Interview with Venôm of Team Immunity, a top Australian LoL team



Tue 23rd Apr 2013 - 8:28pm

The League of Legends competitive scene in Australia and New Zealand may not be as popular and well known as that of North America or Europe, but the players and fans of these teams are certainly no less passionate about the game.

Hosted by Tt eSports, this two-day tournament was limited to 10 teams per state, each state having nominated a LAN café to host the tournament. These teams battled it out on Saturday for a chance to represent their state in the finals on Sunday and to fight it out for the $4500 prize pool. Teams were entered from Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, ACT, Queensland, New South Wales, and New Zealand.

The tournament was open to players of all skill levels, and we saw teams from silver to diamond elos all the way up to professional teams like Team Exile 5 and Team Immunity.

Team Exile 5

The finals took place on Sunday between the wining teams of each state, ending with Team Immunity and Poachers in a best of three grand final in which Team Immunity emerged victorious.

I managed to have a chat with Andrew 'Venôm' Rose, Team Immunity's support player about his team and his thoughts about the tournament.


Can you tell us a little about Team Immunity? How did you guys meet and how long have you played together?

Venôm: Team Immunity consists of LuNAa (Jungle), Heavenz (Mid), Matty (Top), Raydere (ADC) and me Support. I cant really say how everyone met as I've only been on the roster for 2 months but from what I know they were playing together for around 2 years or so and have always had a pretty stable line up which is probably why we are such a strong team.


What are your thoughts on the League of Legends community in Australia & New Zealand?

Venôm: My thoughts of the League of Legends community in Australia and New Zealand have always been changing depending on what's actually happening in the competitive scene. When nothing is going on everything just seems to be very quiet as there's nothing to talk about, recently though there has been quite a few tournaments (mainly IESF and CGi) which have really got the community going again.


What are you expecting from the Australian servers that will be up by this year?

Venôm: I'm mostly expecting there to be a huge inflation of Oceania players realizing that there is a competitive scene here which would help increase just about everything in our scene right now. It will also hopefully help the community to become closer which should mean a lot more teams forming and attempting to be the best.


Sona and Thresh were almost always banned or first pick during the tournament, do these two champions push out others from being viable picks?

Venôm: As with most roles I think there's always 2 or 3 champions that will be almost a must pick up, Sona and Thresh being the case for support because of what they can provide for a team. I don't think they push out other supports from being viable as I feel that every champion has their place in a team it just depends on what you're looking for.


Overall, how did you think the tournament went? What are your thoughts on the competitive scene in Oceania?

Venôm: I feel that the tournament went really good from a team perspective and also ran smoothly from an event point of view. As for the competitive scene in Oceania, it is starting to grow quite rapidly with a lot more teams showing up and playing in tournaments. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and teams will be able to get international recognition.


Do you have any shout-outs and closing statements?

Venôm: Firstly, I would like to give a shout-out to my team for all playing so well in the tournament and putting on a good show. Shout-out to Team Immunity for flying Matty and I to Sydney to participate with the team and our sponsors Intel, Gigabyte, Antec, BenQ,  Steelseries, GeIL and Red Bull. Of course a big shout-out to everyone that was supporting us, it means a lot to know you are there

Team Immunity

From left to right: Derek 'raydere' Trang (ADC), Andrew 'Venôm' Rose (Support), Ross 'LuNAa' Jones (Jungle), Patrick 'Heavenz' Chan (Mid-lane) & Matthew 'matty' Chong (Top-lane).


Here are the vods if you're interested in catching the games that were played on Sunday.