Interview with TSM's new sub MegaZero



Sat 8th Feb 2014 - 3:33pm

As we move along into the 2014 LCS rosters change and teams advance, today we happen to have TSMs newest sub Patrick 'MegaZero' Glinsman with us today to answer a few questions!


Hey there MegaZero! How are you doing on this fine day? I see the stream went very well today!

MegaZero: Yeah! Doing very well, can't really believe it lol.

Lets get to the first question shall we? If you hadn't gotten into Esports at all throughout your years what do you think you would be doing as a career?

MegaZero: Right now, I would just be going to school at Carnegie Mellon, either studying Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering.

What was your personal favorite moment of your past history with Esports?

MegaZero: That's a very tough one! It's either between MLG Dallas or PAX West... and I think I'll have to go with MLG Dallas just because of this one specific moment. It was one of my very first times with a live audience and I'm sitting there as Irelia, with one last ult charge left, and there's an Elise repelled into the air with 30 life left. I swear time literally stopped as I watched this Elise fall back down and I sniped her out. The adrenaline rush I got after hearing all the cheers was so insane, I could never forget it.

What is your opinion on the current meta? And if you could change it how would the current meta be?

MegaZero: Hmm, the current meta is probably too reliant on tanky top laners, although I think that's an issue due to how easily it is for junglers to kill top laners. Maybe junglers should have less CC? But then I suppose tanky top laners would still be relevant, but it would allow top laners with less escapes to be more effective.

How did it feel to be crowned Best Riven NA?

MegaZero: It felt pretty amazing to be crowned Best Riven NA, but in all honesty, it was more a feeling of relief! The whole tournament started up because I kinda "called out" box box and "Best Riven NA". There was a big reddit thread between the two asking who was really better, and I tweeted out something like "Why is there a discussion between these two players when I'm a better Riven than both". So if I had lost I would've looked really silly!

If you could create an entirely new team for the LCS using players from any team from any reigion who would you pick and why?

MegaZero: Geez that's a difficult question. I'll assume the team has infinite time to practice together and their personallities will get along, because I find those two things to be pretty important, even more important than mechanical skill.

Top lane - Flame from CJ Blaze. Overall I just think he's one of the best tops, if not the best top in the world.

Jungle - Xmithie from XDG. I know he switched roles, and to be honest, I probably would pick a Korean jungler over him if I knew more of them, but Xmithie provides so much pressure around the map.

Mid - Faker from Heaven. Everyone knows Faker is a God.

ADC - Uzi from Royal? I'm not positive what team he's on! But he was at Worlds and his mechanics were beyond amazing. He has some pretty great clips of kiting people around.

Support - Xpecial from TSM. Xpecial has been playing eXtremely well (get it?) lately! I think his playstyle is great for the current meta and he would be a great edition to any team.

What are the most underated champions for toplane that you think would fit very well with a team comp that relies on CC?

MegaZero: I know Yasuo is rated very highly, but honestly that guy is broken lol. With a CC oriented team comp, he would be able to just ult in and kill a group of people. I think Chogath and Malphite could see more play, they aren't amazing top laners but they aren't bad by any means and have great initiation/follow up CC.

Do you mind if I ask a couple of silly questions that may or may not be related to league at all?

MegaZero: Lol, I'm down for anything!

What was going through your head during the time Doublelift "outplayed" you as Twitch vs Riven?

MegaZero: LOL. Man it gets brought up so much and I always try to make excuses and stuff. Honestly, I'm a really optimistic person in general, so as soon as I died I told my team that Twitch blew both his summoners and that I didn't use any. This essentially meant that any fight within the next 5 minutes we would win (Which I might've further clarified for my team I'm not sure). I will admit I was a little caught off guard... what kinda crazy maniac would try to fight a Riven that much stronger than him.

Twitch chat would love this one. Do you really have a tattoo of Shyvanna on your chest? XD

MegaZero: Maybe at 50,000 viewers you can find out ;)

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

MegaZero: I like vanilla because you put a lot of toppings on it, and the toppings make it less plain.


Do you have any Shoutouts?

 Well you can do a shout out to my fans and such! that's about it.