Weapon of the Week #13: Sound Blaster Z-Series



Thu 10th Jan 2013 - 6:58pm

Sound Blaster Z-Series

What Is It?:

A new range of ultra high-performance PCI-Express sound cards by Sound Blaster. Focusing on elevating the standards in entertainment and gaming for your PC.  There is the Z, Zx and ZxR each with a complete system for audio.

Official Statement:

 “The audio landscape for gaming and entertainment on the PC has changed. As content creation and consumption evolves with the interactivity of the Internet, our vision is to enable the best listening experiences for music, video and games, and to transcend the basic concept of sound quality as a specification with enabling technologies that allow users to completely customise their PC audio.

Our mixture of outstanding components and proprietary technologies also enables us to provide the highest quality recording experience for audio creation, which today expands beyond just music recording to include user interaction and creation with YouTube, eSports, and more.” - Low Long Chye, Director of Product Marketing for Audio.

Top Feature:

In the top of the range ZxR you have SB Speaker-Calibration, DTS Connect and Dolby Digital Live which means an ultra-realistic audio experience. 

"In many of today’s most popular games, if gamers are not communicating, they are not winning. For voice communications, Creative’s CrystalVoice technologies enable crystal-clear communications amongst gamers and their teammates."

Where Can I Find It?:

You can find all three sound cards on the Sound Blaster website ranging from £89.99-£199.99, and for more information you can see the full press release.