How To: Improve Your Smite Gameplay



Tue 5th Nov 2013 - 7:22pm

Smite is changing. It’s all about the little things now: last hits, who to kill, and when. When you can die. When to take the next jungle camp. When to dive, and when to retreat.

All these things are so essential in refining your gameplay that it might not be so apparent at first.

Let’s go to the dual lane.

Farming is so essential to Smite right now. The rules of economy have changed, and now you might not be able to see your full build unless the clock ticks for a long time, especially if you’re in the dual lane. So tanks, you must let your ADC get the last hit on minions. ADCs, you have to make sure that you’re getting those last hits, or else the Watcher’s Gift your tank has will not be worth his gold.

This lane is where the teamwork originates: if the dual lane works as a team, then their lane will be successful and help their team greatly. Not instantly using all your abilities on a minion wave might be counter intuitive, but if you are playing a guardian or a support, you have to remember that you’re supporting your ADC. If you have trouble getting last hits as an ADC, practice, or let your tank soften the minion wave first.

Go to a practice joust against Ra and when the minion wave comes, watch. See the enemy minions get low, then auto attack or use an ability to clear the wave. The timing and damage of your attack is important, and you should hear a little gold clink when you’ve scored the last hit. Make sure that you are still able to do this while the enemy team is pressuring you, and you’ll be golden.

Ymir is here!


Middle and solo lanes, the name of the game is denial. Out push your opponent. Put as many minions into his tower as you can, as any minions the tower hits (even once) will grant him no gold. While feeding the jungler is not a good thing, it’s not the end of the world to die a couple of times early on. With the new rules, you can regain that gold by farming right back up (don’t forget to grab the mid camps when your opponent isn’t looking). And rest assured that even if they do kill you again, the joke’s on them since your death after a death streak is worth less gold. They’ve wasted their resources and time grabbing a kill that ultimately won’t benefit them. Of course, stay safe, and if you’re playing League, wards won’t hurt you.

If you’re the lucky one in the jungle, then pick your fights wisely. Taking advantage of a gankable lane is less effective now. The more you kill a certain lane, the less gold you get from it. Check the scoreboard often, and see which enemy is on a kill streak. If you can kill that enemy, then you will have halted their rampage and earned yourself a pretty penny, not to mention giving your allies a sigh of relief. But be wary! As you gain kills, your bounty will increase, and the last thing you want to do is to give the enemy jungle or solo lane a small fortune from your death. Sometimes, they can keep themselves in the game from that one kill. Stay in the shadows and return to farming as soon as the gank is over to secure your lead. Having trouble keeping track of when the jungle camps respawn? Keep timers to remind you when the middle furies and buff camps respawn, or watch Team Dignitas’s Drew ‘Lassiz’ Boyd’s stream to see his jungle route.

Artemis, wanted dead or alive.

A fed Artemis is nothing to mess around with, and should be focused down as soon as possible.

The god with the most bounty should be the first to die on the enemy team, and the last to fall on your team. While death comes for all, being aware of how your teammates are doing is essential to being successful. If you notice as a support that your ADC is low in gold, have a visit to the middle fury camp.

Check in with your middle lane, see if there’s any gank potential, or help your jungler clear a camp. The new rules of gold put the dual lane at a slight disadvantage, and having a few moments of solo farming experience is essential if your ADC is behind. Similarly, targets on a kill streak should be prioritized. Focus down that 12-2 Bakasura and your team will be rewarded with gold, and the potential to kill the other enemies as their most fed god is dead. If you notice that your Apollo is on a kill streak and you are not doing so hot, try to keep him safe and deny the opposing team that important kill.

It’s not selfish to run when you’re fed and at low health, just make sure that backup is coming or that you can rejoin the fight immediately (by teleporting to a tower or a ward after healing). Working as a team means that some people have to make sacrifices. But making decisions like that is like choosing the better of two bad options: preferably no one dies, but if someone does, it should be the god who is worth the least amount of money.

He will cut your life strings.

It is these little adjustments and decisions that can elevate your game and take you from a good player to a great player. As a support or a guardian character, you must be willing to take the fall for your ADC and restrain yourself from last hitting. As an ADC, you also have to protect your support by putting damage on anyone who comes near him. If you’re in the jungle, listening to your laning allies as well as looking at the scoreboard will help you gank when they’re ready for it.

Respect each other, and help each other if someone is behind. By understanding the mechanics and economic systems of Smite, you will begin to understand why: why someone is behind or ahead, why ganking a certain lane is a better idea than ganking another lane, why someone can be so fed but have no gold, why sometimes, it is not the amount of kills that decide a game, but the quality.

Please feel free to leave your comments below telling me what little things you can do to become a better Smite player!  Lassiz streams on Smite Pro (1pm - 4pm EST) and on his personal stream.