Interview with Ryan Choi, Rengar main at high Elo



Tue 3rd Jun 2014 - 5:16pm

You may know him as Ryan 'Ninfang' Choi, or by his main account, Ryan Choi. He's the Rengar main who makes high elo players ban Rengar in fear of his ability to play him. He has been playing since season 1, being introduced to it by his brother. He continued to climb the ladder with the burst-filled cat. I had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about the different play styles of Rengar and why he enjoys him so much.

How long have you been playing League?

Ryan Choi: Started playing League since season 1.

How did you start playing league?

Ryan Choi: Started League because my brother introduced me to it. I was a hardcore Dota 1 fan until I found league. I switched over just because Dota did have too much issues with leavers and unbalancing.

How is Rengar after the recent changes, in your opinion?

Ryan Choi: The new Rengar does seem strong but the mechanics of it has changed. The Bola is now a skillshot which are great for ganks in any situation but the problem now is that it can miss. The tooth was also buffed since it can be acquired at the beginning of the game and does not lose stacks anymore. I don't really find a problem with the other sets of skills since it feels the same to me. I still think the previous Rengar was stronger.

What drew you to Rengar and why do you play him?

Ryan Choi: The reason I came to play Rengar is because I like to play high damage high mobility champs. After playing the game for so long, I feel that the best way to carry is by sniping people out and making the team fights more favorable for your team.

What are the biggest mistakes you see people in lower divions make?

Ryan Choi: The biggest mistakes the lower division makes is trying to follow the meta. I never really enjoyed following the same old meta every single game, that's why occasionally I do stupid stuff like Sona AD, Ryze AD, or Rengar ADC/Support because its fun.

What do you think is the best way to climb the ladder, in your opinion?

Ryan Choi: The best way to climb the ladder is the stick and main one particular champion that the player likes. If you learn and refine the mechanics for one champion, it will carry you all the way up. It's still good to main other champions just because the one you like may be banned.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to learn to play Rengar?

Ryan Choi: For people wanting to pick up on the Rengar hype, I would tell them stack tons of Doran's blade just to survive laning phase. The lane is the most crucial part for Rengar because its where you can start snowballing or failing.

What do you think is the best way to defeat Rengar in games?

Ryan Choi: To destroy Rengar, any tank brusiers will pretty much wreck him. Trundle, Renekton, and Jax are great ways to counter Rengar.

A lot of people tend to say that building "tankgar" is a waste of his potential, what is your opinion of this thought?

Ryan Choi: I do think Tankgar isn't as strong as assasination Rengar because the point of Rengar is to snipe and kill the high priority targets as fast as possible. Tankgar does not accomplish this.

Do you think it is better to be a jack of all trades or a one trick pony in lower divisions?

Ryan Choi: One trick ponies will probably have an easier time carrying themselves out of lower divisions just because they will understand the mechanics and matchups behind their favored champions instead of trying to master and learn many other.


You can catch him in action on twitch at or follow him on twitter at Good luck, summoners!