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Thu 27th Jun 2013 - 8:23pm

As one of the longest standing members of Team Dignitas since its inception, Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana has been a staple in the League of Legends pro scene. I had a nice conversation with the creator of the Dongsquad himself between the second week of LCS and MLG Anaheim.

 Imaqtpie with awesome glasses

Unlike the Spring split, the rookie teams this split seem to have jumped into the LCS with much less trouble. How are you and the other members of Team Dignitas innovating for the increased competition?

Imaqtpie: I'm personally trying to step my game up by spamming solo queue, first job is to become rank one and then next step is to become the greatest player ever.


The team as a whole has had its ups and downs so far in the summer split, but how do you feel you and Patoy are doing together? Anything to work on?

Imaqtpie: I think Patoy and I have really good synergy bottom, I think we could improve in terms of capitalizing on kill opportunities but other then that I think we are godlike.


What went wrong/well in the record breaking game against CLG during first week?

Imaqtpie: I don't even remember the game exactly but it might have been we had trouble finding initiations.


What do you think of the ‘League of Draven’, his new passive in the works in the PBE?

Imaqtpie: His passive sucks now, they took out the blood brother relation and gave him a random passive in return. I'm sure it wont be terrible but I'm just bitter because I love Darius and Draven... Why would you do that Riot...


After the first week of LCS what’s your opinion on the two new AD Carries maplestreet from Velocity and Sneaky from Cloud9?

Imaqtpie: Not much to say. They are ok I dont really have an opinion yet.

With Patch 3.8, AD’s are affected by the removal of doing double golems before the game starts. Do you think this will push an AD/Support lane into new strategies or simply remove the possibility of double golems?

Imaqtpie: The removal of double golems opens up a lot more lanes to 2v2. Before some lanes would have to 1v2 or else face getting destroyed so there's a little more variety, also allows bottom to invade.


Are you guys going to MLG coming up at the end of this month?/ What can we hope to see from you?

Imaqtpie: Yeah Team Dignitas and all the LCS teams playing will be there week 3, hope to see some wins...


What is it like to have your own line of clothing with the Dongsquad shirts? Any idea when you’ll get your Minecraft server from ODEE? How’s the bowflex coming?

Imaqtpie: It's cool I guess I like white shirts, I can say now that we have the Minecraft server and are loving it so far (god bless Multiplay), and welp I have the bowflex dumbbells... we'll see where it goes from there.

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