Exclusive Interview with FXOpen's Arthelon



Sun 7th Jul 2013 - 1:00pm

Among the many LCS games that were played during MLG Anaheim, there were a handful of amateur teams who were already vying for a chance to replace the official teams. Among these teams was FXOpen, who rose up to win the qualifier finals and have a guaranteed spot in the North American Season 4 promotional series.

I was recently able to chat with FXO’s AP Carry Taylor 'Arthelon' Eder to get his perspective on the tournament.


First off, congratulations on beating out Curse Academy and Complexity over the MLG tournament.

Arthelon: Thanks!


Curse Academy was considered a favorite to win the qualifier finals before FXOpen took them out. Did you feel confident going into this match that your team would win?

Arthelon: We knew that if we could beat Curse Academy we would beat Complexity. Going in we were just going to give it our all. We definitely felt confident after the first game, but we had to keep our hope going after the long drawn out 2nd game loss.


Yeah, those drawn out matches seemed like they could have turned at any moment. How did you and your team prepare for your match against Curse Academy?

Arthelon: I personally had faced them a lot in the past, and we came to the consensus that nothing but the common OP bans were needed as each of their players had a large champ pool, but none were exceptionally good.


And how about the finals? Did you know that Complexity would win out over Aware Gaming due to their previous experience in the LCS, or did you prepare for both possibilities equally beforehand?

Arthelon: We didn't really put much thought into it since we knew Curse Academy was the hardest team to beat there. Not to demoralize Complexity or Aware gaming of course, but we knew Curse Academy was our biggest challenge.


Well your victory proves that you prepared for the match. One of the highlights of the qualifier finals was how you spammed the laughing emote as you chased down Pobelter, earning laughs and cheers from the audience. Can we look forward to future plays like this?

Arthelon: Of course, I just hope I don't ever come off as bad manners!


I don't think tournament etiquette has been fully established yet, so you probably don't have to worry too much. Did it cause any friction with either your team or Curse Academy?

Arthelon: No, Pobelter joked back too [by recalling] so I think it was mutual. My team was yelling at me to end the game though. Haha!


Haha! Well, FXOpen isn’t the first team you have qualified for the LCS promotionals with. What did you take away from the spring promotionals when you were with Meat Playground? Is there anything you personally have had to change or revise since then?

Arthelon: Going with Meat Playground in January was my first LAN event and a definite eye-opener. Even if we did qualify I would not have been able to participate because I had to finish high school. It made me realize though that any team with hard work and patience can compete with the best. I have had to change the size of my champ pool, but I can play a lot more champs since then!


Yeah, champion pools have changed dramatically since the spring promo's. Recently both Kennen and Nunu have become first ban and first pick in both the LCS and in solo queue. Can you give us some insight into who you think is going to be the future secret OP champion?

Arthelon: That type of thing changes patch to patch. I think if someone can master Quinn she could become a very contested pick. Leblanc and Shyvana are both getting tuned up and I love both those champs so I would like to see them be contested as well.


For those who don’t know much about your play style, many consider you to be *the* solo queue troll. In fact, you trolled the audience during the MLG qualifiers by resting your champion choice on teleport and revive Poppy. Will we ever get to see this unconventional style in tournament play?

Arthelon: Probably nothing crazy, but being able to do that and make it work in situations means you can be flexible when it comes to "cheese" or "card up your sleeve" picks.

I guess you can't have your entire strategy based around those kind of picks. It did work with Scarra's Yi pick in the game against Team Solo Mid, but was the majority of why team Dignitas lost their game against Vulcan.

Arthelon: Yes, a solid, consistent and coordinated strategy will always trump the one wild and crazy choice your team might make.


Is there anyone who you are excited or anxious to play against? Do you consider anyone in the LCS/amateur tournaments to be your rival?

Arthelon: Well every team is our rival! I am always excited to scrim against the oldest teams TSM/CLG. I would have never thought a year ago I would be able to practice against them!


You're confident you can beat such mid laners as Scarra, Link, and Reginald, among others?

Arthelon: That is what I’m striving for! I usually go even with them, it depends on where the jungle pressure is though.


So, now that you have qualified for the promotionals, is your team looking for a gaming house?

Arthelon: Yes, we are thinking about one. Nothing is set in stone yet, so not many details are available.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're currently living with your parents right now, right? If this does go through, would this be your first time living on your own?

Arthelon: Yes to both. It would be my first time but I get excited thinking about living on my own.


What does your family think of your professional League of Legends career?

Arthelon: They are supportive. They were watching me this whole weekend! My mom worries though as she sees it as risky, but she just wants the best for me, so it is understandable.


So you aren't being pressured to look into colleges as you train?

Arthelon: I was actually going to attend IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) this year with a scholarship, but opted not to in order to pursue a League of Legends career.


I'm sure your fans support your decision. As I’m sure you have seen, there is a video residing on the NA League of Legends client which inquires into how players selected their user names. Can we hear the story behind yours?

Arthelon: I used to play WoW and I was messing around with the name randomizer and a name similar to Arthelon popped up and I liked it.


So you used to be a World of Warcraft player? What got you into playing League of Legends?

Arthelon: There was a thread on Arenajunkies named "What free downloadable game do you play when you get bored of WoW?" and someone posted League of Legends, and I thought it was interesting so I started playing it. I ended up loving it a lot more than WoW.


So no more subscription to WoW?

Arthelon: I still play it, but super casually. I am an achievement whore.


Haha! That’s awesome! Do you have any last advice to others who are interested in becoming a professional League of Legends player?

Arthelon: If you're gonna do something, love it and do the best you can. You don't want any Should'ves, Would'ves, or Could'ves.


You can check out Arthelon’s stream at or follow his twitter @Arthelon.