Interview with ShLaYa from Against All Authority



Sun 24th Mar 2013 - 2:38pm

After climbing up two spots in week 5 of the LCS, aAa are now sitting at 5th place. I had the chance to speak to aAa's mid-laner, Tony 'ShLaYa' Carmona, about his team, lane-switching, and their progress throughout LCS.

We've seen you play top lane Kha'zix a few times in the LCS. Will we see you and Freddy switching lanes permanently/more often? Do you feel that the ability to switch up your lanes is an important skill for teams to have?

ShLaYa: Well, Fredy122 and I don't actually play the same champions at all. We're comfortable playing both mid and top lane, so we'll probably switch it up whenever we feel like it. It really helps us out during champion select since we can confuse the enemy team with our picks.


In the game vs. SK, what made you guys decide on jungle Taric? Whose call was that selection? Do you feel it was successful, and are we likely to see more of it?

ShLaYa: I think that the EU scene is really impressed by the Korean scene and often tries to copy them -- Singed, for example -- so we knew that Jarvan IV would be snatched up first. Ever since IEM, he was almost always the first pick, so we were prepared for that.

I often came across jungle Taric in SoloQ, so we started to practice and play around it. It definitely seems to be effective since other teams have started to ban Taric against us.


We finally saw Nono pick someone other than Ezreal, and he did incredibly well on Vayne. Will we see Nono continuing to expand his champion pool? How significant is the selection of the ADC in creating a team composition?

ShLaYa: Nono actually has a pretty big champion pool, but we need him to pick champs in line with our strategy. Sometimes we need him to pick for early game, sometimes for late game. For example, in the game against SK, we had double support to protect Nono and help him scale to late game.

Ezreal would have been a bad pick because he's not really a late game champion like Vayne or Kog'Maw. We almost never pick our AD carry first, because there are so many broken champions to pick first, so Nono has to adapt.


The base race against Dragonborns was really close. Who made the call to go for it and what made the team so confident to continue pushing after noticing that Dragonborns decided to do the same?

ShLaYa: We knew we were behind and that we were going to lose in a team fight. Fredy122 said "Yolo" and made the call to go for it and we did it. With Kayle and Jarvan IV's attack speed boost, we felt like we had a chance. It was risky, but we didn't back off because we knew that we couldn't win any other way unless Dragonborns messed up.


After your wins against SK and Dragonborns this week, you're now in fifth place behind EG. After losing to them this week, how will you prepare for your match against them next week?

ShLaYa: We won our first match against them and they won the second one where we picked Twisted Fate into Zed, which is a horrible matchup. I wanted to pick something else but people were afraid of having no AP damage. It was a mistake, one that we won't make again.


Now that you've reached the halfway point of the LCS, how do you feel you've grown as a team? Is the team completely comfortable in Virtual's playstyle?

ShLaYa: We've learned new champions, adapted our strategies to lane swapping, and changed our playstyle. We've learned about so many little things that can cost you the game or win it for you. Now we need to make less mistakes and be more confident in our decision making.

We still play around Virtual's playstyle. He likes to do certain things in the jungle that we don't feel completely comfortable with yet, but we're going to keep working on it and will show it soon. For now, we'll keep playing what we're used to and grab every win we can.


In your match against DB, you went for an item build on Kayle that focused heavily on auto-attack damage, whereas a lot of other players have mostly gone for burst builds + Nashor's tooth. What was your reasoning behind your item choices?

ShLaYa: To be honest, you can build anything on Kayle, but in that match I mostly wanted to face Singed all day long. But I had some problems as he was smart enough to build a Randuin's instead of Archangel. I just wanted to stop him from farming between my two towers. I wanted to avoid just trading farm with him and tried to force him to last hit under his tower.


The map meta has certainly changed since teams are switching up lanes more often. Is this a product of the season three changes or has the meta simply evolved?

ShLaYa: I think that when you lane swap you have a goal in mind - something you want to do. For example, if they have a melee AP hero you might put your bot lane in mid. It's all about adapting.


Season 1 and 2 saw AP carries almost always rushing a Rabadon's Deathcap. Will we see this come back into play, or have the item changes or the meta phased it out for the time being?

ShLaYa: If you rush a Deathcap now you have like 1.5k HP and 0 possibility of escaping without using flash. If you build Deathcap and you play against Kha'Zix or Zed you will have a bad time ^^. Archangel gives you a bit of survivability and manapool -- it's just about tankiness.


It was mentioned that aAa are planning to get a gaming house, is that correct? How is the process coming along?

ShLaYa: We got it! It was a bit of a difficult process for us because every team was shopping around for one, it was basically a race for a house! Plus, we didn't have anyone on our team that could speak German, so that definitely slowed down the process.


Thank you so much for your time. Do you have any shoutouts/closing statements?

ShLaYa: I want to say thanks to all of our fans and everyone who has taken the time to read this. And of course, thanks to aAa and our sponsors. Thanks '-'