Interview with Tabzz from Sinners Never Sleep



Wed 22nd May 2013 - 10:54pm

After their victory against aAa, Sinners Never Sleep have successfully secured their spot in the summer LCS. I managed to have a quick chat with ADC Erik 'Tabzz' van Helvert about the games against aAa, joining Sinners Never Sleep, and the future of the team.



How have you found laning with wewillfailer? Was the transition to a duo lane difficult for you?

Tabzz: Laning with a partner took some getting used to in terms of communication but I'm already feeling pretty comfortable in the duo lane and wewillfailer is a great support.


Do you guys have a sponsorship deal in the pipeline?

Tabzz: Yes we do, and it will probably be announced within a few weeks.


Will Sinners Never Sleep move into a gaming house?

Tabzz: Most of us will, but not everyone.


Now that you've qualified for the summer LCS, how will the team prepare? Have you started to find scrimming partners?

Tabzz: We took a little break after the qualifiers to sort out our organisation and team issues, so we'll start scrimming a lot in a few days to be at the best level possible for LCS.


How confident were you guys going into the match against aAa? How did you prepare for it?

Tabzz: We didn't prepare much: we knew our strats and picks and went into the game very confident. Our draft phases and execution went perfectly and we picked up a solid 3-0.


We saw you play a lot of Caitlyn in the match versus aAa. What other champions can we expect to see you on during the summer LCS?

Tabzz: During the qualifier my champion pool was pretty small: pretty much only Caitlyn and Varus. I'm picking up a lot of other champions in the weeks before LCS so you can expect me to play Ezreal, Vayne and possibly others.


None of the team hail from the same country. What language do you guys speak on voice chat?

Tabzz: We all speak fluent English so communication isn't a problem.


As the most recent addition to the Sinners Never Sleep roster, did you face any difficulties integrating into the team?

Tabzz: We had a rough start adapting but we're over that first hurdle and now feel very comfortable with eachother.


What do you think about Poros?

Tabzz: Anyone who pushes them into nexus lazer deserves punishment.


Thank you for your time! Do you have any shout-outs/closing statements?

Tabzz: No problem! I want to thank my teammates, our friend and former teammate MrRallez. Also shoutout to Mithy for recommending me to apply for this team.