Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, artStar



Fri 12th Apr 2019 - 6:37pm

Carolynn "artStar" Loquez is getting ready with the team for the upcoming Copenhagen Games 2019 LAN tournament, happening from 17th-20th April. We talked about the team's preparation, their past presences at the tournament, as well as the end of their ESEA season.

Hello Carolyn. You have your next LAN tournament coming up in April – Copenhagen Games 2019 - where you will participate in the Ladies tournament. Are you looking forward to it?

artStar: Yes, I think the team is really excited, mostly because we haven’t had a good run at Copenhagen Games under Dignitas, so we’re really hoping that this year we can prove that we don’t have a curse at Copenhagen.

You had a few issues with ruling before deciding on participating, according to EMUHLEET. What exactly were those issues?

artStar: We’ve experienced a lot of inconsistencies with the rules in the tournament. We were told sometimes that we couldn’t have our coach speaking and other times we could have him speaking, so we were just trying to figure out what we can and can’t do, obviously we don’t want to get disqualified at any tournament, and we want to make sure we respect the rules. With those inconsistencies, that’s what makes that tournament a little bit hard for us, because we want to make sure of everything that we’re supposed to do.

Are you going to bootcamp prior to the event to prepare for it?

artStar: No, we will not be bootcamping for this event, but we will still be speaking with the Sixers sports science team, so that will definitely be another game changer for us. We really enjoy having those talks with Doctor David Martin and the rest of the team, just because they give us that extra kick before a tournament.

You were present in last year’s edition, ending up in 5th-8th place. How much do you think you improved in this last year compared to the previous?

artStar: I think that compared to last year we made the biggest improvement I’ve ever seen this team make just because our competition at home is a lot better than the competition at these LAN tournaments. We practice against MDL and Advanced teams as well as high-tiered Main teams, and that really helps us prepare for these events. For us, it's not about winning our scrims, but instead learning from them. It’s almost like the more scrims we lose, the better because we’re growing from that, so I definitely think we made the most improvement with this roster this past year.

You were just crowned world champions in February, which means you will reach Copenhagen as one of the favourites to take home the 1st place. How do you cope with that pressure?

artStar: I don’t think there is any pressure, I think we all stay humble. Obviously we know we’re good and we’re capable of winning Copenhagen Games, but it just comes down on not getting into our own heads and make sure we keep that really strong mental state. As a team, we don’t focus on anybody else except on us, so I think that’s what gives us the edge over this other teams.

How have these last weeks been, without rest time and playing the remainder of the ESEA season?

artStar: Well, we did make playoffs but end up losing on the second match. We’re still practicing, but it’s kind of hard right now, there are not a lot of teams playing as it is off-season period, so we’re trying to schedule as many scrims as we can, and we are still getting good practice, but whenever we don’t have a scrim scheduled and have an hour cleared from our practice, we usually take that time to watch a demo or really nit-pick our small mistakes on our map picks.

Although you lost in the second playoff match, you retained your place at ESEA Main. Can you share your thoughts about this season? 

artStar: Obviously, we were all really upset about it, we really wanted to earn our spot in Advanced. When we lost, it was a little bit devastating, but we just remembered that we didn’t have a bad season, so that’s a good start, and we’re showing a lot of really good progress, which is also another good thing. We’re just trying to look at the positives of everything that happened and looking to improve the mistakes that we made in our playoff matches, so that it doesn’t happen again next season.

You may have not reached Advanced yet, but you’re definitely improving from season to season. Were you expecting a faster progression or is it going according to your realistic expectations?

artStar: I’d say it’s pretty realistic actually, we’ve been showing improvement to the point where we can see it too, there’s a lot of times that with past rosters we would see improvements, but not after months and months of playing, it would be a very minor improvement, but with this roster I feel like we have really good practices, we sit down and really talk about the small things and when we get on for practice the next, I already feel the difference, I feel everybody already giving that 110% instead of a 100% like the day before, which means the improvement is almost immediate.

Vertigo just got added to the map pool, in detriment of Cache, which is now under already known changes. What is your opinion on the addition of this map? Do you like it? Do you consider it to be ready for competitive play?

artStar: I’ve played Vertigo when it was first released in CS:GO, which was a completely different map, and then I never played it again. It’s funny because up until recently, I’ve started playing all these other maps just for fun, like that zoo map, Abbey, and Vertigo and then Valve releases that they are putting it on the competitive pool and that was so funny because I just randomly started playing it for fun, and I told my team “I’m so ready for this map!” I was actually so excited. I think the change of rotations in the maps really helps to keep Counter-Strike fresh. I do think it get’s kind of stale when you see the same maps, same plays, and the same strategies, so it’s really exciting that this is in the competitive map rotation. I don’t want to give away too much, but I want to let people know that we’ve messed around in the map a little bit.

Do you have any final words to finish the interview?

artStar: Thank you for interview opportunity and I hope that we can show our fans what we’re made of at Copenhagen Games. I know that we have a lot of people that show up at Copenhagen to root for us, so I’m really excited to see them too!

I’d like to wish good luck to the squad in Denmark, as well as for the next season! You can keep up with artStar in social media: