An Interview with The Brunch Club's AD Carry Brunch Ü



Wed 23rd Jan 2013 - 8:41pm

After recently qualifying for the Season 3 competitive circuit, Josh 'Brunch Ü' Abrantes sat down to discuss his experience at the live event as well as recent developments for The Brunch Club and changes to the game.

Although The Brunch Club and many other qualified teams are busy house hunting and practicing for the upcoming matches,  Brunch Ü took the time to tell us a bit about himself and his team.  We discuss the structure of the competitive scene for the upcoming year, the strengths and weaknesses of items and champions, and more.

You recently qualified for Riot's Season 3 circuit – Congratulations. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience at the live event?

Brunch Ü: Riot accomodated us appropriately, they provided rides to and from the hotel to the studio/Riot HQ. They provided food for us and treated us really well.

What do you think of Riot's newly-constructed studio?

Brunch Ü: It's kinda shoddy but they told us that they just started getting it in the works a few weeks before the NA Qualifiers, so it's understandable and I only have high expectations for the future of the studio.


What are some of the challenges facing the newer teams who have just found out that they qualified?

Brunch Ü: Challenges of facing these newer teams is that, there's little to no information about them. It's harder to do your homework against these lesser known teams because when you go to look up VODs it's incredibly difficult to get information on them. We won't know their go-to champs, their level 1s, their comps, nothing.


Do you think there are any advantages over more veteran teams?

Brunch Ü: I don't think there are any advantages of being a new team, veteran teams have more experience, more chemistry, and overall just more confidence.


How do you feel about the competitive structure of Season 3? Do you like it better than the Season 2 structure, and why?

Brunch Ü: I don't really have an opinion on the competitive structures of the Seasons, but I'm completely content with Season 3's.


As one of the teams without a major sponsor (as of yet), is it difficult to make plans with only a half year guarantee for the circuit?

Brunch Ü: It's not difficult to make plans, we already have sponsors approaching us as well as managers and subs, we're fortunate enough to have people wanting us so making plans is pretty easy as of now.


Before the qualifiers you tried out for the support position with Counter Logic Gaming. What did that process involve?

Brunch Ü: Basically I just wrote an email with the information they wanted: age, location, ELO, role, and sent it to them. The next day I got an email saying that Chauster or Doublelift would add me in game, rest assured Double accepted my friend request from the day prior after a solo que game and I was one of the first tryouts. He was like "yo yo whens ur game done let's duo" and I'm like "yo, soon." then we played, I played Blitzcrank and landed some godlike hooks and he's like [link]. They played me in some scrims and I did alright.


How did your team feel about you trying out?

Brunch Ü: My team told me that if a better opportunity arose then that I should take it. They were pretty supportive.(hah)


Was it all worth it to become one of the only players that Doublelift does not think is trash?

Brunch Ü: It was a definite confidence boost, yeah.


As an AD carry player, why do you think Miss Fortune has been so popular after the item changes despite being relatively untouched during Season 2?

Brunch Ü: The Armor Pen changes brought her back into popularity, her ult is devastating with the new black cleaver.


We saw you played some lesser-played champions during the qualifiers as well, such as Twitch. Which carries are the strongest right now in your opinion?

Brunch Ü: I think that any of the ADs have the potential to be the strongest if played right, like a good Twitch player could probably make it seem like Twitch is completely broken while if you're an inexperienced Twitch you'll make him seem like a caster creep. But in terms of the patch, Kog'Maw is definitely seen as a super strong AD pick. Due to the Warmogs/Sunfire rushes on most top/junglers, his W with the HP% is ridiculous.


Likewise, which AD items can we expect to see come up frequently in competitive play, and which need reworks or buffs?

Brunch Ü: Out of the new items the most frequent one that I see is the Statikk Shiv, other than that I don't see much else.


Regardless of strength or role, what are your favorite champions to play?

Brunch Ü: I love to play Amumu and Shen.


Many professional players have commented that AD carries are much weaker than they have been in the past. Do you agree with this and, if so, what do you think would be the best game change to fix it?

Brunch Ü: They're not necessarily weaker, but they're less relied on. They buffed the other roles so they play a lot more of a factor in the games. That's why it seems like ADs are much weaker, but in reality the other roles just got stronger.


Do you think The Brunch Club has a future in competitive Dominion if you don't make it to the second half of the season?

Brunch Ü: If anyone has tuned into NickWu's stream, they would agree that we're top tier Dominion team.


Do you have any shout outs? 

Brunch Ü: Shoutouts to my family, friends, team, and fans. If you're an asian hunnie pls talk to me.


Thanks for the interview.  Best of luck house hunting and in the upcoming start to Season 3.

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