Interview with Young-ho "Flash" Lee



Thu 25th Oct 2012 - 9:22pm

Everyone knows Young-ho "Flash" Lee from team KT Rolster, or at least heard of him. His matches during his Broodwar days amazed spectators and always made fans want more. With the help of KeSPA I got a golden opportunity to interview the phenom, and see how he views his transition into StarCraft 2.



Everyone has different training habits going in and out of a tournament, what are yours?

Flash: Umm, I practice hard for all tournaments. I never focus on a specific tournament, I just focus on the game itself. I try to play my best in every game.


Now recently you have been in a slew of tournaments like; GSL, OSL, and MLG's MvP. You had mixed results, what's your view on your recent preformance?

Flash: It was my first season in SC2 and I am satisfied, but there are no limits to human greed. I really feel absent in the tournaments I dropped out in, but since I'm almost ready for SC2, I can show you guys better play for next seasons.


Do you think that eventually you'll dominate the scene?

Flash: Yes, I'm sure it will be like in SC1; if I keep practicing hard, then I believe I'll be the one standing on top like I did in SC1.


When can we expect you to particapate in foreign tournaments?

Flash: That is the one thing I was lacking in BW (attending foreign tournaments), I'll try to attend as many as possible starting from MvP (MLG vs Proleague) :)


With different expansions on the horizon where do you see yourself in 1-2 years?

Flash: I'll be the best in every possible aspect in the game ^^


In recent days some players recently have spoken out about Heart of the Swarm, saying that if Blizzard does not take action StarCraft 2 will die as an eSport. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Flash: Since I have started playing SC2, these kind of opinions are really sad. I can't tell which are correct and which are not but a lot of people/companies will try hard to fix this, so there will be an answer soon (hopefully??)


Here are some questions from the community;

From Frozenfuryblade: "How do you view the eSports Federation players? There has been a lot of talk about them as "dish washers", how do you feel about this controversy and who do you think the best eSports Federation players are?"

Flash: "Dish washers" is just a joke to make people laugh about, no one would lie about the fact that federation players are really good. And I believe LG-IM MVP is the best from federation.


From vicml21: "How do you feel you've transitioned to SC2 so far (from BW), and how much more do you think you can learn/improve upon? "

Flash: For now, I love to try new things and I'll need another year to learn this game lol. I think I'll be at place that I won't lose to anyone in 1 year.


From silent_owl: "How do you place yourself compared to GSL players now that you have finished your first GSL experience?"

Flash: I'm at mid-low at GSL right now, I didn't show anything yet. I'll try harder for the next GSL.


From red4ce: "Prior to attending MLG did you ever imagine having a large foreign fan base?"

Flash: I am really thankful for it and I want to learn English too, but I don't have time for it yet. I really want to say thanks to foreign fans, I never expected that many of fans support me. I will attend MLG this November so I expect to see more foreign supporters and talk with them.


From vpatrickd: "We recently had a Kespa player: Sea, joining a foreign team: Team Liquid, which is quite a feat. If you can join a foreign team, would you? Why and why not? And which team?"

Flash: If I can transfer to non-Kespa teams, I want to go to TL or EG. I want to practice freely and attend tournaments world-wide someday.


One last thing from the community "Flash Fighting!". Thank you very much again for the interview, I hope you enjoyed it. Is there anything you would like to say?

Flash: It was great honor to meet foreign fans and doing interviews and thank you for cheering all the time. I'll see you soon on international tournaments and I'll show my best so please cheer for me again! Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed reading the interview, I would like to personally thank my KeSPA contact Seungyoun Lee, I would also like to thank my translator Jack Hwang for doing the translations very quickly and being helpful throughout the process. Next Interview will be with Jaedong so stay tuned for more!