Top 5 Plays of the Month #3: We Need Your Frags!



Sun 27th Jan 2013 - 6:22pm

Team Dignitas presents to you a new series on behalf of Alienware called Top 5 Plays of the Month. Our new series for you, starring you! We need short video clips of your frags which will be analysed and the best shall be put together into a Top 5 where the #3 video shall win a prize.

 Top 5 Plays of the Week

Frag (Definition from Urban Dictionary)

1a) noun. a slang term for a fragmentation hand grenade.
verb. "accidently" killing an officer who is incapable of leading troops by dropping a grenade on him.
verb. slang used to describe the act of eliminating an opponent with a fragmentation grenade.
verb. slang used by computer game players to describe the act of defeating another player.

- "toss a frag in the fox hole"
- "I heard Lt. Spears was fragged by his own men"
- "Frag them!"
"I fragged JohnnyBGood11 with a rocket"



- How Long Can My Clip Be?

Your clip must be a maximum of 90 seconds, if it isn't then you must edit the clip to fit this time.

- Which Games Can The Clips Be In?

We will accept frags from any game!

- Where Do I Send My Clip?

First upload your clip to and then email it to [email protected] with your nickname and email address.

- How Is The Winner Decided?

The winner is picked for being the most awesome frag/awesome clip we recieve in the month, so we like narrow escapes, explosions and those moments that drop jaws etc. Be creative!

- What Is The Deadline?

Every week you have until last day of the month to get your frags in to us then the Top 5 shall be put up on our YouTube channel and the winner contacted. So if you don't win this week keep trying!

- Can I give it some post-editing and give it my own style?

Leave all the post-editing to us so no fancy editing or crazy lights please, all you need to do is make sure it fits in the 90 seconds length we ask. Leave the rest to us!

- Is There A Minimum Resolution?

Yes 720 or 1080p only please :-)


What Is The Prize For This Month?

Courtesy of Corsair the prize for this week shall be a Vengeance® MM200 Gaming Mouse Mat XL Edition so get sending. Don't forget there is a prize every month so keep trying!

Corsair MM200 

I'm Still Not Sure What to Do?

Check out our video below on How To Make A Frag Clip for all the information you will need!

Last Months Winner:

Congratulations to MightyMe who won themselves a Soundblaster Recon3D Sound card

So send us those clips remember you have until the end of the month to get them to us. If you want to give us your feedback or comments get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.