Interview with Ostojiy: "In WoL, the mothership is still a huge issue"



Mon 29th Oct 2012 - 6:41pm

I had the privilage of being able to interview one of  the best players in North America. Christopher 'Ostojiy' Ostojic of Team Gosu is an up and coming player even though he is still in school. He has a lot of opinions and he shared them with me, so I hope you enjoy the read.


Every player has his own way of preparing for a tournament, how do you prepare?

Ostojiy: It depends on the tournament, with something like MLG where you can face literally anybody I usually do a lot of ladder. With an invitational tournament or something with group play its a bit easier to do customs as you know what matchups and styles you will be facing off against. Most recently, for WCS I prepared a lot by seeing which players I thought I would have the most trouble with a preparing builds for them (scarlett in particular after she beat me twice in WCS Canada).

Recently you haven’t played in any offline tournaments, what are the upcoming tournaments you're attending?

Ostojiy: WCS North America/MLG Raleigh was my last tournament for a little while. As many people know, I have forfeited my spot in the WCS World Championship in order to focus on school. This was an unfortunately timed event, I certainly plan on playing competitively for a while longer. As for my next event, it really depends on how my school schedule works out for this year. I'm doing 8.25 credits this year (5 is standard) so I have a hard time finding weekends free. Hopefully I will be able to compete offline more in 2013!

Do you think you are capable of winning a premier tournament right now?

Ostojiy: A tournament like MLG would be almost impossible for me to win with my current endurance, mental discipline and skill level. I always try to improve myself and have certainly brought myself a lot closer to becoming a competitor for a lot of major tournaments, but as with many North American players, there is a long way to go!

Will you be the best player in North America before you retire?

Ostojiy: Being the 'best player' is certainly a subjective title and fluctuates a lot. I think that there are certain parts of my gameplay/style that nobody in North America can top, but my overall play is not quite at the level where I would make that claim. Before I lost 1-4 to Scarlett I thought I had the best ZvZ on the continent, and it’s still pretty darn good!

Have you been able to play any of the HOTS beta? What do you think of it?

Ostojiy I've played a bit of HOTS, but have been focusing a lot on WoL since I know the expansion will change a lot before it is released. From what I've seen there are a few potential balance issues, but overall some interesting dynamics have been added to the game. I eagerly await the finished product, hopefully it will deal with some of the big issues that are currently affecting the WoL metagame like ZvP endgame, as well as PvP and ZvT as a whole.

What do you think of the drama that has been circling around the community?

Ostojiy: I think with regards to the individuals that started some of this stuff, they are pretty immature and melodramatic, and their comments should take with a grain of salt. With regards to SC2 declining as an eSport, I see a lot of room for improvement in the game/scene. Blizzard needs to step up a lot.

WCS has been amazing so far and HoTS may help bring back casuals, but ultimately the majority of my high-school or university friends that played StarCraft quit a long time ago. If the casual scene can be reinvigorated then we may see the competitive scene reach the level that LoL has gotten. I don't think that LoL or DOTA2 are better games, I think that they get better viewership/sponsors because more people enjoy playing those games. .

What unit do you think needs to be changed the most for the better of the game?

Ostojiy: In WoL, the mothership is still a huge issue. Yes, it is necessary to balance the game, but makes the matchup unenjoyabal to play and watch since it incites turtle-fests and 1 misclick can end a 60 minute game. In order to fix this unit the whole game needs to be rebalanced, since you would have to nerf broodlords/infestors in order to remove the MS. I really hope HoTS fixes this issue as I stated above!

Where do you think you will be in a few years?

Ostojiy: My plan right now is to finish my undergraduate business degree and reassess my gaming career. If I decide I am capable of competitng at the top level I may take a year off to play full time after my first degree. Regardless, I ultimately plan on going to law school as that is a field which I have great interest in. So ideally progamer, but law school may be the most sensible option for me.

How do you think being on Team Gosu has helped you as a player?

Ostojiy: So I've been on Its GoSu for the majority of my professional career and have seen the team develop alongside myself. I've made a lot of friends and practice partners within the organization and look forward to the future of the team. So many North American teams have disbanded recently that it is important to look at the bottom line and try to find ways to make an eSports team a viable business. I think that its GoSu is working well towards that despite not having the deep pockets of Quantic or EG.

Alright! Thanks and now you can plug yourself in!

Ostojiy: Thanks everyone for reading! Shoutout to my team and our sponsors, hopefully you guys continue to support us! Follow me on twitter @ostojiy, and I look forward to competing in more events in the future!