An Interview with Curse's Jungler: Saintvicious



Sat 16th Feb 2013 - 1:51pm

After an undefeated performance in the first week of the North American LCS matches, Curse is looking extremely strong.  Before this week's matches, Brandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco was kind enough to discuss the jungle and his team in an interview with me.  Remember to catch their games in the LCS every weekend.


What are your opinions on the way Riot has structured the Season 3 competitive scene?

Saintvicious: It closely resembles OGN.


How do you feel about Curse's relative strength when put up against the other LCS competitors? Do you think that your fairly stable roster and housing position have given you significant advantages?

Saintvicious: I feel like we are the number 1/2 team easily. The majority of the top teams in the NA scene have similar conditions to us.


Which teams do you expect to come out on top for LCS?

Saintvicious: CRS :D


What are your opinions on the Curse Academy team and their prospects for Season 3?

Saintvicious: They are the 1st team to qualify for IPL6, with proper guidance they can definitely wreck the Amateur scene.


Do you feel as though organizations having two teams gives an advantage for scrimmages and team growth?

Saintvicious: Yes, for practicing things you don't want other teams to see.


Do you think the item changes in the off season along with the more recent jungle changes have impacted general jungle strategy at all?

Saintvicious: Yes, it takes pressure off the lanes and promotes a smarter balance between farm and ganking.


Do you think that the strength of certain items have forced junglers into a support role instead of a carry position? Are there still junglers who can viably carry and, if so, do you expect them to see much play?

Saintvicious: I feel carry junglers are still viable if a team is built around it.


Are there any items you do not see yourself building in almost any situation? What changes would have to be made to them to fix this?

Saintvicious: Maybe that Ohm Wrecker and a couple other rando items.


Which items do you think are the strongest in the jungle, and which do you enjoy building the most?

Saintvicious: Bulwark and Warmog's are extremely good right now, buffed Frozen Heart isnt bad either.  I really like the lizard buff item on Skarner and Hecarim.


Which champions and/or players do you find the most difficult to play against?

Saintvicious: Probably IWillDominate, he is extremely aggressive so we go HAM on each other.


If you could give junglers who are looking to improve one piece of advice, what would it be?

Saintvicious: Play out all your ganks in your head before you even walk to the lane to gank. Also look at the map every second of the game.


Thanks for the interview and best of luck this week! Make sure to check out Saintvicious's stream.

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