Team Dignitas LCS Super Week Summary



Wed 6th Mar 2013 - 8:53pm



Game 1: Team Dignitas vs Vulcun


Beginning the game Team Dignitas started off with defensive positions, separating themselves across the map. Patoy also dropped an early pink ward at Wraiths to get rid of Vulcun's to keep Dignitas’ control of the Jungle. Scarra was then sent bottom and Imaqtpie with Patoy in return went mid giving that extra lane pressure and denying Mandatory cloud of farm. Vulcun, trying to get an early start sent their bottom lane top leaving KiWiKiD behind the turret allowing Xmithie an early gank. But due to Dignitas' early ward control of there Jungle, Xmithie was seen, allowing Crumbzz to get top in time to deny KiWiKiD of being first Blood. Xmithie soon returned to the top bush to gank again after taking advantage of seeing Crumbzz mid leaving KiWiKiD as First Blood.

At 6 minutes, Xmithie ganked Imaqtpie and Patoy along with Muffinqt, both escaping by Imaqtpie's Flash avoiding Muffinqt's Pulverize. Sycho Sid, currently laning against Scarra went in for the kill taking Scarra down. Crumbzz then takes Sycho Sid down and stayed nearby awaiting his return to lane giving Scarra the kill and evening out the score of 2 - 2. Afterwards, Muffinqt and Zuna take the top turret and at 10 minutes Vulcuns lanes returned the normal denying Scarra of the bottom outer turret. Seeing Imaqtpie solo, Xmithie takes the opportunity to gank, but Crumbzz being aware of what was happening and being ahead, assisted Imaqtpie and got the kill on Xmithie aswell as a double from Man. Cloud. This left Scarra the advantage to take down the Bottom outer turret and push the team ahead. Then, at 12 minutes, Vulcun killed Dragon without Dignitas being able to gain anything from it. 

After this, both teams met mid and Dignitas tried to get the turret, while Crumbzz having control of the enemy jungle took the Blue Buff. Vulcun, then saw the opportunity and went to push onto Dignitas' mid turret, Muffinqt Pulverizes into Imaqtpie, flashing away just as Man. Cloud's Rune Prism hits. Dignitas engage with Patoy casting his ultimate catching everyone in Vulcun, Scarra then ulti'd ontop of Patoy's leaving all of Vulcun below 50% Health. Crumbzz caught the opportunity and Vault Breaks into Man. Cloud and Muffinqt picking up the double kill leaving the remaining members of Vulcun to disengage back to base. This allowed Dignitas to get both middle turrets and the top outer turret. From here Dignitas had a clear advantage with a huge gold lead, 4 - 1 in turrets and 6 - 3 in kills by 15 minutes.

Crumbzz being much further ahead than anyone else went in on Muffinqt and Zuna dealing 'tons of damage' carrying the Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Locket of the Solari. KiWiKiD and Imaqtpie come to assist making this fight a 3 v 2. Imaqtpie successfully took the kill on Zuna and with Muffinqt escaping, KiWiKiD flings him back into the members of Dignitas. Patoy engaging with Deadly Bloom ensuring the kill for KiWiKiD granting 2 - 0kills and the top inner turret undefended by Vulcun. With Blue Buff spawned, Dignitas head for it, as do Vulcun. Crumbzz engages the fight, Patoy lands his ultimate catching two members of Vulcun. Scarra then casts his ultimate on top knocking Xmithie and Muffinqt back into them picking up the kill on Xmithie. Sycho Sid QuickDraws picking up the kill of KiWiKiD, aswell as Man. Cloud picking up the kill of Patoy leaving both teams to disengage trading 2 - 1 in Vulcuns favour. By this point, Dragon has spawned leaving Vulcun to pick it up and Dignitas taking the top inner turret leaving only the Inhibitor turrets left!

Hitting the 22 minute mark, Vulcun pick up the Mid outer Turret. As they back away Dignitas force an engage with Scarra casting his Barrel Roll combined with his Ultimate separating the enemy team dealing heavy damage on Zuna, Crumbzz Vault Breaks and picks up the kill. In a Baron attempt KiWiKiD gets dangerously low with baron getting the final blow, the kill gets picked up by Man. Cloud, causing the team to disengage and backaway to base. Dignitas then force a push on mid lane with Crumbzz catching sight of Zuna, vault breaks into him, not dealing much damage at this point, Scarra then casts his ultimate knocking him into the team and Imaqtpie happily picks up the kill. With one member of Vulcun down Dignitas head to Baron, being aware that Vulcun is nearby and may try and steal / stop the Baron attempt Scarra Body Slams up behind the Baron pit to draw Vulcun towards him until his team has killed Baron. Nowthe team have Baron they recall back to base, in the meantime Vulcun pick up Dragon. With Dignitas pushing mid Muffinqt tries to engage with Pulverize and Headbutt on Imaqtpie but gets trapped by Scarra and Patoy's Ultimates giving Muffinqt no chance of escaping granting another kill, but loosing Patoy trading 1 for 1. 

By the 33 minute mark, Dignitas have Vulcun trapped in their base slowly taking both mid and bottom inhibitor turret down, Scarra casts his ultimate on Zuna paired with Imaqtpie's Buckshot taking him down to a scary 20% health making him return to base. This allowed Dignitas to take the bottom inhibitor and its turret also taking down Xmithie which Crumbzz picked up. With three members of Vulcun left alive the team engage using all their remaining Ultimates and Scarra casting his perfectly yet again pushed Sycho Sid into the team giving the kill to Imaqtpie and Patoy's Ultimate landing on Man. Cloud granting Imaqtpie the Double Kill! This left the newly respawned Zuna the only one left alive. Dignitas then clear up the base and head to the Nexus and its Turrets finishing the game with a remarkable 9 - 3 in turrets, 16 - 7 in kills and 14k gold lead. 


Game 2: Team Dignitas vs Curse



Team Dignitas started this game out with a majority of the players on their comfortable champions with KiWiKiD on Elise, Crumbzz on Xin Zhao, Scarra on Diana and Patoy on Allistar. They entered the game separating themselves across the map being defensive. Curse came into invade, Imaqtpie spotting them ran away to avoid being First Blood then set up to laning mode with no changes for both teams. Saint vicious appears bottom to gank Imaqtpie for first blood since he's without Flash or Cleanse. He comes in casting Demacian Standard and Martial Cadence to knock Imaqtpie and Patoy up in the air, Elementz then Exhausts to secure the kill going too Saint vicious. Crumbzz then arrives to assist bot and Charges in for the kill on Elementz seeing he's out of mana. Cop casts Expunge trying to make the trade as Elementz is quickly taken down, Patoy also low on health with the poison ticking from Cop but successfully gets away trading 1 for 0. 

At 7 minutes, Patoy flashes, headbutts and Pulverizes Cop with Crumbzz charging in from the side, with Imaqtpie around he casts Caustic Spittle and Void Ooze forcing Cop to cast Ambush leaving him Stealthed with just over 200 health successfully getting out. A few minutes later, history repeats itself, Patoy goes in on Elementz with headbutt and Pulverize with Crumbzz charging in, Elementz casts a defensive Dazzle but Imaqtpie successfully secures the kill. Meanwhile, at the top lane KiWiKiD goes for the kill on Voyboy but escapes with 300 health. With Saint vicious coming in, being spotted by a ward, Voyboy turns around to get the kill / assist but KiWiKiD casts Neurotoxin and Ignites Voyboy to complete the kill. Then at 11 minutes, KiWiKiD grabs the top outer turret and Curse grab the Dragon in return.

As the times hits 17 minutes, Curse go for their second dragon of the game, with Dignitas nearby they move in. Crumbzz charges in onto Elementz and Dazzle's him, in return Imaqtpie carries on to focus Elementz. Meanwhile, Saint vicious goes in for the steal on Dragon surrounded by three members of Dignitas and casts his ultimate. Curse gets the Dragon kill, but with Saint vicious low on health, KiWiKiD bites for the final hit. Then all attention is put on to Cop, Patoy lands his Headbutt and Pulverize hitting 3 members while Scarra casts Crescent Strike and Imaqtpie casting his Ooze and Ultimate with Scarra casting his ultimate for the final hit. Then finding Nyjacky, KiWiKiD stuns him, Scarra comes in with his Ultimate and Pale Cascade while KiWiKiD grabs the last hit trading three for nothing.

With only 2 members of Curse left alive, Dignitas go into the middle and get both turrets, while Voyboy takes down Dignitas' Bottom outer turret. Cop, Saint vicious and Elementz go up top to kill KiWiKiD with Elementz picking up the kill and ending the killing spree while Imaqtpie picking up the bottom Outer turret at 20 minutes.

Scarra casts Crescent Strike as Saint Vicious dashes in with Demacian Standard and Martial Cadence, taking too much damage is forced to get away. As he does so, Imaqtpie comes in with his ultimate taking him down to 50% Health, Scarra then casting his Ultimates with MoonFall, Crescent Strike and Pale Cascade active forcing him to flash away. Cop and Elementz go top to take down Imaqtpie. Imaqtpie casts his ultimate along with Ooze taking Cop down to 40% health and Elementz taking damage going down to 50% health having to pop his ultimate while KiWiKiD comes in onto Elementz forcing both to disengage.

Saint vicious comes in to assist but is caught by Crumbzz and all attention is turned to him. He casts his shield and Ultimate to land onto Imaqtpie as KiWiKiD Rappels on top of him and picks up the kill. Now it's Voyboy, Patoy casts his Pulverize and Headbutt while KiWiKiD casts Venomous Bite and to finish off the kill with Neurotoxin and Ignite. As well as Scarra picking up the bottom inner turret. Dignitas then grab the Baron and Scarra moves into Elementz casting Crescent Strike and his ultimate, Elementz stuns in return, Patoy headbutts combined with Pulverize and Scarra casts Moonfall to grab the kill then Dignitas head to grab a free Dragon. 

KiWiKiD goes in for Voyboy taking him down to 50% health but has to base which allows KiWiKiD to grab the last inner turret leaving just the inhibitor turrets exposed. As Patoy and Imaqtpie get the middle inhibitor turret down to 50% help, Scarra goes in on Voyboy by casting His Crescent Strike with his Ultimate and Moonfall to take the kill, the Inhibitor and it’s turret. As Dignitas take the Middle Inhibitor Turret Saint Vicious casts Demacian Standard with Martial Cadence to pull himself into the Team of Dignitas, Nyjacky casts his Ultimate, Saint vicious is forced to flash out then Dignitas go onto Nyjacky. Crumbzz charges along with Scarra casting his ultimate,Crescent Strike and Moonfall to pick up the kill. KiWiKiD joins the fight and Dignitas take down Elementz and move into the middle inhibitor and the Top Inhibitor Turret.

Dignitas then recall and head back towards Curse's base, Patoy, Crumbzz and KiWiKiD catch out Saint Vicious with Scarra picking up the kill with MoonFall. The last Inhibitor goes down, the first Nexus Turret before Dignitas go pick up the last Baron of the game. Patoy and Scarra then jump out of the Baron pit casting both their knock ups on Voyboy and Saint vicious. Voyboy escapes, Saint vicious casts his Ultimate then Scarra casts his Pale Cascade and Crescent Strike to pick up the kill. At the base he picks up one final kill on Elementz and they take down the remaining Nexus turret as well as the Nexus and win the game. Also, ending Curse's winning streak.


Game 3: Team Dignitas vs Good Game University



Beginning the game, the lanes started off normal with no one on either teams swapping positions. GGU's NintendudeX arrives at top lane to gank KiWiKiD, who had no vision of where he is. When GGU NintendudeX came in caused KiWiKiD to flash escaping behind the turret Alerting Crumbzz to surface up top on Nocturne. Crumbzz going in casts Shroud of Darkness with KiWiKiD's Crescent Strike is enough to force Zionspartan to flash out. NintendudeX then casts Vault Breaker and ends up in a 1 v 2 with KiWiKiD casting Pale Cascade and Moonfall bringing the GGU Top Laner and Jungler into them.

Both KiWiKiD and ZionSpartan getting low, Crumbzz casts his Duskbringer but KiWiKiD gets taken down by Vi and gives the First Blood with KiWiKiD picking up the kill on Zionspartan. In the bottom lane, Imaqtpie gets DontMashMe low on health when NintendudeX engages and does the same in return too Imaqtpie as Crumbzz ultimates in and takes the last hit on DontMashMe and casts Shroud of Darkness on BloodWater looking for Dignitas' third kill of the game. BloodWater casts Exhaust on Crumbzz pushing him away leaving both NintendudeX and BloodWater incredibly low allowing Patoy to take the kill on NintendudeX. Imaqtpie still low, Jintae teleports in trying to pick up the kill, Imaqtpie then flashes away unharmed causing them to disengage leaving 2 - 0 for Dignitas.

In a 1 v 1 in the top lane ZionSpartan looks too take down KiWiKiD but KiWiKiD's Pale Cascade was too much damage and he takes the kill escaping with 100 health. Once Zionspartan returns KiWiKiD puts immediate pressure on him pushing him behind the turret, taking the kill but trading with ZionSpartan when the turret finished KiWiKiD off. Meanwhile, Crumbzz in the bottom lane picks up another kill for Dignitas by taking down GGU DontMashMe and picking up the first turret of the game.

Then, in mid lane Jintae recalls back to base in front of his turret allowing Scarra to damage him and using his ultimate take him down to 200 health but knocking him back behind the turret, not risking to jump the turret Jintae recalls safety with Ignite ticking and Scarra closes in on the Middle outer turret of GGU also allowing Dignitas to pick up a free Dragon. Jintae then goes top to take down KiWiKiD with ZionSpartan but KiWiKiD uses his ultimate to get too Jintae and then flashes away to safety. In mid, Crumbzz ultimates onto Jintae next to his turret, combines his Unspeakable Horror and Duskbringer along with Scarra casting his ultimate and Body Slam to pick up the kill.

Meanwhile, KiWiKiD picking up another kill in the top lane against Zionspartan and grabbing the top turret and 2 minutes later Patoy picks up the middle turret, the last outer turret for GGU bringing Dignitas 3 - 0 in towers. At 14 minutes KiWiKiD is then taken down by pressuring the kill on Zionspartan, unaware of another 3 members of GGU nearby but soon after KiWiKiD goes for Zionspartan and takes him down with Crumbzz' help using his ultimate and a Pink Ward in the bush to show ZionSpartan’s Stealth.

Down bottom, Imaqtpie is taken down by NintendudeX, dodging Patoy's ultimate bringing GGU too 4 - 9 in kills and picking up Dignitas' bottom outer turret, meanwhile Crumbzz and KiWiKiD take down the top inner turret. Scarra then takes Jintae down again by flashing, casting Body Slam and his ultimate to get the kill and to dodge Jintae's Ultimate and allowing Crumbzz to pick up the second Dragon of the game for Dignitas. 

At the 20 minute mark, Dignitas decide to start Baron, but are stopped after a nearby ward catching the sight of NintendudeX and ZionSpartan, KiWiKiD casts Moonfall with Crumbzz ultimating in dealing great damage to the two players of GGU. Crumbzz getting low, Zionspartan goes in for the kill but flashes over the wall, KiWiKiD then lands Crescent Strike and Patoy lands his ultimate hitting two members of GGU.

Scarra then finds the kill on BloodWater as well as DontMashMe coming in from the opposite side finishing off Crumbzz, NintendudeX then goes in for the kill on KiWiKiD while DontMashMe also takes Patoy down for a Double Kill. Zionspartan then gets the last hit on KiWiKiD leaving only Scarra and Imaqtpie left to escape as Imaqtpie heads into the bush next to baron and ultimates combined with Mystic Shot to finish the kill of Zionspartan when he face checks. Leaving this currently as a 3 for 2 for GGU. Then, DontMashMe goes in for the kill on a very low Imaqtpie who impressively dodges all of DontMashMe's skills, Scarra then comes in from behind to help casting his Body Slam and ultimating on DontMashMe and Imaqtpie grabbing the kill. Jintae comes in from behind and Scarra Body Slams into him and casts his Barrel Roll to finish off the kill leaving Dignitas 4 - 3 from that teamfight.

After a few minutes Dignitas go in to engage catching GGU out in their Jungle, KiWiKiD engages casting MoonFall with Crumbzz ultimating in, casting Duskbringer on top of that with Patoy to assist at the side. Jintae, incredibly low on health already casts his ultimate to cancel all actions of Dignitas and BloodWater ultimates NintendudeX allowing him to flash away.

KiWiKiD flashes following on and casts MoonFall once again onto NintendudeX catching BloodWater as well and takes NintendudeX down! Dignitas then go to Baron with 1 down and 2 low on Health on GGU allows them to pick it up for free. Also, at 25 minutes GGU pick up the Dragon as Dignitas close in down mid and pick up the mid inner turret. Giving out poke harass sends GGU back allowing Dignitas to pick up the middle inhibitor turret and the Inhibitor for free.

Moving to top inhibitor and turret Dignitas quickly pick them up and head for the bottom ones as well. As Dignitas are taking down the Nexus turrets KiWiKiD and Scarra engage and take down Jinae giving the kill too Scarra and finishing the game on 11 - 1 turrets, 16 - 7 Champions kills and 54k too 37k Gold.


Game 4: Team Dignitas vs CompLexity



In this game CompLexity, chose to invade with Dignitas being fully aware of this. CompLexity started out by specifically targeting KiWiKiD by sending three members up to the top lane to target KiWiKiD early. The Laning Phase of this game was different on both teams, Patoy and Imaqtpie was sent mid and Scarra went bot, where CompLexity's Brunch Ü and M Eye A went Top lane sending Nickwu mid.

At 3 minutes, Crumbzz went to invade the Enemy Red and found CompLexity's Lautemortis. As Lautemortis walks away behind the mid turret Crumbzz’ charge sends Lautemortis below 100 health. Nickwu then dashes too Crumbzz allowing Lautemortis to get away when Imaqtpie and Patoy flash behind the turret and takes the enemy Jungler as First Blood.

A Minute Later Crumbzz appears at the bottom lane to gank Chuuper on Kassadin, Charging and knocking him up in the air allows Scarra to land the Spear taking the kill and Imaqtpie takes the middle outer turret. Then at 6:30 Patoy and Crumbzz head down bottom lane again to gank Chuuper for a second time. Crumbzz casts Audacious Charge to get in contact with Chupper, Patoy snares with Deadly Bloom and with the assist of Scarra, Crumbzz picks up the kill and the bottom lane outer turret as well! All members but KiWiKiD head to the mid lane, Patoy snares Lautemortis with Deadly Bloom and lands his seeds then Imaqtpie engages, casts Stand Aside to knock both Lautemortis and M Eye A away.

Scarra casts hit spear which hits Lautemortis and with Crumbzz' Ultimate pushes him away with less than 10 health and also pushing M Eye A insto the rest of Dignitas. Scarra then picks up the kill on M Eye A with the spear and Imaqtpie casts his ultimate to grab the kill onto Lautemortis. Afterwards, the lanes return to their normal placement and Dignitas pick up the dragon. Crumbzz then charges onto Chuuper and flashes away, Scarra then jumps over the wall, Crumbzz charges and picks up the kill and this allows Dignitas to pick up the last outer turret of the game by 12 minutes.

After stealing Blue Buff, the four members of Dignitas head bot and before long, Crumbzz engages again with his Charge and ultimates pushing Lautemortis into the team, KiWiKiD then joins and Rappels up and uses Venomous Bite onto M Eye A as well as igniting him down picking up the kill. Their next target becomes Chuuper, KiWiKiD stuns him allowing all of Dignitas to attack him and scarra picking up the kill with his spear. Nickwu then getting snared with Patoy's Deadly Bloom allowing Crumbzz to Charge towards him but he gets away by a split second missing another spear and picking up the bottom inner turret as well as the middle inner turret granting two inhibitor turrets exposed. 

Then, 3 minutes later at the bottom inhibitor turret Crumbzz and Imaqtpie take down Brunch Ü by allowing Dignitas to pick up the bottom Inhibitor turret and the top inner turret. Engaging on another fight Crumbzz gets taken low flashing away, Patoy then arrives casting his Deadly Bloom and his ultimate allowing Dignitas to pick up another kill giving it too Patoy locking down M Eye A. With Lautemortis low Imaqtpie flashes to take the kill.

Nickwu being the only one nearby left alive, Team Dignitas go in for the kill, and is picked up by Patoy for a double kill. Then the top inhibitor turret is taken down as well as its Inhibitor and the bottom inhibitor, Dignitas then start to work on the middle inhibitor turret taking it down by 18 minutes. One last team fight proceeds where scarra pokes everyone on CompLexity low, KiWiKiD Rappels and grabs the kill on M Eye A, Chuuper then gets snared by Patoy's Deadly Bloom combined with his ultimate and Imaqtpie sneaking in the last hit. Dignitas then take down the the nexus turrets and the nexus finishing the game in 19:55.


Game 5: Team Dignitas vs Team MRN


Similar to past games, Dignitas started off with defensive positions by spreading themselves across the map. Scarra starts off by getting the Blue Buff and heading bottom lane to a 1 v 2 on Diana against Heartbeat and AtomicN on Tristana and Sona. Patoy and Imaqtpie were sent mid to put extra pressure against Ecco's Nidalee. Crumbzz with Patoy go into Team MRN's Jungle to steal their blue as ClakeyD appears sending out his Flag Toss to knock Crumbzz up.

Crumbzz smiting their blue to ensure the buff and MegaZero coming from top, Patoy sending out the Exhaust onto ClakeyD and Crumbzz getting dangerously low with Ignite ticking. KiWiKiD on Elise comes into protect Crumbzz but one last Flag Toss from ClakeyD ensures the kill and First Blood onto Crumbzz also receiving the stolen Blue Buff. KiWiKiD on Elise now in a 1 v 2 in the Jungle flashes away. 

Dignitas being the only team in NA using the "two mid" strategy causes MRN's ecco to struggle in mid lane. As Scarra on Diana is in the bottom lane against Heartbeatt and AtomicN, a lot of pressure is being put onto the turret giving Team MRN the first turret of the game at 6 minutes. Afterwards, Team MRN decides to lane swap and send the AD Carry and Support to the top lane against KiWiKiD.

ClakeyD comes in to gank mid, Patoy plays defensive and headbutts ClakeyD back into the wall and Flag Tosses back in to engage on him. Patoy lands his Exhaust onto ClakeyD as he follows suit allowing Imaqtpie to land extra damage onto ClakeyD. the Shen ultimate from MegaZero comes in as ClakeyD casts his ultimate to catch Patoy burning his flash. ClakeyD being low on health decides to disengage without being able to pick up any kill as Scarra comes in and nearly finishes the kill on ClakeyD but everyone on both teams being able to disengage safely.

With two ultimates of MRN down, Dignitas decide to try and make a fight as MRN go in for the dragon, Crumbzz enters hoping to steal the Dragon with Patoy behind. Crumbzz in the centre of all members of Team MRN is Exhausted by AtomicN. Patoy comes in to cast Pulverize sending 2 members of Team MRN up in the air, Scarra casts Moonfall to bring AtomicN to 200 Health making AtomicN cast his ultimate catching Scarra, Crumbzz and Imaqtpie but not being enough to save him.

Heartbeat then engages onto Imaqtpie with Rocket Jump as Patoy casts Pulverize onto Heartbeat and ClakeyD, trying to save his Jungler and AD Carry who are both under 25% health. Imaqtpie casts Valkyrie and Flashes to keep himself away from Team MRN as ClakeyD goes in for the kill on a very low Crumbzz when KiWiKiD casts Rappel to land on ClakeyD and picking up the kill for himself. Scarra again casts Moonfall and groups the three remaining members of Team MRN together running away with a drop of health but is finished off by ecco's Spears but then is paid the price when he's taken down by Imaqtpie a few seconds later and also picks up the double kill on Heartbeat's Tristana escaping away with 50hp from MegaZero as Patoy picks up the kill on Allistar giving Dignitas the Ace by 8 minutes after losing two members and allowing them to pick up the Middle Outer Turret.

Afterwards, Scarra and Imaqtpie head down bottom to hopefully pick up the Bottom outer turret. ClakeyD and Heartbeat recognise this and go to defend the turret but receiving a lot of poke harass leaving them to back away and allow Dignitas to take their second turret of the game.

Meanwhile, Crumbzz and KiWiKiD is at the top lane trying to grab the top outer turret with MegaZero defending; Crumbzz then goes into gank taking all turret hits, as well as the Ignite but MegaZero couldn't withstand the damage allowing KiWiKiD to pick up the kill with another turret under Dignitas' sleeve. ClakeyD then arrives top to try and finish off the kill on Crumbzz, also using his ultimate with the help of MegaZero ultimating in but then KiWiKiD takes ClakeyD down in return leaving this as a one for one trade.

Patoy then comes top casting his Pulverize on MegaZero hoping to take him down with KiWiKiD but has too disengage as Ecco's Nidalee arrives. Meanwhile, in mid lane Scarra and Imaqtpie deals heavy damage onto Heartbeat's Tristana causing him to cast his ultimate and Scarra almost dying to the turret.

At 16 minutes Dignitas take the second Dragon of the game and as MRN closes in Imaqtpie casts Valkyrie to jump over the Dragon pit into AtomicN fending them away to the mid lane to protect their Inner turret as Dignitas approach. Scarra then casts his Crescent Strike and MoonFall to engage on ClakeyD, giving Crumbzz the opportunity to go in for the kill.

ClakeyD then manages to get away. A flash in, two headbutt's and Pulverize from Patoy stops all of MRN in their tracks and allows Dignitas to start battle, KiWiKiD then comes from behind taking the last hit on ClakeyD, AtomicN then casting his ultimate hitting 4 of the 5 members of Dignitas. Scarra and Imaqtpie then poke AtomicN down too 300 health, ignoring the middle inner turret Dignitas carry on trying to pick up the kills.

Scarra casts Moonfall to get into AtomicN but is Exhausted taking heavy turret hits but still grabs the kill on AtomicN before getting finished off by Heartbeat's Tristana. Dignitas then disengage and back away picking up two for one. Seeing Dignitas come in to engage again, AtomicN casts his Ultimate to stop Dignitas then Patoy headbutts and Pulverizes onto him next to MRN's inner turret and Scarra picks up the kill, ClakeyD engages casting his Ultimate trapping Patoy, Crumbzz and Scarra, ClakeyD going down too Crumbzz without one kill in their favour disengaging with two for one for Dignitas.

Dignitas then head to Baron and take him down quickly without MRN being able to stop this. During this, Team MRN grab the middle outer turret. Team Dignitas decide to push lanes and Patoy, Crumbzz and Scarra head bot to find Heartbeat’s Tristana and as Crumbzz goes in Heartbeat Rocket Jumps out and Patoy flashes in to Pulverize which Heartbeat escapes by burning his own flash not being able to pick up the kill, but instead the bottom inner turret.

Meanwhile, in Middle Lane Imaqtpie takes ecco's Nidalee down too low he has to back away and Imaqtpie picks up the middle inner turret pushing MRN into their base and Dignitas go for their second dragon of the game. 

At 24 minutes, KiWiKiD takes down the last inner turret standing and Dignitas push into MRN's inhibitor turrets. ClakeyD and AtomicN decide to engage onto Imaqtpie but he lands his Valkyrie perfectly to dodge Sona's ultimate and gets away. At MRN's Bottom Inhibitor turret Scarra engages onto Heartbeat forcing him to base. ClakeyD then casts his ultimate onto Scarra trying to deal some damage with AtomicN, as ClakeyD gets low he is forced to flash away, Scarra then casts his Moonfall trapping Ecco and all members on Dignitas to focus him, with KiWiKiD picking up the kill.

All attention now goes to the bottom inhibitor and its turret as MRN is unable to defend, KiWiKiD at top also takes down the inhibitor turret as well as the inhibitor, soon after Imaqtpie takes down the middle Inhibitor turret and all of Dignitas go in to take down AtomicN's Sona. Killing all the Inhibitors and turrets Dignitas recall back to base and heads to baron preparing for their final push.

After taking Baron, Dignitas head to the Nexus Turrets where one last team fight happens. ClakeyD initiates in ultimating onto 3 members of Dignitas, as well as Atomic N's ultimate catching the same three. Despite this, Scarra still picks up the kill on ClakeyD, KiWiKiD goes in for the kill on AtomicN while Imaqtpie picks up the kill on ecco, MegaZero and Heartbeat escapes to their fountain as Crumbzz takes a hit from the fountain and Dignitas close into the nexus to finish the game.