Alienware Cup #34: Team Fortress 2



Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 6:19pm

Next Saturday we will host another Team Fortress 2 cup, proudly sponsored by Alienware. 32 teams are able to compete in this cup and it is open to all, so don't hesitate to sign up your squad!

This time teams will be competing for a £500 cash prize and games are set to be played on Saturday 17th August starting at 19:00 CET. The check-in starts at 18:00 CET and check-in is done using first come first serve, so don't forget to be on the cup chat.

The VanillaTV crew will be casting this tournament on so don't forget to tune in for some Saturday evening TF2 action.

Cup page and brackets


How do I sign up?
Make a comment on this newspost with your name, nation and IRC nickname. You are expected to idle #dignitas.cup on Quakenet (Chat) 1 hour minutes before the cup starts.

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Tournament Details
Game: Team Fortress 2 6on6
Teams: 32
Map pool: badlands, gullywash, snakewater, process, granary and viaduct
Cup date: Saturday 17th August
Check-in: 18:00 - 19:00 CET on Saturday
Starting time: 19:00 CET at #dignitas.cup
Brackets: here
Stream: the VanillaTV crew will be casting on
IRC: #dignitas.cup
Admin: Sui

Prize Pool: £500*

- Team Fortress 2, 6vs6
- Map pool: badlands, gullywash, snakewater, process, granary and viaduct
- All rounds BO1 with set maps, except for the Grand Final which is BO3.
- Vanilla rules
- Allowed Weapons: Standard weapons, Blutsauger, Kritzkrieg, Übersaw, Crusader’s Crossbow, Overdose, Gunboats, Boston Basher, Escape Plan, Pain Train
- ETF2L Config settings
- All teams must check-in between 18:00 CET and 19:00 CET to participate in the cup.
- In case of a map draw, a golden cap round of 10 minutes will be played. If it is still 0-0 after the 10 minutes, the team that owns the middle capture point has won.
- Teams are allowed to use mercs at any time.
- Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban from all Team Dignitas cups. An admin is free to kick/ban any player from the cup if he suspects a player of cheating / abusive behavior.
- Screenshots of scores must be made after each round. All teams must record their matches.

How to Check-In

Teams are required to be idling in #dignitas.cup between 18:00 CET and 19:00 CET and inform the admin (Sui) that their team is ready to play in the tournament. After the admin confirms your participation you are considered checked in.

Signup example
Name: Killer Squad
From: UK
Lineup: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6
Contact: YOURNAME @ #dignitas.cup (IRC contact is mandatory)

*All payments will be made over Paypal. Teams/players need to send their information to the tournament admin within one week after the cup took place to claim their prize.

Your Comments

  • Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 5:15pm
    Name: Furbo Pandas - From: EU Lineup: Hildreth, Sheepy, Sideshow, Zooob, Fallen and Alba Contact: Hildreth @ #dignitas.cup
  • Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 4:59pm
    Name : Insane Dutch Killers Russian Edition From : Eu Line-up :inferius , volper , Lippy , fassadin , bufallo bill , fallen Contact : inferius @ #diginitas.cup
  • Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 4:40pm
    Name: Man vs Wild From: Finland Lineup: Salmon, MInd, wrdo, Suqp3r, Rake, Evilmoon Contact: Salmon @ #diginitas.cup
  • Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 4:34pm
    Name: The Real Housewives of Lethalzone From: EU Lineup: Asbak, Hartz, STJ, Fixxy, Qball, Fuxx Contact: Asbak @ #dignitas.cup
  • Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 4:27pm
    Name : French Faggot From : France Lineup : Flippy Kustom3 Exon Plapla CaptainHax Tek36 Mitsy DeGuN fl1p Contact : Tek36 @ #dignitas.cup
  • Sat 17th Aug 2013 - 2:01pm
    Name: Pretty intense From: EU Lineup: Droidster, Marez, Scrab, Tavi, Zangetsu, PixelRelic (This will probably change a bit as somepeople may not be able to play) Contact: Droidster @ #dignitas.cup Forget all that, I just forgot how to timezone
  • Fri 16th Aug 2013 - 4:26pm
    Name: team wirai From: Lithuania Lineup: Guzzler, NeWas, rtslol, Entire, zilis, Natsuru Contact: Guzzler @ #dignitas.cup
  • Fri 16th Aug 2013 - 2:46pm
    Name: Druidz eSports From: Finland Lineup: Antwuan, Setlet, Kim, Jukspa, Typious, Kettuuu. Contact: Setlet @ #dignitas.cup
  • Thu 15th Aug 2013 - 2:33pm
    Name: K5 eSports From: Finland Lineup: Ankka, Kenny', make, MokkiaC, jabis, Seak Contact: Ankkaa @ #dignitas.cup
  • Thu 15th Aug 2013 - 2:31pm
    Name: Pandemonium From: EU Lineup: Mr3pid3mic, Harns, Joshi, Vuuz, Figgoravn, Detozka Contact: epidemic @ #dignitas.cup **BACKED OUT**
  • Wed 14th Aug 2013 - 6:43pm
    Name: Druidz eSports From: Finland Lineup: Antwuan, Setlet, Kim, Jukspa, Typious, Kettuuu.
  • Wed 14th Aug 2013 - 6:17am
    Name: werty From: EU Lineup:esk, Andreas,Pathetic One, Bagaren, Pennyfarming Contact: esk @ #dignitas.cup
  • Mon 12th Aug 2013 - 11:40pm
    Name: The MIPC Organization From: Finland Lineup: Tunttu, hymzi, Karhunen, hocz, xzr, etwi Contact: Tunttu @ #dignitas.cup
  • Mon 12th Aug 2013 - 12:10am
  • Sun 11th Aug 2013 - 8:59pm
    Name: Aftershock From: Portugal Lineup: kiler4fun, Sephiroth, Kalhó, Mits, Marcu, Concrete, Contact: kiler4fun @ #dignitas.cup
  • Sun 11th Aug 2013 - 8:15pm
    Name broder from EU lineup: Ryb Zebbosai bybben jukebox mirelin kukkye zappis contact Zebbosai in @ #dignitas.cup
  • Sun 11th Aug 2013 - 7:55pm
  • Sun 11th Aug 2013 - 4:33pm
    Name: Saints From: Sweden Lineup: Ond kaja, cAPS, Smirre, vani, Dennia, Hank Contact: OndKaja @ #dignitas.cup
  • Sun 11th Aug 2013 - 3:54pm
    Name: Epsilon eSports From: EU Lineup: numlocked, Raymon, Mike, GeaR, schocky, basH contact: numlocked @ #dignitas.cup

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