Interview with Fnatic's support, Mellisan



Mon 27th Feb 2012 - 6:07pm

Peter "Mellisan" Meisrimel is the current Fnatic's support on League of Legends. In this interview he will answer some questions about how he got introduced to League of Legends, to Fnatic and talks about the game giving some tips on how to play support as well. He plays since December of 2009 so as you can see he is very experience in this game, so sit, read and enjoy!

First of all I would like to thank you very much for taking some time of yours to do this interview. Would you like to present yourself to the readers?

Mellisan: My name is Peter, I’m 22 years old and I play as support for FnaticRC.

How did you start playing League of Legends?

Mellisan: A friend I’ve played other games with was like "Hey, there's some new game that's somewhat like DotA and free, let’s try it out!", so we tried it out.

So you weren't new to MOBA and RTS genre? Do you play LoL since beta?

Mellisan: I’d say I was rather new. I played DotA before but only in a casual manner, I started LoL when Nidalee was released (December 2009) so shortly after official release.

Oh so you are an active player for a long time! How is your social life aside from Fnatic and League of Legends?

Mellisan: I haven’t actually been playing the whole time, I had a break of about 3-4 month in between, because the meta was annoying. My social life aside from LoL is fine for me, I’m still able to continue studying so far, but aside from that on LoL, there is little time left.

So eSports is nothing you want to do exclusively, right?

Mellisan: Not really, I enjoy playing LoL, but I can’t really play more than 5 hours on a daily basis, also I want to continue studying, as there will be a time after gaming.

With that mentality I bet you will have a good life since you have your ideas and projects very organized! On to the gaming interview's section: How did you end up on Fnatic?

Mellisan: I was invited to a team for my good Solo Queue performances at a time and we kind of stuck together. After winning the Cebit Invitational last year we were offered to join Fnatic.

Was that team at that time the same as Fnatic at the moment?

Mellisan: Mostly. We had 1-2 members more at that time, but the current lineup was already in.

I see... Fnatic is a renown organisation. How do you feel about being part of such an organization?

Mellisan: It's great; we got a lot of awesome sponsors and we have been given a lot of opportunities while playing for them.

Very nice, congratulations on your great success! Now, let's talk about you and your role in LoL. Support is seen by the community in general as a low-importance role, what do you think of this "stereotype"?

Mellisan: For low level play it has lower importance in the way that if any other player messes up badly, it will usually be worse than the support messing up and as well the fact that it's hard to actively carry a game as support in Solo Queue. But in reality support is as important as any other role because if you screw up, then you will also drag your AD carry down.

I can surely see your point. Do you sometimes feel like you are the one who has to hold your team when the game is not going that well?

Mellisan: Not too much, I’ll continue to play my role according to the situation. When you are behind the support isn’t exactly the role to take action.

Don't you miss being the role to take action? Don't you get bored  of it and sometimes feel like you want to carry the game with other roles?

Mellisan: I enjoy playing support, but when I’m alone I also enjoy playing AD from time to time.

Talking about yourself playing alone, what do you think of Solo Queue? Is it balanced and reveals the quality of a player or is it just a number?

Mellisan: It can’t really be balanced, but it balances out over the amount of games, so it tells something about the player after all. But I wouldn’t put too much weight on a player’s ELO, as it's not important anyways if you have a team to play with.

Indeed, that is a nice and solid view of it! Now off to some last and easy questions: Which support do you think is the best at the moment and which one do you have more fun with?

Mellisan: I think Janna is probably the best right now, but I enjoy playing Nunu a lot lately.

Nunu truly is an active presence on your match history lately! Who do you think should get a nerf and who do you think should get a buff at the moment?

Mellisan: In what considers nerfs I would say Irelia (too high sustain), Shyvana (seems too fast and too tanky) and Graves (hate that champion). Buffs: Leona (she kind of lacks something to make her a viable support) and Ezreal (also lacks a little in stats).

What advice would you give to our readers that like playing support but still have difficulties with its mechanisms?

Mellisan: Learn to play AD first. You can't play a proper support if you don't fully understand the champions you are supposed to be supporting. Also it's easier to gain ELO with playing AD, with that you’ll get a better view on what a support should be doing for you and you might also learn from other supports.

Oh, that is some fine advices! Last question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Mellisan: Interesting question. I don't know what I’ll do when I finish studying but I don't plan on trying to get something in the Gaming sector right now. But I’ll hopefully will be traveling a lot, it's one of the things I enjoy most about playing for Fnatic, getting around to places I wouldn't come to usually.

That is great, I am sure you'll have your dreams come true! Any last shoutouts you would like to say or anyone you would like to thank?

Mellisan: Thanks to Fnatic and our sponsors Raidcall, MSI, SteelSeries, EIZO & Gunnar. Also a shoutout and thanks to all our fans who watch us play.

Well, I would like to thank Fnatic Mellisan for the great interview and for the great availability and also Harry Wiggett (FnaticLoL Manager) for making this contact between us so easy.