PvT Series: The Late Game



Wed 12th Sep 2012 - 5:52pm

This is part three of my Protoss vs. Terran Series which will deal with PvT in the lategame. The first two articles which deal with early and midgame PvT, respectively, can be found below!

If you make it to the lategame in PvT things will definitely start to get really interesting. As more time goes by your army should start to get immensely powerful. It’s part of the reason I’m a big advocate of the double Forge method because Chrono Boosting your way to 3-3 will give you a significant advantage in upgrades over your opponent.

Now, in order to be effective at all in any battles you need to, as always, scout your opponent! See what army composition he is going for! It’s crucial because if you assume he’s just going to go heavy Marauder or so and you were to only make Immortals, then if he shows up with a Marine ball, you are going to have a bad time.

Send an observer, it doesn’t really matter if it gets scanned and taken out (although it’s way nicer if it doesn’t) and find his army with it and look at the core of his composition. Is it heavy bio? Is it Mech based? You need to know this before you really start committing to your army.

Terran Army

If you see a standard Marine/Marauder/Medivac composition you’ll be more than safe going for a bunch of Colossus with a few Immortals and Gateway units as backup. You’ll basically walk your way to a victory. Where you run into trouble are when they throw in Ghosts and you didn’t even realize! Always look for Ghosts because EMPs can literally make the last 20 minutes you spent getting to your army effectively useless. 1 good EMP can literally cripple your entire army. Sniping Ghosts is incredibly crucial to surviving lategame. If you see Ghosts on the field you should try and split your army. Now, I definitely realize this is a technique that takes some skill to do effectively, but it really just takes practice! Forcing your opponent to hit 3 great EMPs can be a lot trickier than letting him drop 1 on your deathball.

As awesome as Colossus are, I am actually not the biggest fan of them. To me, they always feel some flimsy and vulnerable. Especially in PvT where Vikings can utterly obliterate a Colossus force. I’m a much bigger fan of using High Templar because they serve such a great and wide variety of purposes! 


Feedback: this spell is probably really underused by lower level players but definitely should be incorporated more! Feedback drains all the energy a unit has and converts it to damage. It is a phenomenal spell for rendering Medivacs effectively useless. Another great use of Feedback is actually when Terran goes for a strong Mech build with Thors or Banchsees. Thors have 400 HP and 200 energy and seeing as almost no one ever researches the 250mm Strike Cannon upgrade the Thors just accumulate energy for no reason. One Feedback can drop a Thor’s health by 50%. Pretty good I’d say!

Psionic Storm: Storm is fantastic for ravaging heavy bio armies. But again, make sure your Templar don’t get EMP’d! Throwing down a few storms can actually be done in a defensive manner just to buy you a few extra seconds. Just remember though, Storms don’t stack! So just because you have 2 on top of each other doesn’t mean you’re doing twice as much damage! So save your energy!


Archon: another fantastic ability of the High Templar is the ability to convert two into an Archon. Archons do splash damage and do bonus damage to biological units. Not to mention the fact that Archons have 350 Shields! They make great tanks as they can absorb a lot of damage and do a ton in return! A great unit to have in your composition!

I know so many people swear by the Colossus but I just feel like High Templar are a much more flexible unit to have in your composition. Plus, Colossus are so predictable as the immediate tech rush that actually going for Templar can totally throw off your opponent.

I do realize that Squirtle had a 6 Gate 2 Colossus all in that was seemingly devastating against Terran which I will analyze in the future though to so you Colossus fans some love!

Another crucial aspect of lategame PvT is managing expansions! As I’ve mentioned in the previous two articles, Terran can make so many macro Orbitals to saturate and deplete bases so quickly so you need to be aware! Having good Pylon placement around the map and constantly sending Observers or even Zealots to scout the various expansions will keep you aware of how much mining your opponent is doing!


Once you find a base, I tend to like using Warp Prisms to deal with them. Many Terrans leave their ninja expansions un-defended so just using a full warp in to kill all the MULEs and maybe the Command Centre (if you’re lucky) is all you really need to do!

To be honest, I feel that managing your opponent’s expansions is more crucial to winning a game than matching his army. Because in a straight up engagement, most Protoss armies will crush their Terran counterpart so you need to make sure that they don’t have the money to back up their infrastructure! And that’s part of the reason why Terran can almost feel invincible. When playing against a Zerg or a Protoss the reinforcements always come in waves. Whether it be through Larva or Warpgate cycles, Terran however, just seems to endlessly stream units in your base and in your face. Stopping their influx of income will put this to a grinding halt as most Terrans build a staggering amount of production facilities.

That pretty much sums it all up. Scouting is always crucial to basically any strategy but managing expansions is so vital! You need to stop their mining! And kill MULEs whenever possible because even though they cost no minerals to make they are far more efficient miners!