Alienware Cup #30: DotA 2



Sun 24th Feb 2013 - 4:03pm

A new year brings a new season of Team Dignitas Alienware Cups, made possible thanks to our sponsor Alienware. The first cup of 2013 will be a DotA 2 team, spread out over two days. Assuming there will be 16-64 teams, the cup will start on Saturday February 23rd and end the next day on Sunday February 24th.

We're increasing the prize pot of our Alienware cups, as we now put up £500 cash for each team to play for! This tournament is aimed at any level of teams, especially mid-tier teams. No matter if your team is looking for some fun DotA 2 action, a good competition or if you are a very serious competitor: you are all welcome to sign up.

Alienware Cup




How do I Sign Up?
Make a comment on this newspost with your Team Name, squad lineup and IRC nickname of the team captain. You are expected to idle #dignitas.cup on Quakenet (Webchat) 30 minutes before the cup starts.

Signup Example
Name: Team Dignitas
Country: Mixed European lineup
Contact: dignitas\Sui @ #dignitas.cup (Webchat)
Lineup: John, RainbowUnicorn, PandaWarrior, Sui, Long John Peter

Signups are open!


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Tournament Details:
DotA 2 (PC)
Teams: 64
Cup date: Saturday 23rd-24th February
Brackets: here
Stream: Maut from Neo Dota will be casting this tournament!
IRC: #dignitas.cup
Admin: Sui
Format: All rounds are BO1, Grand Final is BO3

Prize Pool: £500*
1st. £300
2nd. £150
3rd. £50



Saturday 23rd February
Round of 64: 16:00 CET
Round of 32: 17:30 CET
Round of 16: 19:00 CET

Sunday 24th February
Quarter Final: 16:00 CET
Semi Final: 17:30 CET
Grand Final: 19:00 CET (BO3)



1. Behavior

All teams must behave appropriate and mature both in and out of the game. Any form of offensive language, abuse or inappropriate behavior is not allowed. Team Dignitas has the right to penalty any team or player who does not follow this conduct.

2. Communication

All teams must communicate with the tournament admin (theWarrden) and cooperate with Team Dignitas staff at all times. Each team must have at least one member present in the tournament chat (either Skype or mIRC)

3. Seeding

All teams will be seeded randomly.

4. Rescheduling

Talk to the admin if you need to pull out or delay etc these will be judged case by case and breaks shall be accounted for. Any teams which do not turn up after 15 mins of start time without prior warning shall default to their opponents.

5. Rosters

All teams must send their roster information to the tournament admin on the day. A team is allowed to add two mercs to the roster and may use these mercs during the tournament.

6. Matchplay

The below rules are consistent with those of the other cups such as the ItsGosu cup.

At least one team representative from each team must be available between 30-15 minutes before each scheduled match to communicate with Team Dignitas administration and their opponents.

Game Version
All players must be sure to have the latest version of DotA 2 installed prior to their match.

All teams are required to host the games themselves, by either one of the teams. Any abuse of admin rights will result in a penalty given by the Team Dignitas judged on a case by case ruling.

Game Settings

The server location for each match will be selected based on the following table:

NA vs NA – US East Server
NA vs EU – US East Server
EU vs EU – European Server
NA vs Asia – European Server
EU vs Asia – European Server

Team sides and picks will be decided by a coin toss before each game. The winning team for the coin toss will decide whether they want their first choice of Radiant/Dire or first pick/second pick. The second team then chooses their first choice amongst the remaining option. Team members must join in the slots beneath their team's name.

Game Mode: Captains Mode
Server Location: See above
Bots: No
Cheats: No
Allow Spectators: No
Game Version: latest version

The players are not allowed to tell anyone the password but their teammates. Only admins and shoutcasters are allowed to observe the game, unless stated otherwise by the tournament admin.

Picks and Bans
The hero pool will consist of all heroes available in the most recently released Captains Mode. No pausing during hero drafting is permitted, unless a team captain disconnects.

Each team may pause the game for no more than 5 minutes, so long as an adequate reason is given. Following a pause, the pausing team must assure the other team is ready before resuming. Excessive pausing may result in the forced continuation of a game by the admins.

Disconnects and Reconnects
If a player disconnects, the game is to be paused instantly. Players have up to 10 minutes to reconnect to the game. If this time is passed, the opposing team may continue the game AFTER seeking an admin's approval. If the game is continued, the affected player may still rejoin later.

Bugs/Unforeseen Issues
In the case of any bugs or other issues not enumerated in these rules, a case by case ruling will be made by the administration in how to continue.

Any unauthorized usage of third party software to the end of assisting a player or team's performance within this tournament will result in immediate disqualification.

Victory Conditions
A game is considered to be over when an Ancient is destroyed, when one team forfeits, when the majority of a team leaves the game and doesn't return, and/or when the administration is forced to make a ruling in cases of confusion.

7. Streaming

Only streamers listed in the above mentioned streamer list are allowed to cast any games. If you would like to stream this tournament then contact the tournament admin. It is not allowed that the match be streamed through Dota TV. In the lobby all spectators must be disabled.

8. Miscellaneous

Tournament admins have the right to make exceptions to any of the above rules based on a case by case ruling.

Team Dignitas has the right to ask participating teams to conduct interviews or provide footage necessary for tournament coverage.

Team Dignitas has the right to penalize teams who do not follow above mentioned rules.

*All payments will be made over Paypal. Teams/players need to send their information to the tournament admin within one week after the cup took place to claim their prize.