All You Need To Know About Towers of Doom ft. Wubby



Tue 3rd Jul 2018 - 8:48pm

Towers of Doom… Located in the Nexus realm of Raven Court, the story behind this map is about how the Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord fight over a small city to ensure their dominance of the area. It is vastly different from what we see in the MOBA genre in general. You can’t attack the enemy core, but you can still take down enemy structures to enhance the power of the objective, which will ultimately bring you to victory.

Towers of Doom is a relatively small three-lane map, with unique mercenary camps and a split objective that challenges your team’s ability to control different areas at the same time.

We asked Team Dignitas’ drafter and shotcaller, Jonathan “Wubby” Gunnarsson, if he would take us on a tour around the map and explain all the different nuances a player needs to think about when they make important decisions in their Towers games.

Wubby: Right now, Towers of Doom is one of my favourite maps. I have struggled on this map in the past, but I think it comes down to the team you are playing with. With the way the meta looks right now, it’s a very appealing map to me, whereas in the past it was more of a cheese map. In the past, people would pick heroes like Abathur and Vikings or play annoying scaling comps with Tassadar. I think this cheese meta went out of favor after the patch, where the camps spawn slower, went out on live servers. But, with the current meta we have now, I really like the map. Another reason I like the map is that it’s not super snowbally. You always know that the other team can’t rush your core, so you know that you always have a chance to come back with good teamfighting.

Where Is the Solo Lane?

Many players have trouble understanding where the solo lane on each map is. Is it near a merc camp? Is it the furthest away from the objective? Well… on Towers of Doom there is a clear solo lane, and Wubby explains why this is where we usually see him.

Wubby: The solo lane for Towers of Doom will always be the top lane. That’s because you have two camps and two Alters on the bot side of the map, so you want to have your 4-man down there to control these important objectives. Having the 4-man in bot lane also gives you are better chance to get the Bell Tower down there, which will give you a lot of control over the whole bottom half of the map. That’s pretty much why we solo laners are staying in the top lane.

The Draft - The Heroes Who Shine on Towers of Doom

Let’s take a step back and look at what a hero needs to excel at on Towers of Doom. You will need a strong solo laner who can hold its own far away from the rest of the team, but you will also need a lot of zone control around the Altars and the mercenary camps. Wubby helps us to put names on the heroes that he thinks are good picks on this map in particular.

Wubby: For the solo lane, both Blaze and Dehaka really shine on this map. In any matchup Blaze will have the superior waveclear, so he can always time to clear his wave on top and can double soak mid, giving the 4-man the opportunity to time their mercenary camp perfectly, giving them time to even scout out the enemy camp and potentially invade it. Almost the same applies to Dehaka; we all know his global trait and that gives your team a good chance to invade. Both of these heroes also deal with gank attempts pretty well, and that’s why you will often see them prioritized on this map. Another hero who does especially well on this particular map is Stukov. His zone control around Altars is really good and his E can stop the mercenaries from detonating on your structures. Malfurion/Tracer comps are also really good, as they usually win every stall fight with their resources, especially on a map like Towers where the stalling objective fights usually take place in very confined areas where it’s hard to dodge their abilities. Oh, and Abathur’s Mule is really strong as well on this map. For Tanks, I would say Muradin. He is super good at invading and he is good at controlling the area and be aggressive around the Altars.

Changing Your Playstyle on a Map Where the Core Is Off Limits

The unique twist around the immune Core on Towers of Doom means that you have to play a little different. You don’t have to constantly be afraid of a backdoor attempt or constant catapult pressure. On Towers of Doom, you always have a chance to come back with one good teamfight.

Wubby: When you are behind on other maps you often make stressed decisions, like when you want to take a fight level 10-11 because you might not get the chance to fight on equal talents again. But on Towers of Doom you always have the opportunity of one more teamfight to come back. Towers of Doom is a map that revolves more around teamfighting than actual macro play. As I mentioned in the beginning, teams in the past would draft scaling comps with Tassadar and lose the early game, but they would always come back because they scaled better to win the later fights. I think mindset is an important thing on Towers of Doom. You don’t have to take a disadvantageous teamfight because you know that you will always have a chance later for a good one if you just hang in there.

How to Deal with an Objective That Spawns All Over the Map at Once

We have all been in those games. Three Altars are spawning and your team rushes toward the enemies' top Altar to try and get all three but, in the end, they end up dying and all three Altars go to the enemy team. How are you really supposed to deal with these three Altar spawn situations? Well, Wubby knows the way.

Wubby: You generally have a gentlemen’s agreement about trading the two top Altars on top and fight for the one on bot. The reason for this is that if your solo laner is capping your own Altar while you have someone stalling the enemy Altar, you will have a disadvantageous 3v4 fight over the bot Altar. Usually, you will have the solo laners trade, then they will come down to the stall fight at the bot Altar and then you simply brawl. My general rule of thumb is, if you face a Dehaka on the other team, you often give up the bot Altar because he will get there so much faster than your own solo laner. You won’t lose very much, it’s only four shots and you will have a million chances to get ahead later in the game.

Mercenary Camps

The mercenary camps on Towers of Doom are important objectives as they do a lot of instant structure damage and can even lead your team to victory if you have control over both Bell Towers in a lane. Wubby gives us an idea of how strong these little “pumpers” really are.

Wubby: The “pumpers” spawn at the one-minute mark, and, in my opinion, they should be taken asap. If you are quick at taking your own camp in bot, you can walk over and scout out the enemy camp and maybe invade it. The most important thing about doing them instantly is that next time they spawn your camp will spawn first and the other team’s will spawn later. This will make sure that you have the chance to invade every time. Always try to control the camp respawn timers. The solo laner can also passively help you get value from your “pumpers”. Make sure that you clear your top lane wave in time to go down and soak mid lane when your team has taken the camp. This way your team can push with the full 4-man in bot lane to get value from the camp.

The mercenaries on the bottom half of this map are always worth taking. The amount of structure damage they do can quickly give you a lead in experience and having them going down your lane creates a lot of pressure. Always try to have a hero in your comp that can clear the camp quickly, preferably alone, so heroes like Jaina or Greymane are really nice to have.

The Boss

The Boss on Towers of Doom is completely unique to the map. Kill it and you will fire four shots at the enemy core. Going for the Boss is a risky move though, and you can easily be surprised by four to five members of the enemy team suddenly jumping out from one of the four surrounding bushes in the area. Wubby tells us that the Boss is most often used for stalemates.

Wubby: The Boss is mostly used as a way to make the enemy team choose between two bad situations, as you would preferably take your own, and the enemies’ if possible, camp in the bot lane and run up to take the Boss. The enemy team now has to choose between defending their bot lane or stopping you from doing the Boss. At the same time, you can also see it as an extra Altar to play around when you are about to end the game.

Wubby’s Final Remarks on Towers of Doom

Wubby: Towers of Doom is a map where you don’t want to commit a lot of people to gank the top lane. It will make you fall behind on the bottom half of the map. So please let us solo laners fight in peace. Concentrate about the bottom half of the map. That’s where the important things are on this map. Please, please, please do the camps whenever they come up, please do the camps in my Hero League games... Other than that, go and check the enemy camp if you have a hero who can do it safely, and yeah... kill some “pumpers” and have fun!