Gameplay: ShootMania Storm – Siege



Sun 3rd Mar 2013 - 2:44pm

Gameplay: ShootMania Storm – Siege
 Part 1 - Battle


“Hectic, but fun with friends, it’s the sort of game mode you wouldn’t play alone.” – Sam ‘Vantastic’ Hayter

Whether you’re a professional gamer like Team Dignitas’ Shootmania UK player Vantastic, or a casual gamer like myself, there seems to be an endless amount of game modes to keep you occupied for hours.

Siege is a unique Shootmania Storm game mode, consisting of two teams of any number of players (up to the server maximum). The amount of players and size of the maps are generally quite large due to the number of capture points available.

The gameplay:

Each team will take it in turn to attempt to capture as many points as possible, in order. It is based around an attack/defend strategy where by once a capture point is taken the players remaining move forward to the following point. Each game of Siege will consist of five rounds, the team that has the most points captured at the end of their five attacking rounds will win the map.

As an attacking team your objective is to capture all five points as they become available, or alternatively, eliminate all of the defending team at the current capture point. Attackers who are eliminated during this process will not respawn until the end of the round. Attackers also gain one point of armour per round for example; round one all attackers will have one point of armour, and round two they will have two points, increasing proportionately per round. The defending team will have only one armour point throughout each round, but will respawn every time an objective is cleared.

Weapon Types:

Unlike other game modes, players have the option at the start of each round to choose what type of weapon they would like to use. Attackers may choose to use either the rail gun or the rocket launcher, while defenders can either use a rocket launcher or a nucleus.

A rocket launcher provides four charges reloading at a steady pace throughout the game, each one removing one point of armour, however the rocket itself has a fair amount of travel time in the air and thus is harder to land.

Reload Speed: 1.59s
Fire Speed: 0.25s
Range: 18 blocks
Max Ammo: 4

A rail gun provides one charge that will reload consistently throughout the game. This weapon will instantly eliminate players on a successful hit with a more precise aim and less travel time on the projectile.

Reload Speed: 2.48s
Fire Speed: 0.31s
Range: ∞ blocks
Max Ammo: 1

A nucleus provides two charges that reload slowly, compared to the other weapons, throughout the game. It has a much larger hitbox, hitting multiple players as the projectile explodes. This make it easier to take out multiple attackers during confined places, such as a tunnel. If the projectile hits a wall it will stick to the wall for several seconds before exploding. The nucleus also removes one point of armour.

Reload Speed: 3.96s
Fire Speed: 0.29s
Range: 5.5 blocks
Max Ammo: 2


When it comes to tips the first subject that springs to mind is weapon choice, personally I prefer a rocket launcher for both attacking and defending. The reload time on the Nucleus is very long in comparison to the other weapons, I also found generally enemy players had enough awareness not to stand next to a Nucleus waiting to explode. 

When attacking I prefer the rocket launcher as defenders only have one armour throughout the entire round, so the instant kill shots are not so effective. When there are plenty of people playing I found that bursts of rockets were more effective against larger numbers than a rail gun.

As far as Siege goes it’s been by far the most hectic and fast paced modes I've played. Depending on the amount of players on your server, you can pretty much be bombarded with thirty or more rockets at once (the probability of all the opposing team firing their rockets at the same time is small, but none the less possible!). Siege is perfect for new players both to the Shootmania series or first person shooters. The rounds are quick (about 5 minutes) and there’s plenty of targets to shoot at. If you’re looking for a mode to practice dodging incoming projectiles, aiming your rail gun, or just want to play with friends, I'd highly recommend Shootmania Siege.