Interview with JayPL On MSB, Yrel, and Much More



Thu 12th Jul 2018 - 7:27pm

As a follow-up to our recent Heroes of the Storm AMA in the DIGscord, which JayPL, unfortunately, couldn’t attend, we give you an interview with our beloved Frenchman himself where we asked some of the general questions that popped up during the official AMA.

We can’t talk to a Team Dignitas player without asking about how you experienced the MSB Grand Final. How was it for you?

JayPL: For me, coming to the tournament I thought we would probably be in the top three. It was a big thing to be in the Grand Final with Gen.G. We did pretty good, we just went in with a mindset of starting from 0-0 and then seeing how it goes. First map we were ahead and I think we should have won it, and right after this map I actually believed we could win.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth map, we played really well and I really thought we could take them. Everything was going so flawlessly, but in the end we lost. It was an amazing Grand Final, I think it was one of the best ever! The crowd was insane, but Gen.G was simply the best - they hadn’t lost for like 38 maps, I think, before that. I saw the video that went up on the Team Dignitas Youtube afterwards, and I actually got chills on my arms from watching it.   

When we lost I was not even sad, I was just like, “OMG, we could actually have done it.” I was thinking about all the small things. Like, if I had not missed this stun, or if I had moved over there, and stuff like that. I was maybe a bit sad, but in the end it was a really good Grand Final.

We’re seeing bits and pieces of the meta from Mid-Season Brawl trickle into this Phase of HGC in all regions. Which trends from MSB do you think we will see in EU?

JayPL: From what we see in scrims, the meta has already changed again, we have a new patch already. One thing we see that carried over from Mid-Season Brawl is a lot of Sgt. Hammer, everyone seems to be trying it out right now. Other than that, we see a lot of Abathur, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the meta at Mid-Season Brawl. Overall, I don’t see any drastic changes, we don’t even see a lot of Garrosh and Johanna at the moment. In general, I don’t think we will see a lot of the Mid-Season Brawl meta carry over.

Wubby said that Yrel is pretty strong in the solo lane, even pre-buffs, do you think she is going to have Main Tank potential after the buffs?

JayPL: We did try her as a Main Tank, but it was not really good. We play against a lot of CC comps right now and with all her base kit abilities being channeled, she will always get interrupted. There are just other Tanks that do her things better. For example, her stun is not really a stun, it’s more of a peeling stun. She has decent escape with her (E), but she doesn’t really have any engage. To engage with her you have to jump to the enemy backline and stun them, but you will never get the space to do that. She doesn’t fit into our playstyle as a Main Tank right now because you can’t be aggressive with her and her peeling potential is just not as good as other Tanks.

Do you think the recent buffs to Tank health are good or bad? Also, what are your thoughts on the armor nerfs?

JayPL: I think it’s a good change, I think it’s easier to calculate how much damage you will do to another hero. I don’t really feel the change while playing yet. It all feels the same. I think overall it’s a good change and easier to understand.

What are the current top 5 Tank heroes?

JayPL: A good Tank for me is someone that fits in every comp, on every map, and is self-dependent. Engage, escape, and being able to make plays on your own are the key factors.

  1. Muradin - He simply works in every composition on every map, he is just overall great right now.
  2. Anub’arak - He is really underrated, but we play him a lot right now. He shares a lot of good things with Muradin.
  3. Garrosh - He is just super tanky, so you can go for more of a utility Support with him in the comp. The self-cleanse is also good.
  4. Diablo - Overall, he is really good in teamfights, but you really need a Support that can keep you alive. If he had more survivability he would easily take the #1 spot, but right now he can’t.
  5. Johanna -  She doesn’t have kill potential, but she is pretty strong overall and still fun to play.

Now for some questions featured in our DIGscord AMA…

What is your favourite animal?

JayPL: A white tiger! I have never seen one, but they are cute and very elegant.

How is it to play with 0 ping at LANs compared to online?

JayPL: To be honest, I don’t really think about it when I play at LAN, but if I think about it, it just feels more smooth. I would imagine that it’s fantastic for Tracer players. The only difference I notice is that you start your channels instantly.

What are your thoughts on the new map, Alterac Pass?

JayPL: We are not playing on it because it’s not in the HGC pool, so I can’t really say anything yet.

What is your favourite hero outside your own role?

JayPL: Li-Ming! When you get the resets it feels amazing, when you clean up a teamfight and completely mana burn yourself it feels amazing. I love everything from the sound effects to the visuals. She is just so rewarding to play.

Thanks for sitting down with us, do you have any shoutouts?

JayPL: Shoutout to my teammates, Team Dignitas, and our sponsors (Buffalo Wild Wings, Mountain Dew, WD, HyperX). Shoutout to all the fans supporting me, especially those who message me during tournaments. Shoutout to the people in DIGscord, Wowee to you guys! And last, but not least shoutout to my mom!