Interview with TheOddOne about life after gaming, and the current state of the jungle



Tue 1st Jul 2014 - 8:11pm

So I recently got a chance to talk with Brian ‘TheOddOne’ Wyllie about his plans after his retirement, the current jungle meta, and about the state of his favorite champion: Maokai.

TheOddOne started playing in season 1 as the jungler for “Haters Make Us Famous” until he was picked up by “Team SoloMid” later that season and played as their starting jungler until he announced his retirement via stream in May 2014. He currently is the “Team Mom” for TSM and still lives with the team where he does his duties for them.

How is life after gaming and what are you doing?

TheOddOne: It’s a lot less stressful. Being in a hyper competitive environment can be quite stressful, especially if the results don't go in your favor. I am currently livestreaming full time and working on building my youtube up.

What do you see yourself doing in the next few years? Do you see yourself still being involved with LoL?

TheOddOne: My plans for the short term are to stream to save up and grow my youtube to hopefully sustainable levels when streaming is no longer viable. Should that fail I will likely return to school and finish my computer science degree with my savings. I will likely continue producing LoL content as long as the game is popular and there are people wanting it, if the game were to die suddenly, I'd attempt to produce content for another game but should that not work out I would just return to school.

Opinions on current state of the jungle and what Riot can do to change it for a positive impact?

TheOddOne: Riot needs to lower the effect of a certain few junglers who lock out the rest of the picks from being strong due to Lee Sin/Elise/Evelynn having just way too much pressure over almost every other pick and at competitive/high level play early game is a significant factor when picking jungle as lane phase duration can differ between being long and very short, and Lee/Elise/Eve are guaranteed to make a huge impact even if the laning phase is short.

Do you think that the rework of the Ancient Golem will help to shift the meta away from the early game towards a later, tankier meta for the jungle?

TheOddOne: Only if the early game junglers are either nerfed or banned out will the tank meta be popular. As it stands the game is slowly moving towards tank jungles whenever the early game pressure champions are being banned (or nerfed such as Khazix).

In what meta was the jungle your favorite and why?

TheOddOne: Season 3 meta was fine, jungles got enough gold to be durable and the picks weren't as limited by duelists like the middle of S4.

What is your favorite game other than League?

TheOddOne: Currently Civilization V, in the past I've played a ton of Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Advance Wars Dual Strike. Some of my other favorites: Toejam and Earl, Langrisser 2, Fire Emblem 4.

What was the first game you played?

TheOddOne: Don't really remember as our family had multiple consoles from garage sales so it'd be either Combat (Atari 2600)/Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA Genesis) or Super Mario bros. (NES) or even Pong.

How did you get into League to begin with?

TheOddOne: Friends that I played DOTA Allstars with told me about this game, and the NA scene for DOTA Allstars was sorta dying as finding places to play tournies/leagues started to fold or become abandoned (it remained popular in the rest of the world as far as I know) so I signed up to League Of Legends rather than the alternative Heroes of Newerth.

Favorite champion that isn't Maokai

TheOddOne: There are a few champion concepts I like a ton such as Lee Sin and Vi. Fizz currently is really fun for me but I'm not sure who I'd really name my favorite after Maokai.

Do you think the rework of Maokai will make him viable to play at all?

TheOddOne: It makes him more useful than before, and I think with bans against certain champions (Lee/Elise/Eve come to mind), he'll be playable at even the highest level.

What is your favorite food?

TheOddOne: I love steak, Filet Mignon is what I usually attempt to go for at any decent steakhouse.


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