G3 over, bring on ESL ONE Cologne: Interview with Team Dignitas CS:GO captain Fetish



Mon 11th Aug 2014 - 9:45pm

Now that G3 is over and ESL One quickly creeps up on us Team Dignitas feels more confident about competing in it, cramming as many hours of game time as possible before Gamescom.

Our team was on a close to two month break prior to G3 and upon return to the scene dominated day one of G3. During day one they faced opponents such as Titan (16:7 win), Virtus.Pro (16:7 win), Heat eSports (16:7 win) and mousesports (16:11 win). Day two followed with a big victory versus NiP (16:4, 16:11) in the quarter finals. Henrik 'FeTiSh' Christensen explained their performance in G3 and also gave us some insight on the upcoming Gamescom and year!

What were your thoughts and expectations coming into Gfinity?

Fetish: My expectations were very low and we really only went there to prepare for ESL One.


The entire CS:GO team was on a month break, how did you prepare for G3 and your group stage match ups?

Fetish: Was actually closer to two months! We started playing 6 days before the event and we didn't prepare anything fancy or in any particular way. We just wanted to get as many hours as possible in game before the event.


How important was the win over Titan, considering the fact that it was your team's first big game back from break?

Fetish: I don't think we put too much thought into any of the games, but obviously it's great for the moral if you can start off with a win. But with so many games you know you have several shots to make it out of your group.


Why do you think VP chose Nuke (which is considered Team Dignitas's best map) when facing you guys?

Fetish: We don't really have a best map, I think we've come to a point as a team where we play according to what we think our opponents aren't awesome on. I honestly think have had a good run on Nuke in practice because they played Nuke versus Titan aswell so I can only assume they felt really strong on that map.


When facing Heat eSports/ESG! what made you decide to go for a mixed buy round?

Fetish: We had the rounds to play with, leading with quite some rounds so making those calls we rarely do makes us slightly less predictable. I think a lot of CS:GO teams force buy way too often and in situations where it's simply not needed.


When you came up against Virtus.Pro the second time, you played a very confident 16:7 win on de_dust 2, but then lost 2:16 on their map (Cache). Can you describe what happened in the third map from your perspective?

Fetish: We struggled to play our game and lost a really important anti-eco round. We had the Cache game in the back of our minds, so it was hard to just let go and play our own game. It's something we've worked on and will keep on working at to improve our game.


If Team Dignitas was invited back to Gfinity next year would you gladly go again?

Fetish: Yeah! I had a great time there and CSGO needs all the events and exposure it can get!


Even with the 3rd/4th placement you had an amazing run at Gfinity G3, are you looking forward to GamesCom 2014 next?

Fetish: Yeah, ESL events and majors are always fun to attend so I am looking forward to this one aswell!


Do you think you can go even bigger than at Gfinity G3?

Fetish: I hope so, but with so many great teams it's really just guessing and everything comes down to how your day-to-day form is.


Last, but not least, what can we expect from the team this year?

Fetish: To play a ton and hopefully our way of playing will be entertaining for the people at home watching!


Any shoutouts?

Fetish: Thanks to our sponsors, Alienware, Intel, Scan, Western Digital, HyperX, Qpad, Creative, iiyama, Twitch, be quiet!, Multiplay and 3D systems!


Thank you Fetish for allocating time for this interview and good luck to the entire Team Dignitas CS:GO for the ESL One Cologne 2014 tournament! I can personally assure you the fans have your back especially after your stellar performance at Gfinity 3!