A Chat With VES Maplestreet



Fri 5th Jul 2013 - 6:44pm

After defeating Team MRN at Riot's promotion/relegation tourney, Velocity grabbed a spot in the LCS for the summer split. Everyone had their eyes on Ainslie 'Maplestreet' Wyllie for his great Draven play, and the fact that he looked a little familiar. I got to talk to Maplestreet about his LCS experience, his brother and Velocity's future.

 How do you feel about being in the shadow of your older brother? Do you feel like that reputation has helped you or hurt you in the long run?

Maplestreet: I don't necessarily feel that I've ever been overshadowed by his achievements. It's a team game and nobody really puts intense expectations on me so I just play my own style in a completely different lane. Since he doesnt have a largely negative reputation theres no way it could significantly hurt me, while I had random feuds with people like saint my brother has helped me out a lot in both my computer and competitive career so I'm definitely very lucky.


After a slow start, what will it take to make a turn around and become a top LCS team?

Maplestreet: The lack of practice has hurt us a lot. It wasn't a viable option to stay at home and fly out every week since we'd run out of money. Our inability to secure a temporary gaming house has also ruined a lot of our time. Our teamfights have been pretty awful lately and I've been really bad recently so I just hope that we can play as 5 and make use of our coach Atlanta.


After beating Team MRN to qualify for the LCS, do you feel like your team has prepared enough? How has your practice schedule changed since qualifying?

Maplestreet: We definitely had a ton of practice before beating MRN, we didn't have a very good win record but as luck would have it neither did MRN. I know most of my team isn't complacent and I for one want to go to worlds and face off against the powerhouse regions of korea & china. We've practiced less since qualifying due to people driving 3 days over & a lack of a good housing situation. Most of us don't have proper setups and practice is rare for us at the moment. In terms of practice for myself I feel that I'm pretty terrible at LAN. I never seem to get into the zone at their setup and it discourages me as I know I'm a significantly better player at my own setup.


What team are you LEAST afraid of playing as the LCS season continues? Why?

Maplestreet: All teams are strong but I think our standard playstyle does well against clg and crs whereas we'll need to avoid playing standard versus teams like c9 and tsm who can dominate in standard play.


What has been the most suprising experience about the LCS thusfar?

Maplestreet: I think CLG is looking very strong, I didn't think initially that Nientonsoh would do very well at top lane for them but he's improved dramatically every game. I wouldn't doubt the possibilty that he becomes the best top laner in NA seeing how well hes been doing recently. Jiji has been playing a high utility game in the jungle and it's worked very well. Chauster likely does more work behind the scenes and Dlift ends up not having to carry every game.


Do you feel like Velocity being treated as an underdog gives you an advantage?

Maplestreet: Being an underdog doesn't really mean much, most teams that go against us don't really know what to ban and their standard usually beats ours simply because our teamfighting is really bad at the moment.


Do you feel like if your team had a gaming house, your results would be better? Or is your team's performance independant of your housing situation?

Maplestreet: I think its just more relevant that we actually practice as 5. Before lcs we had much time to practice but we were not acustommed to the setup at the studio. Now its like we've played on it enough to get used to it every game but the lack of practice has made our team throw at every teamfight.


What is your favorite part about playing AD Carry?

Maplestreet: Not having to use my brain since everyone is watching the minimap for me.


Where do you see yourself and your team after the Summer Split?

Maplestreet: At worlds obviously.


How do you feel about the changes Riot is making to Draven's passive?

Maplestreet: It makes him a lot worse, all passives technically have a gold value to them and Draven's new one can't be used until he kills or get kills. Without bleed armor pen runes are less effective and Dravens DPS becomes less dominant. I'll have to play him a lot to determine how strong he is but I'm fairly certain nobody will consider it a buff.


Do you have any shoutouts?

Maplestreet: Shoutout to all our fans and supporters and our sponsors game4glory gungho lolhq smattox and [email protected]

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