Interview with Nientonsoh: "As Vayne vs. Caitlyn, you just have to be a man."



Tue 9th Apr 2013 - 2:56pm

MRN has been going through some shaky roster changes, but Zach 'Nientonsoh' Malhas certainly seems at home with his new ADC role. After carrying his team to victory in their match against compLexity in the recent LCS weekend, Nientonsoh has shown that he might be just the ADC MRN needs shake up the competition.


Could you briefly sum up the process behind how you took over the ADC role for MRN?

Nientonsoh: Basically, on the weekend of MLG Dallas on Friday night, MRN told me on Skype to pack my bags and be ready to come to MLG - ecco couldn't play because he was sick. At MLG Dallas it was decided that the team would have a higher chance of success with me on the team, so that's how I filled in the ADC role for MRN.

So that's how it happened, but MRN has wanted me on the team for a long time now, but I wanted to stick it through with cloud 9/ex-quantic/redditnation/orbit - my original team.


It's been about 4 weeks since you've joined MRN's roster. How have you been fitting in with the rest of the team, both in terms of playstyle and in person?

Nientonsoh: I feel like all of our playstyles work together, and we have the potential to become a world-class team. We do have a ton of communication issues to work out though, amongst some other minor issues. In person we all get along :)


In the previous game versus compLexity where you played Vayne, was there a point in the game where you and your team felt confident that the game was yours to lose?

Nientonsoh: Both ClakeyD and ecco had a very rough start that game and things were looking grim, but I was getting free farm so I knew that I could carry if I didn't make too many mistakes. So, I tried to reassure everyone that we could still easily win.


Vayne is thought to be hard-countered by Caitlyn, but that obviously wasn't the case in the game versus compLexity. Do you have any tips for playing Vayne in botlane versus a Caitlyn?

Nientonsoh: Playing Vayne in the Caitlyn vs. Vayne matchup can be very difficult but it is definitely winnable. In that specific game, they pushed us on the tower throughout laning phase but didn't apply enough pressure to me so I still got free farm under the tower. As Vayne vs. Caitlyn, you just have to be a man.

If you let Caitlyn do whatever she wants you will automatically lose the lane, you have to catch her when her Q and E are on cooldown and all in, capitalizing on Vayne's strong duelling capabilities and Caitlyn's lack of duelling capabilities.


MRN's match versus GGU seemed pretty close, so what do you think was the main thing that cost you guys the game?

Nientonsoh: We simply got outplayed in our match against GGU. During laning phase, we basically had Nasus sitting with Diana vs. the Caitlyn lane - not only putting Diana behind but putting Nasus behind as well. We could've just swapped Lulu over with Diana and everything would've worked out a lot better, but hindsight is 20/20 ^^

After the laning phase we played team fights extremely poorly and got punished for it until we ultimately lost the game.


How do you find some of the Season 3 changes so far? Are there any particular changes that you really like/dislike?

Nientonsoh: Overall, I really like the Season 3 changes, it seems as if every single champion is viable due to the itemization changes as well as not being required to start Boots and 3 Health Potions on every single champion. Not being forced into that start allows for some weaker early game champions to be more prominent in the early game due to High Regen/Fortitude Potion starts. I also like the fact that there really aren't too many characters that are really OP or broken, everything seems to be at a decent balance point.

Well, almost everything :)


You've played mid-lane for Cloud 9 and Quantic Gaming. Do you prefer mid-lane, or are have you found yourself more at home with the ADC role?

Nientonsoh: Originally, I was an ADC and I definitely prefer it to mid-lane. I became the mid laner for Quantic because we saw a lot of potential in WildTurtle and I wanted to experiment with the mid-lane. I was really undecided on which role to play when I started playing ranked games, but I decided to main AD after watching Atlanta's stream and seeing the finesse required to play AD at a higher level.

From the start I always wanted to be the best there ever was, and at MLG Anaheim - my first tournament - I introduced the idea of Ezreal maxing W to the NA pro scene, something I picked up from a foreign ad. I believe it was Bebe from TPA.

I never did end up surpassing Doublelift, though, and I still haven't to this day, but I will.


Do you enjoy the new lane-swapping meta? How does MRN decide where to put their duo lane during a game?

Nientonsoh: Personally, I find the lane-swapping meta to be kind of steal. It's kind of boring just free farming in a 2v1 lane and it's very frustrating getting double teamed (sometimes triple teamed) in the 1v2 lane. I much prefer 2v2'ing vs. people as I feel it's not only much more entertaining but also a better test of skill.

How we decide to put the duo lane fluctuates a lot to be honest, but generally swapping lanes is more ideal on purple side because it allows your bot lane to get the double golems, and basically cancels out the golem advantage that blue side presents for the bot lane.


How many hours a day did you play to secure your spot at the top of Challenger? Do you think it helped you with being selected for MRN's main line-up?

Nientonsoh: I think I played around 10 hours a day - sometimes more, sometimes less - while I was grinding the top spot in Challenger. After I left Azure Cats I wanted to improve individually as much as possible in hopes of joining a LCS team, so I decided to challenge myself to get Rank 1. There was a little bit of hype about me reaching 1000 league points but ultimately I don't think it affected me being selected for MRN's main line up

I played this much because I wanted to make 100% certain that I would be on an LCS team. Because what I am doing right now is many people's dream job, and I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by.


Thanks for your time! Do you have have shoutouts/closing statements?

Nientonsoh: As always thank you to the fans, friends and family for supporting me through everything.

Follow Nientonsoh on Twitter at @Nientonsoh2.

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