Easing your friends into League of Legends



Wed 3rd Apr 2013 - 5:30pm

We all have different tastes for what specific genre of games we can enjoy, but there are times in which we attempt to share with others that love for a game we just can’t get enough of. League of Legends is no different. I’ve had people push me to play League of Legends, and have similarly tried to push League to a few of my closest friends all with varying degrees of success, which got me to thinking that maybe there’s a technique for getting your friends to enjoy the game as much as you do.

Let them explore the game for what it has to offer

League of Legends is a largely competitive game. One of its biggest draws is pitting yourself against 5 other human players and seeing which team can best mesh together to overcome their opponents and destroy the enemy nexus. If the friend you’re trying to push towards the game isn’t a fan of online multiplayer modes then you’re probably not going to get another League buddy to play with, so don’t just push him somewhere he doesn’t want to go.

Something I’ve learned about introducing new players to LoL is that you don’t want to overburden them with knowledge. I get that it’s great, you absolutely want to profess your love for how such a simple concept can have so many delicate intricacies, but telling a friend who has no idea what to expect is simply going to overwhelm him with knowledge he won’t understand until he’s ready.

Rather difficult to follow team fight

Team fights can be rather difficult to follow, if you don't know what you're looking for.

Don’t fire off answers to questions your friend hasn’t asked

Speak to your friend like he’s learning a new language, because essentially that’s what he’s doing. If he asks what the objective of the game is, simply tell him to destroy the enemy nexus. If he/she goes to play a game and loses, they’ll have more questions as to how to make that objective easier.

You can tell him/her that buying items that cater to your champion’s strengths help. If that player then goes off to play another he might have issues with a lack of gold, to which you can point out sources of income and how this is a crucial point in the game. Baby steps is the best way to nurture a new player into a constant player.


Contain your passion for the game

The same steps should be taken for introducing friends or family into watching League of Legends, easing e-sports to a broader scene. When I was a kid and I asked my dad how to play baseball, he told me that the objective was that there was two teams, and the team with the most runs won the game. He didn’t tell me that in order to get runs the batter must get a grasp on the pitcher’s mindset to have the best chance at hitting the ball somewhere where he can get on base, to then lead up for another player on his team to score a run.

Don't let them be discouraged for dying fairly often. It's something you have to face before getting better.

He left the objective simple and let my curiosity for the game fuel me into playing baseball. I played baseball for 12 years before calling it quits, and MOBA games have made me fall into a similar spell that I can’t seem to break. I’m curious enough as to the complexities that form the basics of the game, to make me keep coming back and playing it over and over.

 Overall trying to keep your friend’s curiosity for the game and letting him/her the more subtle complexities in the game is, in my opinion, the best way to have another permanent league player at your disposal. Keeping them interested is just as important as keeping them happy though, as there will always be a bit of rage and anger when facing defeat. All you have to do is give them a few gentle nudges down the hill (some require more than others), before they start rolling down the hill themselves, unable to get out of the tumble. Whether that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, is entirely up to you.