Interview with MiSTakE: "Korean teams have always been the ones that should never be underestimated"



Mon 21st Jan 2013 - 4:19pm

Despite being very busy with his new team and playing in the StarsWar league, Chen “MiSTakE” Hui Chung was nice enough to find time and answer some questions along with the help of several translators. We talked about his new team The Taipei Snipers (TPS), his thoughts on the support role and the competitive League of Legends scene among other subjects.

MiSTakE is a Support player for The Taipei Snipers, formerly playing with the Season 2 World Champions Taipei Assassins (TPA).

Image courtesy of Taipei Snipers


How has your life changed since Taipei Assassins won the Season 2 world championships? Do people treat you differently?

MiSTakE: TPA is like a celebrity here in Taiwan, and more often than not we would be recognized on the streets and fans would ask for our autographs or photos taken together. After winning the Season 2 Championship, the chances of being recognized has increased, and our fans are all the more enthusiastic, which sometimes can cause a little distress. I guess this is the so-called “sweet burden”.


How different was the atmosphere during Season 2 Championships and IPL 5 compared to tournaments in Asia?

MiSTakE: There really isn’t much difference between the two. In both tournaments, the players are working hard for their country’s glory. Garena Premier League (GPL, a South-East Asian tournament) consists of a series of matches that are scheduled on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and thus we are able to try out different kinds of team comps every week. As for Season 2 Championships and IPL5, the games were compacted in three or four days, so we had to give our best shot since it was all or nothing.

Image courtesy of Taipei Snipers


Do you, along with your team mates of TPA feel there is much pressure to succeed in Season 3 after winning Season 2 championships?

MiSTakE: The fact that we won the Season 2 Championships doesn't necessarily mean that we have to succeed in Season 3. The main reason that prompts us to do well in Season 3 is that we are now the spotlight players in Taiwan and many players here look up to us.


You recently left TPA to become the captain of TPS. How did Taipei Snipers become a team? Why did you leave TPA to join TPS?

MiSTakE: TPS is a recently formed sister team of TPA, and most of the players are originally from TPA, except a new member OhReaL. The purpose of forming a new team is to be able to practice and compete with each other like Azubu Frost and Azubu Blaze. Therefore, I took on the responsibility of both the leader and the caller of TPS to pass my gaming experience and strategies onto the new team.


Most of the League of Legends world knows TPA, would you like to introduce your teammates of TPS?

MiSTakE: Current members of TPS are NeXAbc, Zonda, GoDJJ, OhReaL and me. NeXAbc, our AP player, has been with me since the team FTW was formed. He started playing LoL since beta, too. Zonda, our top player, has been among the top 20 players on TW server even though he started playing this game only a few months ago. He was also a former CS pro player. GoDJJ, our AD player, is a well-known streamer and has the most viewers in Taiwan. He reached ranked NO.1 on both TW and NA servers in Season 2. OhReaL is our newest member and he reached ranked NO.1 on TW server as a jungler.


How different are the playstyle of these players compared to those from TPA?

MiSTakE: TPA is steady and good at slowing down the game pace. They would use their skills in lane to shut down their opponents and go snowballing, and they are also good at late game. TPS is bolder and plays very aggressively early on, and we are still trying out different strategies.


What are some strengths that you have noticed of TPS and what do you think needs to improve?

MiSTakE: The members in TPS are younger and more daring than those in TPA, and they are more than willing to try out different tactics or go all-in, which I think is our advantage. However, there is still room for improvement for their lack of LAN tournament experiences.

Image courtesy of Taipei Snipers

You were previously supporting ADC Bebe for TPA, how different is Bebe's playstyle compared to GoDJJ's?

MiSTakE: Bebe is more consistent and conservative. He is good at last-hitting and catching on to the pace of the game, so there wouldn’t be a time when there is no place for him to farm. On the other hand, GoDJJ tries to grasp every opportunity to be aggressive in lane in order to create lane and jungle advantages. Now I focus on being aggressive together with GoDJJ in lane though there is still a lot more to work on. Overall, we are able to use this advantage to snowball and win the game.


With TPS being a sister team to TPA, will you be practicing exclusively with TPA?

MiSTakE: We still scrim with other teams. We practice with TPA only when there aren’t any scheduled scrims.


Can you give us an example of your LoL/daily schedule? Things such as how often do you have Team Practices/Scrims/Solo Queue? Do you have any team events, scheduled breaks from playing League of Legends?

MiSTakE: We work five days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and we mostly scrim or play solo queue ranked games. We prioritize scrimming with other teams over playing ranked games. We also have scheduled photo & commercial shoots for Garena. When off work, most of the time we are still playing LoL. I play other games only when I'm really tired of LoL.


Is there anything you do mentally to prepare for tournaments or games such as listen to music, be alone, etc?

MiSTakE: If circumstances permit, I’d love to have a glass of wine to relieve my tension. Before a match, I usually like to remind my teammates of some key points and think about how I’m going to react to all the possibilities that might happen in the coming match. Oh, and being alone before a match is also fine with me.


How do you think the Season 3 changes affect the Support role? Do you think Nami will see play at competitive events?

MiSTakE: There are two biggest changes for support in Season 3. One is Crystalline Flask (though it’s going to be nerfed), and the other is Sightstone. The two items allow support to make better use of their gold such as buying items that are truly beneficial for your team, instead of rushing double gp5 items and lots of wards without any flexibility. As for Nami, her ability set is great but kind of weak, so she needs to be buffed a bit.


Sightstone was a new item added that helps provide wards throughout the game, what is the prioritization of this item? Do you think supports should rush this, philosophers stone or something else first?

MiSTakE: I think Sightstone should be bought first if possible, followed by one or two gp5 items with a few vision wards to limit the enemy team’s vision. Sightstone also provides additional health, and thus it can be viewed as S3's Heart of Gold.

Image courtesy of Taipei Snipers


How do you feel about the NA/EU scene having played against them many times recently?

MiSTakE: The NA teams like to harass hard in lanes with Jungler giving more pressure and thus snowballing easily. But overall they lack strategies, and they are not good at dealing with lane changes and speedy push. On the other hand, EU teams are steady, and they tend to focus on team fights and dragon control. However, their laning is not that strong, and when faced with a very aggressive lane(s), they might not be able to survive before reaching mid/late games. recently published an “end of year” awards list and you were nominated as 2nd world team support behind Azubu Frost's “MadLife”. What does it mean to you being regarded as one of the best players in the world?

MiSTakE: I haven’t performed very well recently, but I’m very glad to be recognized as one of the best players. I still have a lot to learn, and I hope to scale new heights in the future.


You were often the most vocal of any players on TPA, was it difficult to conduct strategies from the Support position?

MiSTakE: Actually, the Support can be a very competent caller of the team since supports are able to control the map, detect the enemy Jungler’s position and put down wards for vision before a team fight. Supports are also able to protect their carries while limiting the enemy carries’ damage in a team fight. As a support, I don’t have to focus on last-hitting the minions, so I can pay more attention to controlling the map and carrying out the strategy.


There has been a recent rise in talented new teams in Asia such as SK Telecom 1, KT Rolster A & B and CJ Entus just to name a few. These teams have looked very strong at recent tournaments, do you think they will continue to improve and be consistent competitors through Season 3?

MiSTakE: Korean teams have always been the ones that should never be underestimated. They come from highly competitive environment, and even though they are only recently formed, they are bound to become strong competitors in the future.

Image courtesy of Taipei Snipers


Do you think there will be a lot more competitive teams formed for Season 3?

MiSTakE: Korean teams and some EU teams may be the ones that we need to watch out for. Apart from that, China teams are also making rapid progress at the moment, and NA teams are beginning to address their attitudes and ways of practice. Both of them will become strong opponents in the future as well.


Riot has recently released information about the Season 3 Championship Series and many people are very excited as it gets closer to what physical sports do. Where do you see League of Legends in 5 years?

MiSTakE: There will be a stable league system, and each country will have several professional teams to compete and grow stronger with each other, fighting for the championship in the greatest yearly event in the world together.


Do you have any shoutouts?

MiSTakE: I’d like to thank all the people who have helped and supported me, and also all the fans that support TPA, TPS and me. With your support, we have the confidence to perform better and better. Also, I’m grateful to Zumanity for this interview. I will work even harder.


I would like to thank MiSTakE for taking the time to do the interview and the three moderators that assisted in translating and communicating; "Everlastings Chen", "SophiaSapphires" and "WanWanBell". Don't forget to check out MiSTakE's stream!

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