A Guide On Aggressive Duo Lanes



Mon 9th Jul 2018 - 7:45pm

A key part of early game Smite is pressure, especially in the duo lane. It may not be as important as previous seasons, but it can influence games. If you are working closely with your support, you can be aggressive to gain a massive advantage early on and use this to "bully" the opposition out of lane early. The best things to look for are early pressure gods for both the ADC and the support but this is just the start of it. I will be looking at what you need to do to be aggressive in lane and how to survive against high pressure comps.  

Applying Pressure and Avoiding Ganks  

Some would say you need to get one or two early kills make aggressive lanes work, but that isn't necessary. If you can force the enemy duo lane under tower for most of the early game, you will find that will be enough to still be aggressive and dictate the pacing of the lane. Getting a kill on either member of the duo lane is helpful in gaining pressure and a lead, but it isn't vital for you to be aggressive... unless they have an aggressive comp as well. If they do, shut them down! If you can put pressure and force them under tower, it will allow you to take most of the farm on the duo side of the jungle. Purple, oracles and enemy red are all there for you. Dip into the jungle and quickly grab them before returning to lane.

If you're able to take each of these camps while you're pushing them under tower, it will get you ahead in farm and give your team more control on that side of the map. Just be aware of the enemy mid and jungle (especially if you're going for red) as you could get collapsed on. Another benefit of dipping into the jungle is that you may pull the enemy duo lane out of tower and into the wave, so you can look at getting kills on them there (especially if you're ahead).   

Neith was in the wrong neighbourhood...

It's the little things that can get you a lead in the duo lane, so it's important to keep an eye on as much as you can. Minions do a fair bit of damage early game (not as much as they used to, but enough for you to notice) so share minion aggro while clearing. ADCs, just because you have a tank, it doesn't mean they can take wave after wave of minion aggro in the early game, even with Guardian's Blessing. Do them a favour and take a bit of it while you're fighting. Tanking the melee minions as the wave comes in and let the support take the archers, or vice versa. This will balance the poke you receive and allow both of you to keep attacking the enemy team wave after wave. Maybe you'll get a kill or two after it as well.  

One massive thing that you will need to do while being aggressive is watch out for rotations. Keeping an eye on the map as much as possible will help you be aware of the enemy jungler and mid, because for some reason the mid and jungler stay together on the enemy team. Wards will help this as well. No, it is not "the support's job". It's everyone's job to ward. Remember the more coverage you have on the map, the easier it gets to see where the enemy team is. That way you'll get less "Where did he come from?," and more, "OK. Get out now, the team's rotating on you," and I don’t know about you, but I prefer the latter option.  

I know it's probably boring to hear about wards a lot, but they will save you from so many rotations

Early Game Pressure Gods    

For ADCs, the best gods to look for are ones that work well off your support's CC or can provide a bit of CC themselves to apply the needed aggression. Top hunters in the meta (in 5.11) can both transition into late game well and provide a lot of aggression early game.

Once Chernobog hits level 3, he can control the lane well and provide a good amount of aggression early with his passive. Combine him with an upgraded Sprint on the support and you can basically get a kill when it's off cooldown (the sprint, not his combo). He also has a lot of survivability with his dash and his ult, meaning you can be aggressive and get out of tight situations if you need to.

Another strong hunter in the meta is Xbalanque. His 1 can provide a little bit of poke in the lane so, with the rest of his kit, he is able to control the tempo of the laning phase. Match him with a support that can set up easy poke for him and you'll be laughing in lane. He is able to use his dash to get himself out of tricky situations and his ult is great for either initiating or falling back from an incoming gank, as the enemy team either must stand still for a split second or get stunned, which works in his favour.

Another two gods that do work well for early game are Hachiman and Ullr. Both provide good early poke and work well in the early game. Add a support that can deal damage and provide plenty of CC and it is easy for them to play aggressive. Ullr does go through a lot of mana before he gets Transendance online though, so that is something to keep an eye on. Hachi is easy to gank if he doesn’t have his ult, so they aren't quite top tier but may still be useful in aggressive comps. 

Chernobog has a strong kit and can put a lot of pressure on you in the lane

Now for the supports, there are a lot of choices, from traditional Guardians like Terra, Kumba, Athena, etc., to Warriors or Mages like Guan or Nox. There are a lot of possibilities for this to work in a team comp, but it does depend what the rest of the team picks for it to work. I have seen unconventional supports work well in aggressive lanes, although it does require both you and your ADC to be on the same wavelength. However, the normal Guardian supports work as well. Terra, with her CC, is great for an ADC to poke alongside and when it is time to go for the kill, she is a very strong pick. Athena may even be stronger then Terra as she provides as much CC and has a global ult.

Kumba is another. He may not be one of the top supports but the control he provides for an ADC is great for early game pressure and it allows you to be aggressive in the lane. Plus, his passive is a great distraction for you to use to get the ADC out of the fight... it's for the greater good, of course. This doesn't mean you can't bring out some "spicy" picks in the duo lane though. Nox is a great pick because of her root and silence, Erlang is another fun one because of his recent buffs. My mate and I tried Ah Puch support and that worked weirdly well (for a few games, but still it worked). If you want to play an aggressive comp, don't be afraid to pick up something weird and bring it into lane because it may just work (just tell your lane partner first).  

Athena's CC makes her great for aggressive comps

Fighting Against Aggressive Duos  

If your picking more for late game aggression, you may face an enemy team that will be a lot more aggressive then you or have a comp that works better in the early game. This isn't time to panic or give up on the game straight away. With how Smite works, early leads can get out of hand but it isn't "gg" straight away when you're struggling in lane. Sometimes it's better to give up control just to make sure you don't die. I know they're taking purple but if you don't have vision on it, they will probably just kill you and then you've lost purple, a few waves, and your life. We both know you don't want that. If you're behind as an ADC because of an aggressive comp, don't panic. Just let your support rotate so you can get more XP and gold and just get them to ward up so you can watch for rotations. This way, at least the support can help out with pressure in other lanes so long as they remember to come back every now and then. Either that or just hold out till you can get a gank from the jungler.

So long as you can survive under tower, you won't be giving the enemy duo lane a hefty lead

Hopefully this will help you be more aggressive in the duo lane or help you defending and fighting against these comps.  

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