Locket of the Iron Solari and you



Wed 27th Feb 2013 - 6:02pm

The ItemLocket and you

Locket of the Iron Solari is a really hot item right now. And no, I don’t mean that it’s harnessing the power of The Sun, I mean it’s really popular. According to, since January 25th Locket of the Iron Solari has almost tripled in popularity (especially at higher divisions).

If you want to make your own Locket, all you need is a Kindlegem, some Cloth Armor, and a Rejuvenation bead. “But Drfeelbad” you might ask, “How is this item so popular, that doesn’t seem like much”. Well I’ve got some interesting information for you. Locket doubles the health you get from Kindlegem, and it also doubles the regen you get from your Rejuv bead.

On top of increasing the armor from your cloth armor by 20, the skilled craftsmen at the Fields of Justice gave it a really handy active Unique: Shield yourself and nearby allied champions for 5 seconds, absorbing up to 50 (+10 per level) damage. 60 second cooldown.

All of that extra stuff, for a measly 670 gold, making the combined cost 2000 gold, not something to ignore. Not only is Locket extremely cheap, but it’s extremely powerful, but who do you buy it on?

The Champions

At first glance locket looks like a support item. It’s cheap, gives your team a bonus, and it’s in that weird part of the shop you never want to visit. So naturally, your conclusion would be to only buy it on supports. However you’re wrong. Right now, Locket is bought by Xin Zhao in over 20% of games. This item is pretty much key on any selfish jungler! You get cheap stats and an active that’s great for tower diving. It’s almost mandatory at this point to build Locket on any and every jungler, and even on some supports.

According to lolking, Locket has a 72% winrate on Janna. Next time you’re playing Janna and someone on your team says it’s a 50/50 shot of winning, just buy a Locket and prove him wrong, with math! (Results not guaranteed, Drfeelbad is neither liable nor responsible for you losing or gaining LP. Use at your own discretion). But, when do you buy it?

The Circumstances

The short answer, you always want to buy it. In reality, though, Locket is really an early game item. Even though it’s stats are good, they aren’t the best late game. However, the price makes it really affordable for an early buy, even as first item. Now I’m no professional, but whenever I play Vi, Jarvan, or Xin Zhao, I get locket first or second every time. The armor bonus gives you a little help against jungle camps.

The CDR is really core on all of them, and the health.. well it’s health, you can’t go wrong. When ganking with these notorious divers, Locket gives you an extra burst of effective health, making it easy to just go bottom lane, and snowball your team ahead early. But, what if your teammate already bought a Locket, and you want to buy one too? Is it like the curse of the Aegis, and you just want to avoid stacking it at all costs? I mean, the shields don’t stack, why would you ever get two? Actually, from my point of view, stacking Lockets is extremely effective.

After you use the active for Locket, a debuff goes out for the next 8 seconds that reduces the shield if another Locket is used. So wait, a 5 second shield gets an 8 second debuff on active, so really there’s just a 3 second window of you without a shield. Use your team’s second Locket after the 8 second debuff, and you get a huge amount of team health, while still benefiting from the amazing stats the item gives to the actual player.

The longer the fight goes on when you have stacked Lockets, the better your outcome will be. All in all, Locket fits into the current meta very well right now, and it will only get more popular as the season goes on. It’s a very amazing item that you should always consider getting, instead of looking at it and thinking “Isn’t that the other item that used to build out of Heart of Gold?”

Special thanks to lolking for insight on items and champions!

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