An Interview with compLexity's Top Laner Nickwu



Mon 4th Feb 2013 - 5:25pm

Several weeks ago, compLexity (The Brunch Club) became one of the eight teams to qualify for Riot's Season 3 Championship Series. After the offline qualifiers, the team rushed to make the final preparations before the circuit matches began. Nickwu, the team's top lane player, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with me about qualifying for Season 3, how the new patches have affected the game, and what we can expect to see moving forward.


What are your thoughts on the NA offline qualifiers event? Can you describe your experiences there?

Nickwu: It was very exciting! The event was well organized and well catered. Everyone was very nice and it was awesome meeting players I only knew from online. And it felt super duper awesome to win!


You had to play against ClakeyD, both the jungler for Team Marn and your brother. Were the games against MRN any more or less stressful than your other matches?

Nickwu: They were definitely more stressful. Clark and I have been pretty competitive throughout our lives and playing against him I wanted to win and show him that I'm on his level or better than him because he was usually better at games.


The world wants to know: who was your mother rooting for?

Nickwu: Our mother of course wanted both of us to win but I know for sure if she had to choose, It'd be Nickwu.


What do you expect Season 3 to hold for you and the other newer teams? Do you think newer teams will be able to take games off of longer standing ones?

Nickwu: I expect Season 3 to be life-changing and I think us newer teams have a good chance against the veterans. Not to take away anything from the older teams, I have the utmost respect for them but I believe it's our time to shine.


What are some of the challenges you have met being one of the currently unsponsored teams working under tight deadlines before the matches begin?

Nickwu: Well some of the challenges include getting up earlier than I'd like to, looking at houses and being expected to know how to fill out applications, making Lautemortis do everything for us and feel bad cause we put so much stress on him, those kinds of things.


During the qualifiers, you played a lot of Zed in the top lane, something most spectators have not seen a lot of. What aspects of Zed make him a viable top laner?

Nickwu: Zed has a lot of damage throughout the entire game and especially early he can punish his opponent and stay safe with his shadow. His level 6 all in damage is unexpected and while he only has 1 magic damage component it is still very potent mixed damage. Overall, very high kill potential while being safe with shadows.


You are known for your Viktor play. Do you think that Viktor is any weaker or stronger after the item changes?

Nickwu: I haven't gotten to play much Nicktor since being on the team and playing top. They don't want me to unleash the lasers at top even though the games I've played him top I owned. Except they were solo queue games... I can't tell if hes stronger/weaker due to the items changes, I'd have to actually play him.


Aside from Viktor, what are your favorite champions to play?

Nickwu: I love to play NickWukong, Darius, and Jayce.


Which top laners do you think are the strongest this season? Did the item changes do anything to change top lane champion tiers?

Nickwu: I think Elise is very strong because of her % based damage so she can build the almighty Warmogs and be incredibly hard to kill while doing high damage. Nidalee is also very strong because of her base damages and she can build tanky and the new Iceborn Gauntlet item gives her all the stats she needs to just be annoying and split push forever and be basically unkillable.


Which of the Season 3 items are the strongest, and which are not worth a buy in their current state?

Nickwu: Warmogs is extremely efficient purchase. Basically anything that builds out of Giant's Belt. Liandry's is very good too. I don't think people would buy Executioner's Calling or Stark's anymore. I personally believe Blade of the Ruined King is GODLIKE and I buy it on all my champs if I'm not trying too hard.


If coL doesn't make it to the second half of the season, will you all be pursuing your true destiny as the ultimate Dominion team?

Nickwu: I'm disappointed there isnt already a competitive Dominion league. If there is, they didn't tell us about it because it'd be too free.


Do you have any shout outs?

Nickwu: Shoutouts to my team, especially Lautemortis who has done everything for us and almost went insane doing these things for us. Shoutouts to team MRN and Big Bro Clakeyd! Shoutouts to my even older brother Johnson and my Mom who watched and supported both of us from the beginning. Shoutouts to Dreamlab, A LAN center in Arcadia where I became pro. And a final shoutout to my former boss James Tang who supported and encouraged me to pursue this career.


Thanks for the interview and best of luck in your first matches!

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