Interview With FlipSid3 Tactics RL Captain - Miztik



Tue 9th Oct 2018 - 9:12pm

David 'Miztik' Lawrie is a Professional Rocket League player for FlipSid3 Tactics. The 22-year old Scottish player started his Rocket League career in 2016 with Spectral and has played for other such teams as Mock-It Esports and Northern Gaming. He has placed in numerous events and tournaments, including 1st in RLCS 3 Europe and DreamHack Summer 2017. 

You began your Rocket League career in 2016. What was the initial appeal to you and what had you been playing beforehand that took up most of your time? 

Miztik: Prior to Rocket League, I was playing a ton of H1Z1. I was streaming that game to 3 viewers for 12 hours a day in the months leading up to me picking up Rocket League. I found Rocket League through summit1g's stream on Twitch and I convinced two of my friends at the time to buy it and play with me. I found the game way more appealing than they did and it didn't take long for Rocket League to take over my H1Z1 obsession.

You joined FlipSid3 Tactics in summer of 2017. How would you describe your time with them so far and what was the process like in bringing you aboard? 

Miztik: My time with F3 started off perfectly and slowly fizzed out over time. We won our debut LAN in Sweden for DreamHack and we all hoped that it was the start of a long and successful lineup. That tournament at DH was basically my trial to join the squad and of course, when we picked up the win, I was signed immediately afterwards so it was a simple transition from there. I will mention that Markydooda and myself had previously wanted to team up multiple times in the past, but it never came to fruition until that point.

Currently, you and the team are 3-2 in RLCS 6. How do you feel you and the team are playing thus far and are there any specific things you guys are trying to work on going forward? 

Miztik: My feelings towards our current form go back and forth. Sometimes I feel like we are on the verge of being unstoppable and then sometimes I'll stare at my ceiling wondering what our team did to deserve to be so inconsistent... We're all on the same page for improvements we will carry out going forward but I'll keep that between F3 for obvious reasons.

With the end of the season closing in and two games coming up this weekend, what has practice/training been like? How often are you guys playing and getting scrims in? 

Miztik: As of now, we're scrimming daily for the most part. We like to scrim a minimum of two RLCS teams per day. We find that amount gives us the best practice before we get sloppy and burn out. With it being the last week of league play, I think that all of us individually are making sure we're all mechanically ready for Sunday. Lots of training packs and free play.

Yukeo was picked up earlier this year after losing Markydooda. What has it been like with him on the team so far and how was the initial chemistry? 

Miztik: Kuxir and I were super excited to be picking up a new and hungry talent for our next season. Yukeo revitalized a lot of motivation for Kuxir and I with how much he played the game and how enthusiastic he was. We got our glorious honeymoon period when he first joined and we looked fantastic for a long time. Obviously at this point we've had our many ups and downs like every other team but we're all still hungry for success and feel great.

After not making LAN for Season 5, what was the takeaway from that experience? What plan was set in motion to improve play going into the next season? 

Miztik: Not managing to qualify for LAN is beyond devastating. I wouldn't wish that feeling of complete failure on my worst enemy. After we failed to qualify in Season 5, we all decided very quickly afterwards that we wanted to stick together and grind out the off-season to be ready for the next. We took our break and got right back to it. Shortly afterwards we managed to qualify for NARLI2 after a crazy tournament run. That moment was great for confidence and reassurance that we made the correct decision and I hope we have the same outcome for RLCS playoffs.

You’ve personally placed in numerous events and tournaments, such as 1st at DreamHack Summer 2017 and 2nd at RLCS Season 3 Europe. Which event has been the most memorable for you so far? 

Miztik: Our Dreamhack Sweden victory was easily the most memorable. There was nothing like lifting the trophy at that event after coming 2nd place at RLCS prior to DH. On top of that great feeling after winning I spent the entire event with amazing people and had a great night of celebrations afterwards.

Moving forward, which events are you personally looking forward to and do you see yourself hoisting that RLCS trophy someday? 

Miztik: Moving forward, I hope to be in a place where I can qualify for any LAN tournaments that come about. I definitely feel like my career is far from over and that someday I can lift that RLCS trophy. I have no reason to think we don't have a chance at lifting the trophy this season, let's hope we give it a good shot.

Are there any players or teams that you personally enjoy playing against? Also, if you made it to the Championship game, who would you really like to beat in order to win that trophy? 

Miztik: I'll always love playing against any other players from Scotland, so in this instance Scrub Killa will always give FlipSid3 a great match. For a championship match I'd love to play versus G2. They gave our previous lineup a thumping at DreamHack Atlanta last year and I've looked forward to revenge ever since. What better way for that to play out than rolling over them in the championship match.

What would you say has attributed the most to your personal success in Rocket League? Do you have any tips for fans out there that wish to someday play at the level you do? 

Miztik: I'd like to think that I have some natural talent for the game. Throughout my entire career I've always trailed in playtime to other pros but for the most part been on the same level. The game has been out for too long now for me to rely on any natural talent so for a while now I've just started working harder and harder to stay at the top. If you aspire to be a pro at this game, I'd recommend you be nice to other players that you come across while practicing. You never know who your future teammates might be.

Are there any signs of stopping for you or do you plan to stay pro in the Rocket League scene for years to come? 

Miztik: I have absolutely no intentions of stopping or slowing down with my career. I'm happy with my progress as an individual and still to this day I'm finding things to improve on, I don't think I'm close to my skill ceiling and I plan to only get better. I'm hoping I still have lots of years of competing ahead of me.

For the last question, something easy!  If you couldn’t pick RL, what other game would you choose to be a professional player in and why? 

Miztik: The only other game that comes to mind is CS:GO. I've always loved the idea of being a professional CS player, I even tried at one point a few years back. Best I done was winning a FACEIT cup, better than nothing right?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us!  Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to? 

Miztik: I have to give a massive shout out to Karma. She's helped me a bunch in and out of the game this season. It's great to have someone to remind me how trash I am every now and again.

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