An Interview with Curse's Mid Lane - Nyjacky



Sat 23rd Feb 2013 - 7:24pm

Following their third undefeated showing in a row this weekend in the NA LCS, Curse seem to be getting stronger as the weeks go by. After their sixth victory this weekend, Chenglong 'Nyjacky' Wang kindly discussed his opinions on LCS and the current state of the mid lane.


The LCS is now 3 weeks old, how do you feel this structure is effecting the team? Are the weekly matches a good motivation for consistent practise, or do you feel that the weekly flights are taking their toll on the team?

Nyjacky: I really like how LCS works, you only play 1-2 games a day, and it's best of 1. The weekly matches really help and force us to practise more often, if you really want to win. The weekly flights to LA really hurt me, I don't know about other members. I'm so tired after the flight, I usually take a 2-3 hours nap.


So far 4 of the top NA teams from Season 2 (Curse, Dig, TSM, CLG) are out infront for Season 3. Which, if any, of the current 4 bottom teams (GGU, coL, MRN, Vulcun) do you think might surprise us and break into that top 4?

Nyjacky: Personally, I really like GGU and MRN, I think they are strong enough to get to top 4.


During the “League of Cleavers” phase we saw a lot of bruisers going mid, and we still do. Even during this time you seemed to stick to your guns and play your strong AP carries, what are the reasons for this?

Nyjacky: I don't like to play melee champions.


Liandry’s Torment has been shown to be a very strong AP item for the mid lane currently. Which of the new Season 3 items do you like most for your lane?

Nyjacky: I only get Liandry's on Kayle, it's a really strong item for poke comp and champions who  have low cooldown spells.


Whilst on the subject of items, is there any that you see yourself building a lot more than others?

Nyjacky: I usually rush hourglass on Twisted Fate right now.


Which players/champions do you find difficult to deal with?

Nyjacky: Hmm... Reginald, because of his playstyle.


Do you think we’ll get to see your famous Veigar played in any of the LCS matches?

Nyjacky: I don't know, depends on the team comp, hard to say.


We see you play a game similar to Dance Dance Revolution at times whilst you’re waiting for a queue. Is this to warm up, a nice distraction from the game, or just for fun?

Nyjacky: It's a warm up game for me.


Finally, any advice for the aspiring mid laners out there?

Nyjacky: Creep score and map control are most important for mid lane.


Thanks for the interview and best of luck next week. Make sure to check out Nyjacky's stream.

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