Interview with Saintvicious on Curse's Summer Split Performance



Tue 9th Jul 2013 - 6:18pm

Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco has been the shotcaller and leader since joining Curse. From confirming things on his stream, to missing smites and wards, Saintvicious is a popular League of Legends player, and he's made quite an impact on the community. After talking to him I can say that not only is he funny, but he is quite honest and realistic about his team's issues. Whether that will lead them to a successful season remains to be seen.Crs Saint

CRS Went 2-1 at MLG Anaheim. How do you feel about you and your team's performance?

Saintvicious: Um we are really hit or miss right now we want to work on being consistent.


You lost your first game against Velocity. How did you guys rebound to win your next two?

Saintvicious: We went over the game and made sure we wouldn't make the same mistakes again. We had the same type of strategy against Coast in our 3rd game and used what we learned from our Velocity game to win.


How has shotcalling changed since the acquisition of Edward?

Saintvicious: It's the same. We have a lot of misunderstandings and communication errors now though with Edward.


Would you say you're a better team with Edward?

Saintvicious: Um could be stronger, can't really say right now until we are consistent.


Last season by week 3 you were undefeated, I'd say that's consistent. What will it take for you guys to get back to being the dominant North American team?

Saintvicious: Pretty much all boils down to trusting each other and making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to calls.


Despite Cop playing well and having a great KDA last season, a lot of people seem to blame him for Curse's problems. Why do you think that is, and what do you have to say in response?

Saintvicious: Cop is a good player, he just gets a lot of flack because he doesn't play the flashiest out of other players and is sometimes hesitant. I think he is solid though.


It was "leaked" that you may retire and have IWDominate replace you as jungler. Now that he is taking a break from playing, how has that affected your plans for the future?

Saintvicious: Dom will still play in season 4, I dunno I'm just evaluating my options.


Obviously you looked into what Curse would do if you were to retire, but what would you do if you stopped playing professional League of Legends?

Saintvicious: I have a couple of things I could do but I won't say yet.


How does an event like All Stars compare with MLG Anaheim? Which one did you feel more comfortable at, and which would you like to experience again?

Saintvicious: All stars was a much bigger scale it felt like and it was also a lot more of a casual feeling tourney, I really enjoyed playing with other plays and getting to face off against the other teams other players.


Now that you've been in the LCS for a while, what flaws do you think the format has? What can Riot do to improve the experience for players, and maybe spectators?

Saintvicious: I don't agree with relegation. Aside from that Riot does a good job, they need to open it up to spectators in NA though.


Can you elaborate on why you don't agree with relegation?

Saintvicious: If the Lakers had a bad season and they just got knocked out and couldn't play the next season, think about that.


Maplestreet said on reddit that the community should've "lynched" you after trash talking him on your stream. What do you have to say in response?

Saintvicious: I dunno hes just emotionally unstable nothing to comment on that.


How do you feel about Riot's recent jungle balance changes?

Saintvicious: Indifferent nothings really changed.


Would you like to give any shoutouts?

Saintvicious: To mah fans and our sponsors CM Storm, Alienware and TeamSpeak.


You can follow Saint on Twitter here, and myself here.