State of the Meta game with Aui_2000



Sat 20th Jul 2013 - 5:31pm

He’s got a finger on the pulse of the Dota 2 meta game as well as creating new trends. He predicted Visage moving into the meta, pioneered the Armlet Lone Druid and in his spare time he plays carry for Team Dignitas. I am talking about Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling of course.


Are you pleased everyone has finally come to their senses and started picking Visage?

Aui_2000: Yeah, the hero is really good but I wish we were the only team that knew about it. And it's really good with Atos.

Recently we’ve seen heroes with speed farming skills like Alchemist and Doom playing support roles, do you think this is a natural evolution of the greedy lineups we’ve seen in the past months?

Aui_2000: This question can't be answered well. There has only been 1 Doom support and it was Navi when they were doing crazy dumb shit. When alchemist is support he doesn't get greevil's greed. So there's no real supports with speed farming abilities.


Speaking of greedy, a lot of teams have been running multi-core strategies lately with two or even three carry heroes in a team. Is this a trend we’re likely to see continued?

Aui_2000: Multicore lineups aren't necessarily that greedy. It makes it more difficult for the enemy team to shut down your lineup. The game has also shifted to a lot of pushing and heavy pressure, traditional core heroes are also generally better at applying pressure. It's not so much a trend as something that has always been present throughout various lineups and metagames. TI2 featured a fair amount of lineups with 3 carries so I don't think this is something that is going to disappear.


Outworld Devourer 

Outworld Devourer is a hero that teams have been showing an interest in, what is your opinion of him?

Aui_2000: I hate the hero because he's a no skill laner and doesn't really make stuff happen around the map. He's a statue mid and I hate heroes that don't make things happen, like Tree. (Not going to say whether he's good or not, just going to let other teams pick that hero)


People have been talking about Timbersaw being competitively viable for some time now, but he’s seen only limited success. What would it take for him to be seen more often in the drafts?

Aui_2000: He has trouble breaking the base and he probably just needs time for teams to find the right lineup for him. Or he needs a slight buff to get noticed, often that's what it takes for teams to really start incorporating heroes.


In the majority of your games Fogged plays on Jakiro, do you consider this hero to be one of the strongest supports?

Aui_2000: I think he's situationally viable and very strong in certain lineups but sometimes I find that he's hard to move around the map and so he's a bit limited in what he can accomplish around the map. He also has trouble keeping out certain heroes from EXP range. That's why I prefer a hero like visage or bane. But he's very good with heroes like naga or dark seer and he has great stat growth.

Shadow Demon

In the G-1 League finals LGD ran an all support trilane with Earthshaker, Visage and Jakiro. This is something that a few other teams have tried, including Alliance against you guys in the D2L. What do you think of this compared to a traditional trilane?

Aui_2000: It's not really an all support trilane since someone is farming. Visage also does a lot with early farm and I like the hero so I think the concept works well. But the weakness of the trilane is that it's hard to break the other trilane because often times the more traditional carry has an escape so he can be left alone. Whereas as Visage doesn't have that luxury. As such if the trilane doesn't get kills or dominate, you lose a lot of the effectiveness.


You’ve said before that when you want to learn something, you watch iG. WIth their somewhat shaky form lately is this still true?

Aui_2000: We watch every team at bootcamp, none of them can be underestimated and current form isn't always indicative of future potential.


What predictions do you have for the coming months?

Aui_2000: Anything can happen at TI and afterwards, I don't think anyone can accurately predict what will happen with the teams and results. As for the game, I expect Dota to grow, especially with the end of Beta.



Where can we follow you for the latest Aui news?

Aui_2000: You can follow me @aui_2000 and my stream is Shoutout to my team and our sponsors Alienware, Soundblaster, Intel, Scan, QPAD, Kingston, Madcatz, Be Quiet!, Twitch, Western Digital, Multiplay and Iiyama.