Interview with chu8 after the Curse Invitational



Thu 16th Feb 2012 - 10:26pm

Today we sat down with Jaeyhung 'chu8' Park to talk to him about League of Legends, his new team Choppa In Da Car, and the Curse Invitational tournament that began today. Choppa In Da Car faced team CLG in a best-of-3 series and though they lost 0-2, they put out a strong showing that surely impressed the viewers.

Chu8 reached the top of the solo-queue ladder in Season 1 by playing unpopular and unconventional champions in the mid-lane, and is particularly known for popularizing "AP Maokai". Today, he is still known for his skill in the mid-lane and can often be seen playing under-used champions such as Lux.

As a former professional Heroes of Newerth player, chu8 caught a lot of flak when he made the switch to League of Legends, but his consistently superb play has convinced the critics that he means business and is here to stay. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions after Choppa In Da Car's professional debut.


Your team is currently ranked #7 on the NA 5v5 ladder. How do you feel about the competition in ranked 5's?

Chu8: I think ranked 5's in general needs some rework, I don't really see that many high tier teams that are active in 5's ranked and that is for a good reason. They just might as well scrim each other, than to queue for a long ass time to find a match vs a low tier team.

People on the forums say that ranked 5's in EU are more competitive and meaningful, do you agree with that?

Chu8: I have not a slightest bit of clue regarding EU server, but sure I agree.

This was the first high-prize pool tournament Choppa In Da Car has been in. How did you feel going into it and how do you think you guys can improve for next time?

Chu8: We are a really new team, and we aren't really worried that we lost those games, it was just unfortunate we had connection problems. I think we definitely need to cover more heroes that we are able to play, and thus be better at picking overall. It was a good experience.

What features/improvements would you like to see in LoL for the future?

Chu8: Definitely more competitively friendly features like replay system, pause in-game (I hear they have it in test client), and then for certain heroes to be buffed, like LUX.

Regarding that last bit, who are your favorite champs right now? And who do you think needs buffs/nerfs?

Chu8: My favs are always changing every week, right now I'd say its viktor and ziggs, and I'd love to see some buffs on viktor, and maybe some minor nerf to kennen.

What do you think about LoL's future, especially with competing titles like Dota2 and Blizzard Dota coming out later this year?

Chu8: I think LoL is really stronk in the field right now, I don't see DotA2 or blizzard dota hurting LoL in any way, unless they come up with some really brilliant plan to attract casual players.

One last question: describe your dream champion.

Chu8: My dream champion would be lux ult as Q, TF ult as W, GP ult as E, and chucknorris kick as R that can kick nexus and win the game whenever you want.

P.S.: Is there anyone you'd like to give a shoutout to?

Chu8: Shoutout to old WHP members from HoN, Zaku too, shoutout to all the koreans out there, and make sure to check out my stream at! Thank you and love you to all the supporters out there

We'd like to thank chu8 for his time and we wish him and his team luck in the future!