Interview with Taipei Snipers Support MiSTaKe



Sat 16th Nov 2013 - 12:53pm

With Season 3 in the rear-view mirror, some teams can take the time to look back at their Season 3 accomplishments and celebrate. Others see their failures as motivation for the upcoming season. However, Chen "MiSTaKe" Hui-Chung finds himself in a position unique to other players, as not only did he taste the ultimate goal in Season 2 on the Taipei Assassins, but he was moved to the team's sister squad early on in Season 3.

The team he was moved on, Taipei Snipers (or TPS), found itself in the thick of Taiwanese competition, and looked to be competing with AHQ Gaming for a spot in the World Championship for much of the season. After dominating the Taiwanese eSports League during the regular season, TPS was within one game of making the World Championships in Los Angeles, but they were beaten by a tenacious Gamania Bears squad, denying MiSTaKe another shot at the Summoner's Cup. Since then, TPS has once again been participating in Taiwanese competitions during the offseason, qualifying for the 2013-2014 Winter GPL alongside its sister team TPA, AHQ, and an exciting Hong Kong Attitude squad.

I talked to MiSTaKe (through Sandra Hong, a translator provided by Garena) about Season 3, his hopes for Season 4, and the scene in Southeast Asia.


Thanks for taking my interview. How hard was it for you to be removed from the main squad only three months after you guys won the World Championships? In retrospect, do you think it was the right move to split up that squad?

MiSTaKe: 在做這個決定之前已經跟領隊還有經理溝通過,所以這是一個協調出來的結果,我並不會覺得離開TPA是可惜的,反而是希望自己可以在新的隊伍中發揮自己的能力,我認為這是一個正確決定。

The decision was made in full discussion with the management team. I do not regret the decision, instead, I hoped that I could better show myself and my abilities on the new team, and in my own opinion, I think it was the right decision.


The Taipei Snipers had quite a bit of success last season, winning the TeSL, doing well during StarsWar, but came up short in the Taiwan Regional Championships. Why did you guys fall short to the Bears, a squad you had handled with ease for much of the TeSL season?

MiSTaKe: 最主要的原因還是現場比賽的壓力適應問題,而且我們在隊伍的協調性跟溝通上也出了一點小問題,才沒有辦法在TeSL之後的比賽有穩定的發揮。

The main reason is that our team still needs some time to adapt to the pressure, and our strategies and communications are still under adjustment, therefore we didn't have a stable performance after TeSL season. The bad adaptation is the major issue for our team during the offline events, also we've got some problems with our communication and coordination. These lead to the unstable performance at the matches after the TeSL [such as Regionals].


Do you think Gamania dissolving will have much of an effect on the scene in Taiwan, or do you think that the three members that transferred over to Flash Wolves will just maintain the status quo?

MiSTaKe: 看到閃電狼可以繼續雇用這些選手令人感到高興,他們都是很有天份的選手,我希望這些選手可以繼續發光發熱,很期待可以繼續跟他們在比賽上共同競爭。

It's great to see yoeFW hired these talented players. I hope they can keep on the excellent performance, and we are looking forward to competing with them in the future.


One of your former teammates, Alex "Lilballz" Sung, recently retired after he was suspended for a year for alleged elo boosting. How big of an issue is elo boosting in the region as compared to North America where a number of professional players were busted a year ago for similar offenses. Do you feel that Lilballz will be the last professional in Taiwan to be suspended for it?

MiSTaKe: Garena一直要杜絕代打的現象,也很努力去防範,積分代打對台灣地區來說是個嚴重影響玩家權益的行為,所以相對的懲處也相當嚴厲。Lilballz的話,我希望他是最後一個因為代打而接受懲處的職業選手。

Garena has tried very hard to prevent "elo-boosting" from happening. It severely affects other player’s rights, thus the punishment is relatively harsher in Taiwan region. As for Lilballz, I hope he will be the last player who has been punished for the reason of elo-boosting.


Back to the game, who do you think is your biggest challenge in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau for the upcoming LNL season and who do you guys see as your biggest challenge in Southeast Asia as a whole?

MiSTaKe: 台港澳地區目前具競爭力的隊伍很多,例如:AZB TPA、ahq、HKA、yoeFW,在他們之中我們並沒有哪一個隊伍是特別懼怕的,我想我們就盡力打好我們自己的比賽吧。東南亞區的話,GPL才剛開始進行,所以我們並不太清楚目前其他隊伍的狀態,但我們很期待之後跟其他國家隊伍的比賽。

Many teams are quite competitive in the region, includes AZB TPA, ahq, HKA, yoeFW. However, we're not particularly afraid any of them. We'll just do our best on our own matches. As for the SEA, the GPL series just started, so we don't have a clear idea about the other teams yet, but we do look forward to the upcoming matches against them.


Outside of TW/SEA, who is your favorite Support player and why?

MiSTaKe: 如果說是目標的話會是SKT Poohmandu,他是Season3冠軍隊五的SUP,我希望超越他並擊敗他。但如果是最喜歡的話,madlife的態度是絕對是最喜歡的

SKT Poohmandu is my goal, since he played as support in the S3 champion team. I hope I can have the chance to play even better and defeat him in the future. My favorite support would be Madlife, due to his attitude as being a professional player.


Are we going to see you guys at the Season 4 World Championships?

MiSTaKe: 我希望會

I hope so.


Finally, do you have any shout-outs?

MiSTaKe: 謝謝大家對TPS的支持,我們會儘快調整我們的節奏,不再讓大家失望。

Thank you all for the support for TPS, we will adjust ourselves to the best mode as soon as possible, and hope we won’t disappoint any of you again. Also have to thank Garena and AZUBU’s continuing support and involve within the e-sports development. Meanwhile, Kingston and Razer have supported us with the excellent equipment, which help us can focus more on our training and future matches. Thank you all again for your care and support, hope to see you soon in the matches.


Thanks again to MiSTaKe and the Taipei Snipers for taking the time out of their preperations for the GPL to do this interview. You can follow the team here on facebook, and MiSTaKe here, but be forewarned, they're both in Chinese. You can follow me in English on Twitter @rampant_idiocy for more interviews with SEA players.

This interview has been edited for style, tense, and grammar, but not for content. Chinese has been provided to show MiSTaKe's initial answers.