Interview with Sneyking: "I would recommend people to try out Troll & Doom mid solo"



Mon 15th Apr 2013 - 4:58pm

SneykingJingjun 'Sneyking' Wu is a 17-year-old Dota 2 player from the U.S who currently plays solo mid in our Dota 2 Squad. In this interview, we discuss the current metagame, the G-1 League and unconventional mid choices. Enjoy the read!


Thank you for having this interview with me. First of all, welcome back to the team!

Sneyking: Thank you for having me here as well, it is such an honor to be able to play for Team Dignitas once again.


You left Team Dignitas at the end of December in 2012 because your studies clashed with your competitive career. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a temporary hiatus when it comes to competitive gaming?

Sneyking: Some of the advantages would be that I was able to get a break from competitive Dota and do things that I enjoy doing in real life as well as focus on my studies. But however I love playing competitive Dota, so as a consequence I was very disheartened.


You came back to the scene with a bang, doing really well in mid with heroes such as Puck. Do you consider yourself to be a better player now than you were before?

Sneyking: To be honest, I feel that I haven’t improved much ever since I left the team because of the lack of practice against other professional players. The only kind of practice that I was able to get was from matchmaking, and that is quite different from practicing versus other pros.


The team composition has changed since the last time you played with the team. How do you feel your synergy as a team is with Universe on the off-lane compared to when you took your hiatus?

Sneyking: I feel that the team synergy is actually even better than before. I was never truly an off-lane player. I only played it because no one else could play it on the team back then. Ever since the beginning of my ARTS career, I have always been playing the mid solo or the hard carry role. So it is great to be able to return to a role that I am more comfortable with.


Do you think that the current state of the meta-game, which is much more active and focused on teamfights compared to four months ago, is good for the game?

Sneyking: I believe that this is indeed a good thing that is happening for Dota. I am personally a big fan of action-packed games with many engagements and trade-offs. Also more importantly, more skill can be shown by the players themselves because they have more opportunities to outplay their opponent.

g-1 League

I heard you talking on your stream the other day that you were excited for the G-1 League's Western Qualifiers and would love to go to China. Which team do you think will be the hardest one to face in the qualifiers and why?

Sneyking: Personally, I believe that Team Liquid and the Alliance will be the toughest opponent in the qualifier. Both teams have great team coordination and team fighting capabilities. However I am a strong believer that we will prevail in the qualifier as long as we don’t make any significant mistakes.


What do you think makes a good mid player and why?

Sneyking: What it means to be a good mid player to me is more than just simply winning your own lane, something that most people would define a good mid player by (from previous matchmaking experiences). In order to be a good mid player, not only will you have to be winning or breaking even in your lane, you will also have to be able to spot out enemy ganks and dodge them and also be able to quickly react and help your side lanes with a teleport when assistance is required. Often the early rotation of mid-solo to side lanes decides the early-game momentum so it is critical for the mid solo player to always be carrying a teleport scroll and teleport when it is needed.


What are some cool unconventional mid heroes you recommend that people try out?

Sneyking: I would recommend people to try out Troll and Doom mid solo. Doom may seem like an odd pick for mid solo but he is a level dependent hero that can snowball very heavily. Once the levels are gained on doom you will have a steady +200 GPM from the level 4 devour if you constantly use it, so quick levels on doom will lead to this significant gold advantage for your team.

With this gold advantage you can pick up some support items such as vlads or mek that will significantly boost your team’s fighting capabilities (yes, this is a team game and you have to depend upon your teammates as well, sorry.) Also, depending on the situation, you can devour a jungle creep that will fit according to your situation and this aura will be useful throughout the whole game for not only you but your whole team as well.

Then there’s the Troll, something you see very often in matchmaking :). But most people haven’t thought or tried to put Troll as a mid solo. Troll is actually a very good mid solo hero with his high base damage from his melee form as well as movement speed. Once Troll gets a few levels onto his whirling axes, you can easily zone out your opponent because it is such a cost efficient spell requiring only 50 mana.

You can use it once in melee then phase shift into range and use the slow and hunt down your enemy. Then once troll is able to use his ultimate, he can easily assist his teammates with his ultimate (Remember, it is important to assist your teammates as a mid solo!!). Even after the laning phase, Troll brings so much to the table in terms of team fighting, the attack speed buff for your whole team is insanity. After winning an engagement with Troll you can simply take towers, Roshan and or raxes with ease because the ultimate has a cooldown of only 20 seconds. It’s freaking insane how good that hero is!

All right, that was all my questions. Thanks for taking the time to answer them! Any final shout-outs?

Sneyking: Shoutout to Alienware for sponsoring me with my lovely M17xR4, as well as my other sponsors, Intel, QPAD, SCAN, Sound Blaster, Antec, Twitch, Kingston, Western Digital, Be Quiet!, Mad Catz, Microsoft and Multiplay. And also a big shoutout to my teammates and friends, Charlie, Peter, Saahil, Kurtis, Ioannis and Kristina.


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