Black Ops 2 has some Dignity



Sat 19th Jan 2013 - 5:34pm

Team Dignitas welcome back some former and new faces to the team to represent in the latest incarnation of the Call Of Duty Series, Black Ops 2. We are excited to once more work together with Zak 'Riddlez' Tallis, Devanté 'Ryder' Heesom and Jemelle 'Wonder' Rowe - completing the lineup is Mark 'MarkyB' Bryceland from VzN.

Together they will be representing us this year in online and offline events such as EGL and the Multiplay i-Series. Ramesh 'r2k' Singh will take over the management of the console side throughout this year. Please give the team a warm welcome!


Statement from Zak 'Riddlez' Tallis

"I'm really happy to be given another chance. I was upset that we left previously and I never expected to be given a chance to represent the one organisation I've always wanted to be in. With the addition of Mark to our line-up, I believe we can push towards a high placement. I cant wait to start working with Dignitas once again and I'll be here for the forseeable future. Thank you to all the sponsors, ODEE and r2k for giving us another chance!"