Aatrox, The Darkin Blade: Build Analysis



Sun 16th Jun 2013 - 4:22pm

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

Aatrox, The Darkin Blade, is the newest champion to League of Legends being a melee champion that holds a large amount of sustain on the battlefield. Aatrox is the next addition as a champion that uses Health as skill consumption holding a large array of crowd control to close the gap between himself and the enemy. In this article I will be explaining the possible choices for Aatrox on the battlefield and why they’re a viable choice that will benefit himself and his team.


When buying boots in a solo lane for Aatrox he has many choices with what he can pick depending on the enemy team composition. Ninja Tabi and Mercury Treads are the best choices for a solo Aatrox. Berserker Greaves are still effective in the top and mid lane due to the attack speed gained, granting him to have both quicker wave clear and auto harass. Ninja Tabi are a suitable pick if the enemy team composition is an auto attack/attack damage team with low crowd control potential. This provides you the option to be safer in lane regarding trades, and harass as well as minimizing the damage taken. Mercury Treads are more suited against an enemy team composition that carries heavy magic damage and/or a large amount of crowd control. These boots will allow you to be more confident in lane, as well as reducing the ability to shut you down in team fights or ganks. Boots of Mobility is also a possible choice for jungle Aatrox boosting both his ability to roam the map and his ganking potential, allowing to take the enemy by surprise.

Offensive Items

Bloodthirster / Blade of the Ruined King


The Bloodthirster is a viable item to buy on Aatrox due to the sustain it gives, providing him the ability to pressure his opponent while being safe in lane through a large amount of sustain this item provides. The Bloodthirster is a more passive item if Aatrox is going to be focusing more on farming throughout the game, and stacking the item up allowing him to out trade the opponent as well as harassing them out of the lane granting global objectives early on.

The Blade of the Ruined King is another viable pick regarding the sustain, it gives him the potential to be more aggressive. The Blade of the Ruined King allows him to sustain better in lane with the items active ability while dueling with the enemy champion. This grants him better trade with the damage it provides and also giving chase potential with the actives speed leech. The Passive on Blade of the Ruined King will boost Aatrox’s confidence when harassing the opponent allowing him to do considerably more damage to champions that have stacked health. This will give him presence in the mid to late game bursting them down while still regaining his health with the sustain he carries.

Ravenous Hydra


The Ravenous Hydra is an alternate item for the Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King granting Aatrox a large amount of sustain from the life steal and health regeneration while still dealing a lot of damage to make an impact. The item overall is an extremely beneficial purchase for Aatrox, granting him a large amount of survivability and offense. This shall provide him the ability to play a more ‘in your face’ style, forcing the enemy out of lane or shredding carries down in team fights giving his entire team an advantage. Aatrox’s Dark Flight and Blade of Torment works well with Ravenous Hydra granting him to reach the full damage he can deal with the items passive including to all enemies allowing Aatrox to catch the enemy off guard and then burn them down quick enough for them not to be able to react to it.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard


The Spirit of the Elder Lizard is a popular item to be built on Aatrox if he wants to play more aggressive in any desired lane, giving him opportunities to make more of an impact to fights and ganks. Like any Jungle item, this item increases the damage dealt to monsters giving the upper hand for Aatrox clearing minion waves and pushing the enemy behind. Holding this item grants Aatrox ability to roam and produce advantages for the team. Furthermore, this item gives Aatrox a little more sustain in the laning phase along with the cooldown reduction so he can use his skills more often allowing him to outtrade and show further aggression to his laning opponent as well as carrying a mini red buff passive which helps him lay further harass or to secure kills.

Maw of Malmortius


The Maw of Malmortius is a great item for Aatrox if he’s going against heavy magic damage champions such as, Lux or Diana.The survivability that this item gives against magic damage champions has the potential of turning a fight around. If Aatrox does get dangerously low the Maw of Malmortius’ shield activates giving him the opportunity to be a bigger contribution in team fights and to shut the magic damage champions down quickly while having the ability to regain his health from his Blood Thirst. Also, all of Aatrox’s skills consume health and every 2.5% health Aatrox loses he will gain 1 extra damage allowing him to permanently have extra damage from the items passive making him a bigger threat against the enemy through harass and team fights in general.

The Black Cleaver


The Black Cleaver is a good choice on Aatrox since he can be more aggressive in the laning phase and team fights as well as assuring himself extra survivability with the 200 health granted. This item overall allows Aatrox to make a big difference in early level ganks and team fights due to the armor penetration and reduction giving him the opportunity to be offensive dealing approximately true damage to the enemy with the extra 55 damage included. Lastly, as well as having the ability to get into early game fights and deal a tremendous amount of damage Aatrox also has his own crowd control to prolong the targets escape coming out with a possible extra kill and incase of getting caught in a bad position he can escape using his Dark Flight.

Last Whisper


Succeeding into the mid to late game the tankier champions will have a relatively large amount of armor by this stage making them harder to shred down overall. This is where Aatrox will benefit greatly off The Last Whisper due to this item carrying percentage armor penetration so he can deal much more damage to the opponent opposed to having flat armor penetration. Owning this item signals the enemy that Aatrox will be the champion that will be dealing a large amount of damage to every single person on the team including the tanks making them want to target Aatrox early on. Due to this item Aatrox will be the more aggressive damage dealer on the team including the 40 attack damage from the item he can play much more aggressively while making plays for his allies and/or saving his allies by bursting down the enemy too quickly.



Locket of the Iron Solari


This item is a great pick for a jungle Aatrox granting a large amount of survivability to both himself and his team. The Locket is always a must have when on the battlefield being a fairly cheap item and gaining a large amount from it. All three items you need to build the Locket of the Iron Solari are cheap and easy to obtain in the earlier levels allowing the jungler to have much more presence in early game ganks and team fights producing a large advantage for the team. Once upgraded to the Iron Solari the stats roughly double allowing Aatrox to be a bigger threat on the map in both being a tanky brick wall separating the enemy from the allies and being able to postponed the enemy disengaging in lane ganks having the ability to use his skills more often. With the fact that the Locket of the Iron Solari is extremely gold efficient this does not including the shield active on the item as well. The shield is great to give that extra support in team fights if the teams back line is fairly squishy giving them a bit more survivability, enough to land a few more spells and auto attacks. The shield will protects all surrounding allies for 50 (+10 per level) damage meaning in the mid game from levels 10 - 13 the shield will be absorbing 150 ~ 180 damage making the shield extremely beneficial in team fights blocking out one spell or a couple of auto attacks.

Runic Bulwark


Made from the Aegis of the Legion this is a great aura item for Aatrox and his team benefiting largely against the magic damage enemies. Like all aura items Aatrox gains the stats from the Runic Bulwark as well as the aura and currently on the battlefield it is not a bad idea to build two Runic Bulwarks as well. This allows the tankier members of the team to have much more courage diving into the team fight and the backline hammering the enemy with them holding the aura(s) from the Runic Bulwark as well ensuring the team has much more survivability to get the enemy team dangerously low if not dead.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem


The Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a defensive item for Aatrox that if looking towards building full tank and becoming that issue that separates his allies from the enemy team. This item gives Aatrox a large amount of sustain throughout the game combined with his Blood Thirst allowing him to stay existent in team fights and ganks for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the item benefits greatly going against team compositions that hold a large amount of crowd control making it harder for the enemy to shred down one of the carries of the team as well as granting his team to harass the enemy in return.

Warmogs Armor


This item isn’t as popular of a pick as other defensive items for Aatrox but Warmogs is useful giving Aatrox much more health so he becomes even harder to get kill accompanied by his passive and Blood Thirst. Purchasing this item allows Aatrox to be that shield that no one can get through giving the advantage to Aatrox and his team so they’re not too afraid to go deep under turrets or getting a baron steal allowing him to cast Dark Flight to go into the pit, while dealing damage to the enemies, steal the baron and then get away with Flash. Then if a fight erupts his passive and Blood Thirst, paired with the Life steal items he already owns can regenerate his health quicker than the enemy can shred down possible opening many advantages up to them to win the game.

Randuin’s Omen


Randuin’s Omen is a perfect item on Aatrox allowing him to be that tanky menace while still dealing a considerably large amount of damage. The item grants Aatrox the ability to be in the front line of a team fight and if things do go terribly wrong he can active the item’s active (slows nearby enemies by 35% for 2 seconds + 1 second per 100 armor and magic resist he owns) to ensure everyone can get away safely. What Aatrox also benefits off and that I personally feel makes a large difference is the passive on this item, whenever he is hit by a basic attack the attackers attack speed is decreased by 15% and their movement speed by 10% for 1.5seconds which automatically makes it incredibly harder for the enemies ad carry for everyone else regarding that Aatrox will still be regenerating his health back quickly.

Spirit Visage


The Spirit Visage is a great pick for Aatrox if the enemy has a large amount of ability power. It increases his healing effects and magic resistance while decreasing his cooldowns allowing him to be more aggressive having the sustain and resistances to stay alive in a battle while having the cooldowns to lay a large amount of crowd control onto the enemy. If he is in the frontline on the battle he will have great sustain that the enemy can’t afford to kill him first allowing him to lay a serious amount of damage onto the enemy pulling the team fight in his favour. If Aatrox is in the backline of the team fight he can still reach the enemy backline regarding his increase of range from his ultimate and his Blade of Torment having a similar attack range to Xerath’s Arcanopulse.



To conclude, all of these items benefit Aatrox’s skills and stats in one way or another allowing him to step into the frontline if really needed and still have enough sustain to disengage and support his allies if need be. Most of the items benefit to his allies in one way or another allowing him to support his allies in survivability while still having enough damage withheld on him to make an impact into team fights and ganks.


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