Chuuper from the Brunch Club talks about Qualifying for S3, Mid Lane and More!



Sat 19th Jan 2013 - 4:02pm

Samuel 'Chuuper' Chu is the AP carry, formerly AD carry, for The Brunch Club. Just coming off a fresh 2-0 for the win against team MRN in the North American qualifiers, Chupper took the time to sit down with me and discuss his current team and the state of the mid lane in Season 3.


Hey Chuuper, thanks for the interview. First off, congratulations on qualifying for Season 3! What’s it like knowing that you are guaranteed for a spot in the largest e-sport series in history as a salaried team?

Chuuper: I still don't really understand what's happening. My team and I were so focused on the game itself, we hadn't thought about what to do if we managed to qualify. Now that I have qualified I am at the very least happy that I'm financially secure for the immediate future. My team and I are extremely excited to become a force in the League of Legends scene!

What were the qualifiers like? Were you confident in victory, or were you scared and worried?

Chuuper: I definitely had the jitters setting up for my first match against Pulse. However, I'm glad that we managed to beat them because the victory gave our team the confidence boost we needed to feel as though we really do belong with the best. After the first day of matches our team was very confident going into our game against Marn and felt as though we were going to qualify.

In a recent interview with State of the League’s Travis, you talked a lot about gaming houses. Do you think that these are crucial to your team’s success, and that it will give you an edge upcoming into season 3?

Chuuper: I do believe a gaming house creates the ideal environment for a team to improve. I believe Scarra (someone that I really look up to) told me that League of Legends was mainly about communication and a gaming house helps improve exactly that. Although I already believe in my team's work ethic, we will only work harder if we're around each other 24/7. Personally, I'm looking forward to moving away from my parents and learning how to live and compromise with other people!

So, previously, you were on the team Chuuper’s Troopers. What happened to the team, and why did you decide to join the Brunch Club (Formerly She Said She Was Level 18)?

Chuuper: CT disbanded because certain members had other obligations and after some crucial defeats, League just couldn't be as high a priority as it needed to be. Nickwu, Elliee and I went our separate ways for a while. Elliee and I joined some other teams while Nick concentrated on school and work. Elliee eventually found a team with Brunch and Lautemortis. Nick and I soon joined the team after and Chuuper's Troopers was pretty much resurrected in The Brunch Club. (Elliee, Nick and I were the core members of Chuuper's Troopers)

According to Lautemortis, he said the reason you were picked was because you were the best looking person for the position. Is this the real reason?

Chuuper: Of course... now that our team has made an appearance at a Lan event, I believe all of our fans can attest to our looks! Lautemortis has very high standards after all.

What has it been like transitioning between AD and AP Carry for your team? Do you find you’re proficient enough to play both, or are you more comfortable in one?

Chuuper: I still believe I'm a better AD carry as I am much more comfortable at playing AD champs and fulfilling the AD carry role. I do believe my AP could use TONS of improvement as I still am not familiar with many champs that an AP should be able to play. In fact, there's a running joke with our team where if we win a game and I (hopefully) carried, I would say, “but my MID though!?!?” waiting for my team to shower me with praises. (the last part never happens)

Well, seeing as you’re now currently the Mid Lane of The Brunch Club anyway, what are your thoughts on the current state of mid lane, and specifically the sustain start?

Chuuper: I HATE SUSTAIN. It makes a lot of lanes really boring to play as they revert to farm lanes. I do like how the sustain opens up the viability of a lot of champions that were previously overlooked (such as Kassadin) but I wish there was a limit to how much sustain you could buy. In general I do like how the jungle is harder to farm now and roaming has become much more viable. (before my team would always yell at me for my terrible roams)

Additionally, we saw you get an incredible pentakill on Kha’Zix against team MRN. Do you think AD Assassins are going to become a standard part of the Meta, or are they just a gimmick while people adjust to the new season?

Chuuper: I still firmly believe that AD assassins are viable but there are team comps and strategies that can deal with them. They aren't any stronger or weaker than AP carries or bruisers or tanks or any other archetype that goes mid. It's just a different play style having to deal with and play with an AD assassin. With that being said, I do agree that Kha is one of the stronger ones and brings a lot of versatility to the table. If he doesn't receive nerfs he will continue to be at the forefront of the “Meta”.

In addition, what do you think of the state of AP items, notably the Rabadon’s nerf and the lack of an early armor and ability power item?

Chuuper: I still believe AP items are fine because when it hits late game, it is still easier to deal damage and cc from afar with a ranged champion over a melee champion. To be honest you can just get a giant's belt if you are really worried about getting gibbed by an AD assassin and continue to build ap. I would like to see another late game AP item as many of them seem to be suited for the mid game (such as abyssal scepter) and I'm always for more itemization.

Also, have you noticed these changes affecting the Champions you pick for Mid Lane? You played a solid Ryze last weekend, is that because of the season item changes?

Chuuper: The item changes definitely helped Ryze because certain items that Ryzes would build only got buffed. (notably Rod of ages + Muramana/Seraph's Embrace) The chalice nerf also benefited Ryze because he never picked up that item whereas other popular AP champions heavily relied on that item to farm early game. The jungle changes also benefited Ryze because certain champions such as Karthus heavily relied on farming the jungle as early as level 3 which caused Ryze to become outfarmed due to his poor wave clear early game.

Lastly, do you have any shoutouts?

Chuuper: Big shoutouts to my team for putting up with me and being the best teammates I could ever ask for. Shoutouts to all the pros + rioters I met at the LCS event, I thought everybody was super cool. I would like to specifically thank Link + Chauster for giving me tons of advice and sagely wisdom (about being a mid laner and teammate) before going into the matches. I would also like to thank Scarra for hanging out and helping our team all weekend. He also even helped pay for dinner! Also shoutouts to all my homies back at home. Salad Bowl for life!!

Thank you so much for the interview!

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