An Interview With Liquid Zenio: "I think brood lord + infestor is OP but it can be beaten"



Sun 11th Nov 2012 - 4:06pm

I had the most incredible chance to interview a Team Liquid player in Zenio. He is an ex-BW player that has a thirst for succes and he has the skill to achieve it. He is currently fighting for a spot in Code A in the GSL qualifiers and with a little luck he can achieve his goal. He has been practicing hard so watch out for him in tournaments. 

Editor's note: Zenio did not want to use a translator so he could practice his English. We made some small edits but left most of it intact.


How do you prepare for tournaments?

Zenio: I usually play a lot of ladder,  if I know about who is my opponent and map I  play custom games with teammates.


You haven’t been in many foreign tournaments, do you plan on attending some soon?

Zenio: Actually I have been in many foreign tournaments but I failed at MLG and IPL open bracket so you feel like that.


Do you think you are capable of winning a premier tournament right now?

Zenio: Nowadays I practice a lot so I think I can be winner.


What do you think of zerg in the meta game?

Zenio: I think brood lord + infestor is OP but it can be beaten they come out.


How should Blizzard fix the infestor or should it be fixed at all?

Zenio: I think if fungal changes to a fire a missile it would be ok (like a grenade).


What are the best parts of starcraft 2, and what do you miss from BW?

Zenio: Nice graphic is best part and I miss BGM (music) of BW.


You soon have GSL Code A, how do you think you will do?

Zenio: I have confidence and I prepared a lot I hope for good result.


How has Team Liquid helped you as a player?

Zenio: My team gives me good gear and helping me economically.


Where do you think you will be in a few years?

Zenio: I wanna making a lot of money and I wanna speak english well.


I wish you good luck in GSL and future tournaments! Do you have any sponsors you want to shout out?

Zenio: I always feel thankful to Team Liquid and thx for good gear and I think deathadder is best mouse.