Interview with yellowpete's girlfriend, Noe



Wed 21st May 2014 - 7:21pm

Yellowpete is a veteran of the European League of Legends scene who moved to North America along with two of his teammates. However, this brought him closer to Noelani, who shared with us the details of their relationship. Living so close to each other introduced it's own challenges that the long-distance relationships we've heard about so far did not experience, such as how she can balance watching his matches regularly and her own career as a model.

How did you two meet? Was it before or after he came to America?

Noelani: We actually met during season 2 worlds. I went all fan girl on him and asked for his autograph and picture haha. We chatted then but that was about it. It wasn't until an entire year later at season 3 worlds that he saw me in an interview with Travis and found me on Facebook. He let me know he was flying out to California and wondered if I wanted to hang out.


You guys live pretty close to each other, which is fairly unique among the relationships we've heard about so far. How does that change your relationship compared to the more common long distance ones we've heard about?

Noelani: Yeah, we got pretty lucky with that, especially considering that he coincidentally moved from half way around the world to a few miles away! If anything, it makes things a lot easier. We don't really need to deal with a lot of the stress other long distance couples might face, and I can easily visit him after scrims without interrupting anything. Plus I can easily go watch all his matches which is pretty nice.

Have you gotten to know his team then? Do you think it'd be good for the events and community for more girlfriends and family members to attend events regularly?

Noelani: I'm at the EG house a few times a week, so I've gotten to know the team pretty well. Snoopeh, Pete, and I like to go out to dinner and hikes and such. As for events, it definitely can't hurt! Though I'm not sure how much that effects the community as much as the players. When I go to LCS, I'm really there to support Pete. I don't think anyone else really notices me haha.


Have you had trouble balancing your own career and watching him play and seeing him so much? Do you think the frequency of matches during the regular season makes it hard for loved ones to make it to them if they live nearby?

Noelani: My job actually makes it extremely easy to spend time with Peter. With modeling, I work by gigs, even if I'm contracted with a company. So I'm able to schedule work around Peter's scrim and practice schedule. Plus I normally only work 3 days a week so that's nice. The matches are on weekends which is convenient for most normal people's school or work schedule. There are obviously a lot of matches, but even when I’m in school I can usually make it to one day a week.

There's a lot of matches in the regular season and going to all of them is honestly difficult. But I think overall it allows more people to attend since there is more available dates. For example, I work most Saturdays, so I love that I can still go and support Peter at his Sunday games.


What was the adjustment like for him coming here from Europe? How does it affect him working so far from home?

Noelani: Other than adjusting to the initial jet lag, I don't think there was that big of a change. Pete had already graduated and been living apart from his family so being away from home doesn't affect him that much. I do see him Skype his mom every so often though.


What was it like watching him play in relegations? Did you two discuss plans for if they failed to requalify?

Noelani: All his matches give me heart attacks, but I was literally freaking out about relegations. Thankfully they played really well, and I didn't have to be as nervous about each game since they looked so solid (just had to cross my fingers that there were no throws!). We actually hadn't discussed what would happen at that point, though it's been brought up since. Even now, I have to remember that he's not American, and will definitely be going back to Germany at some point.


Having had to consider that yourself, do you think the players who are switching regions like Dexter, Seraph and Amazing are putting a big strain on themselves and their loved ones, especially giving how young some of these players are?

Noelani: It's really hard to say for other players since everyone has different connections with their family or relationships. I think the younger players that had previously been living from home might struggle to adjust a little more due to the distance.

While Pete is in Germany, he misses me, but when he's in America, he misses his family. So it's just one of those things you have to accept to pursue this career.


Had EG failed to requalify, were you ready to support Pete in his singing career?

Noelani: LOL who do you think convinced him to do karaoke on his stream?

Was this before or after the music video?

Noelani: After, but I've always known he could sing. While he was in Germany over Christmas he made a recording for me.


Any final remarks or shout-outs?

Noelani: haha thanks for the interview Bobby and thank you to everyone that reads this! And of course I have to give a shout out to EG Guitar for letting me intrude at the EG house every week and my personal singer Peter Wuppen for being awesome.


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