Examining the PUBG 1.0 update



Thu 14th Dec 2017 - 10:05pm

We've been waiting a long time for this day, the PUBG 1.0 patch has finally been released on test servers and will be released onto the live servers on the 20th of December. Bluehole has announced many different new items, vehicles, a new map and optimization changes before the patch got released and we got all of those in the 3rd wave of testing. In this article, we'll be going through every relevant change that has an impact on the game in any way and analyze them as much as we can. Let's not waste any more time and get into the analyzation!

Gameplay changes

There were a bunch of gameplay changes, we'll be breaking them down for you into different sections.

The first gameplay change that we'll talk about is the much-anticipated desert map! This map consists of 71% land, 9,5% unreachable terrain (due to cliffs/mountains) and 21,5% water. The map features 14 medium to very large scale cities with the biggest city being the southern Los Leones, this city is around 4x bigger than Yasnaya Polyana on the original map. On the outskirts of the map and normally empty parts between the different cities, many small villages fill up that otherwise unused space, just be careful that you even reach those places with the bumpy terrain that Miramar is infamous for.

Miramar has a few exclusive items bound to it, let's get into those items first.

The first new item we'll be talking about is the replacement for the R1895 Revolver. The R45 Revolver is a weapon that is very loud but also very deadly. This weapon has 6 shots per clip, higher accuracy and faster reload speed than it's R1895 counterpart. The R45 can't have any attachment on the front but has support for a Red Dot Sight to be put on top.

The second new item is a Winchester 94. This weapon is not a replacement for any other weapon but is unique for the playstyle it requires. This weapon loads like an R1895 Revolver and shoots .45 ACP rounds, 1 round at a time. The Winchester 94 has no support for any attachments and requires you to have good aiming and recoil control to even be viable. For now, it's worth trying the gun out but I wouldn't recommend it to prioritize it over any other Assault Rifle.

The third and last new item is the Sawed-Off shotgun that you may have used in other games already. This is the only shotgun that fits in the slot where your pistol normally goes and spawns with 5 to 10 shells instead of 10 to 20 shells. The Sawed-Off uses 2 shells per clip and has the same reload speed as the S686 shotgun, the only downside it has is that it shoots slower than the S686.

The other changes to certain already existing weapons, attachments or damage were:
• The Kar98k and M24 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles that use 7.62mm ammunition got buffed damage-wise, the AWM got nerfed damage-wise.
• Overall, Sniper Rifle damage on the Torso has been increased by 10% so take that into account with the other Sniper Rifle changes.
• All scopes now have a blur around them when aiming down the sight so you can't use them as Binoculars anymore.
• The bullet drop of weapons shooting on targets that are at a distance of 300 meters and further now has increased bullet drop and takes air resistance into account.
• The amount of damage that you deal on each part of the enemies' body has been reworked and improved, image below.

New vehicles that fit other playstyles.

The desert map has also brought us 3 new vehicles, 2 new vehicles that transport you over land (you can actually feel and hear these vehicles change gears!) and one vehicle that transports you over water in a very different way than the normal boat.

The first vehicle is a Ford Rhino inspired Pick-Up that comes in 3 colors and spawns with or without a soft top. This terrain vehicle replaces the UAZ on Miramar but is a more well-rounded vehicle than the UAZ. The Pick-Up is the best vehicle currently available to drive through the desert without receiving almost any damage except for when you're getting shot at. This vehicle has the best springs in the game allowing you to make big jumps and drive over bumpy terrain with ease. At higher speeds, you should be careful with this vehicle when you're getting chased because the back wheels tend to slip a lot.

The second vehicle is the Van, a car heavily inspired by the Volkswagen Vans from the 1960s. This vehicle feels more like a gimmick than the other vehicles but actually has a lot of potential. The Van isn't very fast but has a lot of HP going for it. The HP level of this vehicle is around 1.5x greater than all of the other vehicles and has small windows so it's not easy to hit someone that's inside of the vehicle. Use this vehicle to breach compounds that are being camped and less as an all-round transport vehicle due to its low speed.

The third and final new vehicle is the Aquarail, a wooden Jet-Ski. We finally got an alternative to the boat to travel over water! This Jet-Ski can seat 2 players and has a higher maximum speed than the normal boat. The Jet-Ski is very useful to use as a getaway vehicle due to the high speed that it can maintain and the short turn angle compared to the boat. The downside of this vehicle is that it leaves you vulnerable when you're using it and when you eject from the Jet-Ski it provides almost no extra cover to hide behind.

Movement, sound and optimization changes.

The way you move around the new map is very different with vaulting and climbing having been added. The new map "Miramar" has been designed so you can really feel the difference that vaulting and climbing makes. The effect of crouch jumping compared to before Patch 1.0 has almost completely been negated, but be mindful when you're vaulting through windows that you will break them. Miramar has a lot of places that are higher up from the ground where loot still spawns, so be creative on how to get up on those looting spots. Vaulting and climbing isn't a perfectly working though, the responsiveness won't always work out the way you want to and when your player is performing the animation you can't defend yourself.

Next up, we have the sounds that have had a major revamp in this patch. All of the vehicles have a different sound now so be ready to adapt to all of the new sounds to know which vehicle is coming your way, the vehicles sound more realistic and it's easier to distinguish the sound of a vehicle when it's using its turbo and when it's not.

The Red Zone's sound got reworked and there were 2 new sounds added. The 2 new sounds include the bombs being released from a currently invisible flying unit, and the bombs falling until they detonate on the ground. This gives you an indication of when you should hide inside a building to optimize your time looting.

Last but not least the game got optimized in many different ways. Most of the optimization being done for client performance. In my games, I've had an increase of around 15 to 20 frames per second and no frame drops at all compared to before. Crashes have increased drastically on the current test servers so expect to not have as good of a time compared to its release on the 20th of December.


This patch essentially updated all parts of the game, but there's still a long way to go I feel like. This update has added a lot of content but these aren't all set in stone yet. Expect changes to happen like even more new features/additions to the game or overpowered exploits to be removed from the game. For now, I would recommend anyone who has enough interest in the new patch to hop onto the test servers and check it out for yourself, just keep in mind that the lag will impact your experience. If you wish to read the patch notes from the 1.0 update, click here.

I wish you the best of luck trying out the new features and maybe even winning your first Battle Royale on the test servers in Miramar. 

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