunch Club (Formerly She Said She Was Level 18), form?

Lautemortis: It was easy, I just found the best looking people at each position.


What do you think the new team's biggest strengths and weaknesses are?

Lautemortis: Our biggest strengths lie in our laning and team fighting, but we are terrible at knowing when to pressure where on the map. You could say we're dumb, I don't think we'd argue.


Do you have any shout outs?

Lautemortis: Shout outs to Ellie Beee, Brunch Ü, Chuuper, Nickwu for being the best team ever, SailorLu for managing us, and Judy Monica for being the best.  Oh and most importantly Ambrielle Army for the interview.


Thanks for the interview and best of luck in your upcoming qualifiers!

[Editor's note: The nicest player to interview of all time award goes to Lautemortis.]

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