Interview with Absolute Legends' team captain, Angush



Tue 21st Feb 2012 - 9:36pm

Aurimas 'Angush' Gedvilas is a professional League of Legends’ player. He is currently the captain of Absolute Legends’ team that is stepping up their game very naturally, very calmly. This Lithuanian player has one of the best attitudes in the circuit, always ready to talk to his fans with great mood and availability. He is also very shy but dedicated as well.

In this interview we will analyze his overall journey through League of Legends touching various points such as his social life, team and individual play.LoLLogoxy

Hello Angush, thank you for allowing us this interview! Would you like to introduce yourself for the readers?

Angush: Hello, I am an old school player of LoL who didn’t have time to shine yet :) Currently I’m in team AbsoluteLegends, with me being the captain, and we are trying our best to start cleaning LAN events!

How did it all start? How did your League of Legends journey begin?

Angush: Well, I was new to MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre and tried out DotA (Defense of the Ancients) first, played it for 1 years and understood that it has long learning curve up to Competitive play and by that time League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth were announced in beta stages and soon out and checking those two i decided to go for League of Legends for its graphics.

So, you weren't new to RTS (real time strategy) games. Do you play any another game, such as Skyrim for example?

Angush: Nope, only watched on streams etc but never had a liking to other games, in fact I play only one game so I can focus on it.

I can see the advantages of it by watching your incredible game play! What is your social life apart from League of Legends?

Angush: At the moment, just making money out of League of Legends and reaching for fame (LAN events), living at my parents, not studying anything right now and not sure what to study yet :)

Are your parents supportive towards League of Legends or do they just not appreciate it?

Angush: As always, first parents wants a good future for their kids and are against your ways of becoming an "adult", but if you manage to prove them that your way is the right choice, most of the parents will support you with everything they can.


Indeed, I bet a lot of readers can relate to you. Now, enough about your social life! You appeared in League of Legends' competitive scene with Mistral and recently you joined Absolute Legends. How has it been so far?

Angush: We are having constant jungler changes this past month, due to IRL problems of players. Also we found kind of a better support that fits our style of play, even though our last support wasn’t worse in game it was just that his style didn’t work out so good for us.

As for team names, can’t tell much about Mistral since we even didn’t have Contracts, but as for AL it’s a very warm organization for players since its roots are from players itself.

So as the captain of your team, what kind of example should you give to your team and what are your in-game responsibilities?

Angush: As a captain of team you can never show that you are hurt or weak or anything like that and your team must always give nice words to its captain. As for our in-game tactics I understand that we have strong solo lanes so the basic idea is to make sure our solo lanes are ahead and then whole team play starts.

You show that indeed in your games. So you currently have Malunoo as jungler in your team and it seems to be working out. What do you think of AL and the other competitive teams at the moment?

Angush: There are at least 5 teams that are showing good results at the moment to compete against each other. As for my team I believe we are in top 3, in spite of being small gaps between each game… and you can’t ever be the best team.

AL just won Go4LoL EU-W on February 5th, congratulations for that, you are proving your skills as a team! Now, let’s talk about you, as a player. You are considered one of the best solo top players in the world, what are the biggest difficulties that you face on toplane?

Angush: I make myself very dependent on my team and if we make a miscommunication or misplay, I’m very hardly punished for that but if we make everything right our win rate is over 90%.

So basically you see League of Legends as a team game only. Many players see solo queue rating as just a number, what are your thoughts on solo queue?

Angush: Solo queue itself would be better if the community was better, for example if I go to Solo Queue and there are players who don’t know what I am playing (don’t recognize me) I can’t get any practice or polish my tactics, also you can’t forget as well how other people intentionally troll because they have a natural offense against anyone who make a mistake that they wouldn’t make.

All around do you think League of Legends is a balanced game or does it still lack some adjustments?

Angush: In my opinion it is a fairly balanced game, but the main thing what makes this game look like not balanced is that there are champions that are easy controllable while others are harder and others that even need the other four champions in his team to work.

Still regarding this fairness in the game, at the moment who do you think should get a nerf and who do you think should get a buff?

Angush: Probably Shyvana should get a slight nerf, Vladimir too. Buff Malzahar, Xin Zhao and also nerf Teemo against melee champions *makes sad face*.

Teemo is indeed a real counter to your melee champions on the toplane! What champion do you think you relate to in terms of personality?

Angush: Oh, I am probably Ryze, gathering my strengths (stacking teas of goddess) and then unload it all when the time comes while I can’t be fooled… and I can see through people’s little errors. *makes playful face*


Final question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Angush: That’s the toughest question *makes troubled face*. I feel like I should achieve something big in life, not sure if it’s in eSports but I’m sure I will manage to achieve something *smiles*!

I bet you will! Any last shoutouts for the readers or for anyone you would like to thank?

Angush: I would like to thank AbsoluteLegends for their awesome support for players and to my team for trusting me as a captain *smiles*.

You truly are a nice player and person. Thank you for the great availability. Congratulations for all the AL success and good luck for the future!